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Firefox 11.0 for Ubuntu is here

How To: Install Firefox 11.0 on Ubuntu 11.10 in just 3 Steps

Since the latest release of Firefox 11.0 for Canonical platforms, everybody is excited to test ride this new browser on Ubuntu 11.10 Natty Narwhal.

In brief, just let me tell you what new features you will find in this version of Firefox 11.0:

  • Add-on compatibility has now been significantly improved
  • Anti-Aliasing for WebGL Library is now functional, thereby further increasing your Graphics Display quality on your browser
  • CSS 3D Transforms are now supported which means better CSS rendering of objects
  • Many minor bug fixes


Step 1: Enter the keyboard combo Ctrl+Alt+T to bring up the Terminal on your Dashboard. Type the following command,

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-next 

and hit Enter. The above command will download the official Firefox repositories to your system.

Repositories are nothing but PPA (Personal Package Archive) maintained by any package developer. In this case, Firefox being a developer has its own package files uploaded to its repository. As and when it makes changes, those files will be then be downloaded to your system. Ain’t it neat?

Installing Firefox 11.0 on Ubuntu 11.10 - Terminal 1

Step 2: Now type the below command, to install the repositories.

sudo apt-get update

The above command will update all your package list index. The changes you earlier performed by downloading the Firefox repositories, those changes will now be applied in your local index files.

Installing Firefox 11.0 on Ubuntu 11.10 - Terminal 2

Step 3: Finally type the last command to update your Firefox version so that you can begin using the new Firefox 11.0.

sudo apt-get install firefox

This will upgrade your old version of Firefox to the latest one. To apply the changes please restart your Firefox browser and Voila, Firefox 11.0.

Installing Firefox 11.0 on Ubuntu 11.10 - About box

To verify if your Firefox version is up to date. In the toolbar, click on Help and then click on About. Now you can see your Firefox version displayed in the dialog box.

The next time Firefox releases a newer version, there is no need for you to follow these steps again, the update will be performed automatically as you have already setup the necessary repositories in Step 1.

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Alexa for your Favorite Browser

Since the foundation of Alexa was laid in 1996, It has been a major factor on which the popularity of a website depends upon. According to Alexa:

In addition to the Alexa Crawl, which can tell us what is on the Web, Alexa utilizes web usage information, which tells us what is being seen on the web. This information comes from the community of Alexa Toolbar users. Each member of the community, in addition to getting a useful tool, is giving back. Simply by using the toolbar each member contributes valuable information about the web, how it is used, what is important and what is not. This information is returned to the community with improved Related Links, Traffic Rankings and more. The Alexa toolbar is a program written by Alexa Internet that users install into the browser. Every time the user changes pages, the Alexa toolbar communicates with Alexa servers to retrieve information which is then displayed in the toolbar.

Today, three most popular browsers across the web are, undoubtedly: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. That’s why Alexa offers an extension/toolbar to only these three Browsers.

Alexa for Internet Explorer

Alexa for Internet Explorer
Alexa for Internet Explorer

Link: Alexa Toolbar for Internet Explorer

Alexa for Mozilla Firefox

Alexa for Firefox
Alexa Toolbar/Status-bar for Firefox

Link: Alexa for Mozilla Firefox

Alexa for Google Chrome

Alexa for Google chrome
Alexa extension for Google Chrome

Link: Alexa for Google chrome

Bonus: Alexa for Opera [Not Official]

Haven’t you yet submitted your site to Alexa? Do it now!

By the way, We are on Alexa Rank 61K and hope to hit the 50K mark very soon!
We’d love to hear from you. 🙂

How Much Part of your Website is Visible to Users Without Scrolling?

There are thousands and thousands of website themes and templates available over the Internet. Website Developers, Bloggers know how important it is to present their Stuff online. Some make use of the available Softwares, Themes, Widgets to beautify their Web pages, while some create their own. No Matter it is a Small or Big Company, everyone cares for the better appearance of their websites…

We all Know the Famous Quote,

“First Impression is the Best Impression”

Though You have the Finest Looking User Interface with lots of Web 2.0 widgets, It is Necessary for you to have the knowledge on how much part of your website is visible to your Users under normal conditions. Normal Conditions? When I say that, I mean how exactly does your website look as soon as a User enters your site before performing any action on the web page (which includes scrolling)

Talking about Scrolling.
It is Obvious that Most of the times you cannot present every information/content of your Website in one shot, and that too in a Single Frame of the Browser Window! It is Necessary that one has to Scroll down and see as the content flows..

