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BSNL Introduces Fastest Broadband Speed in India


Earlier it was Airtel bragging that they brought the  fastest ever broadband service for home users. Speed was not that much for international standards but still it was a record for home and business users owning it.

What Airtel Introduced was 16MBPS (which gives a download speed of about 2.5 MBPS). But now what BSNL (Yeah the govt. company, believe me, my friends have it and its service sucks..) introduced 24MBPS (which gives a transfer speed of upto 3.5 MBPS or more…).

Now that’s a remarkable achievement in the Internet History of India. These guys just interduce more faster and faster services but the most of the broadband users in India are having crappy 256 KBPS connection.

That Sucks..

Anyways the Prices are not reliable for Home users (Except the rich ones who like to burn their or their parents money down..) but they are pretty reasonable for business users.

Full Specifications of this Plan

Connection Name: BBG super speed combo 9999

Bandwidth: upto 24MBPS

Monthly Charges(This one is something I don’t like personally..): Just Rs 9999

Free usage : 220GB per month

Charges Beyond free usage: 0.2 Rs per MB

Free Calls: 1000

Charges per Call (Do they Still need money): Rs 1 ( I prefer my cell phone its just 1Paise per second)

And what these guy five free is Installation, free 2 months of web conferencing, Games On Demand (Hell Yeah!) and Video and Music On demand…

I wish ( Again)  I had money so that I could buy this connection. Its not that I don’t but I would be using my laptop on streets of Delhi then… Kinda Stupid that a guy with 24MBPS connection writing a blog post from streets. 🙁


How to Check Balance? Reliance GSM| Tata Docomo| Aircel| Airtel| BSNL| Vodafone| Idea| BSNL


How To Check Balance? The Basic Question Which Troubles you when you switch from one cellular network provider to other.
With The Increased number of cellular network providers each
day, more People struggling to check balance in their mobile account, This Post has tried to cover information about your mobile network provider in India.

Reliance GSM

Reliance GSM

How to check Balance in Reliance GSM?
How to check Balance on Reliance GSM Mobile?
Dial *367# From Your Reliance Mobile to Check Account Balance.
Customer Care Number for Reliance GSM Mobile: Dial *333

Tata Docomo
Tata Docomo

How to Check Balance in Tata Docomo?
How to Check Balance on Tata Docomo?
To Know Account Balance information dial *111# from your Tata Docomo Mobile.
Get Interactive Voice Call Balance Announcement by dialling 12525 from your Tata Docomo Mobile.


How to Check Balance in Aircel?
How to Check Balance on Aircel?
To Check your Balance in Aircel, Dial *125# from your Aircel Mobile.
For Voice Announcement of your balance, Dial 123
Customer Care Support Dial 121.


How to Check Balance in Idea?
How to Check Balance on Idea?
To Check Account Balance in your Idea Mobile Dial *130# from Your Idea Mobile.
Customer Care Number for Idea: 98*** 12345
[Replace *** with respective Phone Number Series]


How to Check Balance in Airtel?
How to Check Balance on Airtel?
To Check Balance in Airtel Dial *123# from Your Airtel mobile.
Customer Care Support for Airtel: 121


How to check balance in Vodafone?
How to check balance on Vodafone?
To Check Balance from your Vodafone Mobile Dial *111# .
Happy to Help Customer Care Support: 111


How to Check Balance in BSNL?
How to Check Balance on BSNL?
To Check Balance Dial *123# from your BSNL Prepaid Mobile.

For the list of apps to check balance on your phone check this article: Top USSD Apps to check balance on your phone