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Yola 2010 Development Sneak Peak


Yola (formally Synthasite) is a free online web builder I use to manage my blog. Yola has over 1 million user globally and has thousands of live sites.

This year (2009) Yola has released many new features and changes to the design of the user builder platform.

Today Yola’s senior product manager “Rian Van Der Merw” posted a product announcement at 3:30am (AEST), giving some ideas on what is to come in first half of 2010 with the development of Yola.

Rian posted that we should  “Look for additional features, faster load times, and easier ways to get content and widgets on your site.” And also improvements to the “My site section to be a more complete, one-stop area for all things related to Yola and your websites”.

I am pretty sure I am not the only one to say that I am astonished of Yola’s progress over the years. Yola has not long received R.E.C.S.S support award towards the company, and two individual employees.

To check out yola “Click Here“. To check out the annocement “Click Here“.