A Good Website Builder always takes care to place the Important Entities (like Widgets/Buttons/Navigation Links which he feels as important) as prominent as possible. To do that one has to try to bring the ‘Crucial Objects’ to the top of page which doesn’t involve Scrolling/Much of the Scrolling!!

Test Whether Your ‘Crucial Objects’ are Visible
I found an online Tool Called Browser Size which is in Google Labs that helps you to Identify what part of your Web page is Visible to your Users, and what part is not?

You Just have to enter your URL and you can Visually Witness the Result. Here is the Result for Chaaps.

Surprisingly, 30% of People Cannot View the Facebook and Twitter Follow Buttons in my web page!! (without Scrolling).

Why Don’t you Give This a Try and Test how much part of your webpage is Visible!!
Just Visit this link Google Browser Size and Hit your URL!

Do not forget to share your Results with Us!! Do one need to Consider the factor ‘Scrolling’ for better visibility of web page?

Tips to Make your Website Browser friendly


Nowadays the trend is to have your own personal web pages. I get quite shocked at one of my friends who makes and deletes web pages which he makes in less than a day.

Making these web pages is not tough. In fact, with the new easy to use software, you can make a web page in less than a minute !

Yes. If you don’t have a web page yet you might want to make one.

But once we make a web page, this is what we would tell our web browser:


Now that’s not fair !!!

Web pages are not as easy to read as you may think. Web pages have to be coded properly so that they may be read easily.

Let me give you an example of an unfriendly language:

This language is Sktaosk
Hi mY nAmE iS sIdDhu

Not good….

Here’s the example of friendly language:

This language is English
Hi, my name is Siddhu

This may sound like a silly example. But the mistake many users make is declaring the wrong doc type.
For example if you use xHTML STRICT but type a post which follows xHTML TRANSITIONAL then your web browser will be confused. Its like telling the language is not English when it actually is !

Why this happens ? A few examples if you are using xHTML STRICT:

  • Because of using the A tag with HREF and TARGET attribute.
  • The “double quotes” can cause a problem. You are suppose to stick to ‘single quotes’ as much as possible.

This can easily be avoided by declaring a xHTML TRANSITIONAL coding.

This tells your browser that the code is not 100% correct, please correct it yourself…

What difference does it make ?
Simple. Your web browser understands the language it needs to read even before it starts reading the content. This way the page should also load faster and you’ll improve your page loading time !!

I don’t notice any errors.. What now ?
Browsers like Firefox may be able to self correct these errors. But lower standard browsers cannot.
You can always use this free online tool to check your coding and correct errors…
Validator W3C

Is that all that I need to check ?
Of course not. CSS is essential with HTML to make your web pages look good.
Use this free tool to check your CSS and correct errors:
CSS Validator W3C

If both your HTML and CSS are perfectly coded and accepted by the W3C web standards then you can be sure your web site is a quality designed page. These are the basics in making a web page. Ignoring them is not in your best interest.

Sites like a WordPress blog need not be 100% correct, but do correct as many errors as possible. This will help users who use older browsers, such as the inbuilt Internet Explorer in Windows XP. This will make your site’s compatibility high.

Please do note that this is not related to SEO. A page may be Search Engine Optimized but it need not be browser friendly. But the readability can indirectly be affected if your site is not browser friendly, which in return will decrease your SEO. Keeping this in mind, make sure you do a small check of your website.

After checking, do tell us your results ? Are they worth the time taken to correct errors ? Give your comments…

Opera 10.5 is the new fast guy with the looks


Opera released its official version 10.5 of its browser, calling it “The fastest browser on Earth.”

Opera usually never informs its users about its new releases till its in the late-beta stages. But this time it couldn’t keep itself from boasting. Opera had changed the JavaScript engine to Carakan which is 7x faster in SunSpider when compared to Opera 10.10

Also this new JavaScript engine allowed easy HTML5 and Windows 7 Integration, something which everyone was looking forward to.

Reasons to get your hands on Opera 10.5:

1. Windows 7 integration

Opera Windows 7 Integration Opera Windows 7 Integration Opera Windows 7 Integration Opera Windows 7 Integration

2. HTML5 video support

No need for a complicated flash player for different browsers. HTML5 allows you to watch videos directly from your browser without any external software.

3. Better private browsing

Private browsing now on Opera. You can safely browse and be carefree about who uses your browser after you. They wont know what you’ve been browsing.

4. Download Manager with BitTorrent

Torrents are widely used nowadays. Anything you need, usually appears on torrents first. This is also an easier way to share files rather than uploading files to some file hosting service.

5. Improved JavaScript Engine !!

This I found the most convincing reason to switch to Opera. The new Carakan engine is 7x faster and even faster than other browsers according to results by LifeHacker.

6. Dragonfly for developers

If you’re a developer or blogger then you might want to inspect your page elements. This feature is really rigid in Firefox, but quite easy to use in Opera. The dragonfly is the perfect tool for checking errors on your site.


Try out the faster browser in the world yet and tell us your results ? Do you think Firefox can compete this challenge ? Give us your comments…..

Safe Browsing with Comodo Dragon browser

Be Safe

Comodo Dragon Internet Browser is a new web browser based on Chromium, the open source project which is also used by Google Chrome.

Comodo has been leading in online security with its SSL certification and top level PC security with products such as an anti-virus, firewall, internet security, anti-spam, anti-malware, time machine etc.

Recently Comodo released its new web browser which is a Fast and versatile Internet Browser based on Chromium, infused with Comodo’s unparalleled level of Security!

Features of the Dragon:

  • Chromium interface
  • Improved Security over Chromium
  • Easy SSL Certificate Identification
  • Fast Website Access
  • Greater Stability and Less Memory Usage
  • Incognito Mode Stops Cookies, Improves Privacy

This means, you get all the features of Google Chrome, including Chrome’s blazing fast net speed, with enhanced security from Comodo !!!

Advantage of Dragon over Chrome:
The Dragon is built on the Chromium open source project which means it has exactly all the features of Chrome, but with an additional essential feature. Improved Security.

Here is a screenshot I took of the Comodo Dragon:

Comodo Dragon Internet Browser

It feels just like Google Chrome, same looks, same features, same blazing fast speed, only with better security.

If you love using Chrome then this is the browser meant for you.

Visit the Comodo Dragon Homepage to find out more.

Try it out and tell us how you liked it. Give your comments…..

Now the power of firefox on mobile

Yup! The title says all! After Opera the world’s favorite browser Firefox has gone mobile. But don’t get too exited. Mozilla released the browser version 1.0 for just Nokia N900 and N810. 🙁

Yeah many Firefox fans have been left heartbroken. But still firefox mobile has great new features.

Some of them are below:

  1. Easy bookmarking: Firefox lets you to bookmark your websites with just one touch. Isn’t that awesome.
  2. Integrated Download Manager: Download the files etc in the browser itself. No longer need to switch to default browser for downloading.
  3. Spell Checking: Great! Now Firefox checks the words as you type. This feature is only in Firefox i guess.
  4. Less resource eater: Firefox runs with less memory footprints and better performance. 🙂
  5. Fox Tabs: This feature is new. Just swipe your finger to the right to see thumbnails of all your open tabs to find what you want quickly.
  6. Search: Access your favorite search engine from your browser’s toolbar. Easy huh.
  7. Improved text rendering: Read your language as it’s written—more like real life. With a new graphics engine, Arabic, Persian, Punjabi and other script languages now render seamlessly.
  8. Downloadable fonts: Available for Maemo devices, view a wider variety of fonts on Web sites while you surf. Site designers and developers can create custom fonts that will be displayed and rendered properly.
  9. Offline Browsing: Even if your mobile phone doesn’t have a Web connection, you can still have information at your fingertips. Certain enabled sites may allow applications—like your Web-based email—to stay with you at all times.
  10. Next generation graphics: You have to see it to believe it. The rendering of text and graphics, including SVG and Canvas, is faster and sharper than ever before, thanks the upgraded graphics engine. Firefox automatically color corrects images that have the color profile data included (like your digital photos) to make sure the colors are exactly as intended.
  11. Web ID: Want to be extra sure about a site’s legitimacy before you make a purchase? Touch on a site favicon for an instant identity overview. Another touch digs deeper: how many times have you visited? Are your passwords saved? Check up on suspicious sites, avoid Web forgeries and make sure a site is what it claims to be.
  12. Password Manager: No longer need to enter passwords again and again. Now firefox does all that for you.
  13. Clear History: No longer to worry about your Web Page history. Clear them easily.
  14. Customized Security Settings: Control the level of scrutiny you’d like Firefox to give a site and enter exceptions—sites that don’t need the third degree. Customize settings for passwords, cookies, loading images and installing add-ons for a fully empowered mobile browsing experience.
  15. Automatic Updates: Prevent you from the bugs discovered and doesn’t keep your privacy at risk.
  16. Pop-up blocker: I bet nobody saw that coming in a mobile browser. Woot. Is it for real????
  17. Great Addons: Now personalize your browser with several addons.

Now that’s a ton of features available first time for mobile users.

Also to synchronize the PC bookmarks to mobile Weave Sync can be used.

Download the Firefox mobile browser from Here.

Speed Dial for Mozilla Firefox Browser

If you have used Opera or Google chrome, you will come to know easily what i’m talking about. If you have been using either chrome or opera, you can see the speed dial feature when you open a new tab.

It shows the thumbnail view of recently or most visited webpages. So that we can quickly select the page from it.


Today we have Fast Dial Firefox add-on which helps us to replace any new blank tab with visual bookmarks (thumbnails) of your choice. FastDial is a clone of Opera’s new tab bookmarks.

1. Just Install Fast Dial on your Firefox browser.

2. After installing, You can see a blank speed dial page.


3. Just click that to add your own bookmarks.


4. If you go to Properties – You have choice to set the number of bookmarks to display like 3×3 column, etc.


5. You can also set colors for thumbnails etc.


Some of the best features are :

1. Add new sites to Fast Dial by right-clicking site page and choosing “Add to Fast Dial” from the context menu.

2. Use drag-n-drop to change thumbnail position. Ctrl+drag to move thumbnail into a folder.

3. Set any bookmark folder to be Fast Dial home.

Fast Dial – Download Firefox Add-on

All together, Fast Dial is great and very useful for your Firefox browser.

Free Web Browser Specially Designed For Kids : KidZui

There is always a safer side in everything we do, If you take google search, we have safe search for kids (under 12). but the thing is we cannot be watching or spying our kids all museudaimigracao.org.br/pay-for-someone-to-write-your-essay/ the time. Internet is like a huge ocean, when your kid uses the regular Web browser you use, eventually your child’s innocent clicks may fell directly on adult sites. So how can we avoid this happening ?


KidZui is a free Web browser, search engine and online playground for kids 3-12.

Kids have the freedom to learn, play, search and discover over 2 million games, websites, videos and photos on their own. KidZui has the largest number of games, websites, videos and photos reviewed by parents and teachers anywhere. Kids can find what they need to help with schoolwork, by themselves.


Kids safely express themselves, with their Zui, backgrounds, tags and online status.

KidZui eliminates the need for parents to constantly watch over their kids’ shoulder, when they are online.


Parents know what their kids are doing online and they can connect by sharing content. KidZui sends a weekly email that tells you what your kids are doing online. The KidZui parent account lets you share content and set limits.

To know more about Kids Feature and Parents Feature on setting limits –

KidZuiHomepage | Download | Features

Got Something to say ?

Is Opening Links in New Tab, A Lazy way of Browsing?

We all Have a Dozen Lot of Web Browsers, Each Browser boasts of its own functionality…
Some of the Top Web Browsers being Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera , Safari etc…


Why Some One Would Still like a Traditional way of Browsing?
How Using The Old Web browsers could make your browsing life simpler?

Consider The browser Internet Explorer 6 (IE6), And here in IE6 you cannot open the links in New Tab (There is no Tabbed Browsing available)
So What would you do if you have to stay in the same page which you are in and still want to open a link present in the current page?

You will be in dilemma to prioritize the Pages.. Though the IE6 browser provides you the Back tab functionality (where you could go back to last action) you might not be comfortable doing it…

What Am I trying to say?
The Traditional Kind of Browsing allows you to make very quick decisions and everything under some base.

Consider the Google Search. You will be searching with some keyword and you got Top 10 Results in Google Home Page…

There are actually Two Types of Action:

The Person with Latest Tabbed Browser like Mozilla / Chrome would open all 10 Top Results in 10 separate Tabs of Same Browser.
Though he will be exposed to lot of Resources under the same browser very handily, this May not help him in taking quick decisions… There are 10 results for his query and he has to decide over the 10! More Overhead!

and Again it goes on! the 1 result out of 10 which he chooses is not final, he would again go on for Yet another Link(which he opens in New Tab Again) making his browsing life very interesting and exploring but don’t you think it delays his Job and Making very Complex?

tabbed browsing


The Person with Traditional Browser (Untabbed browser) Will be very Quicker in his decisions… (Very Less Exposed to Resources though)…

The Person when he sees Top 10 search results for his query, he would be choosing the best one within the 10 results and once he clicks on 1 of 10 results, There is high probability that he stays in the selected page and would stick to that…

Untabbed browsing is better in One way, it reduces the complexity and helps you to take instant decisions (unlike opening each and every link in new tab as in Modern Tabbed browser)


You might be wondering why i didn’t consider The Factor Opening Link in New Window. Though Opening link in New Window is nice option (even present in traditional browser), I just wanted to quote the user experience within a single Window… and of course opening links in New Window increases the Overhead on Task Bar!

I would be soon writing on Opening Links in New Window depending on your responses to this post!

Feel free to Agree or Criticize This Article! Don’t you think Tabbed Browsing is making you lazy/ Complex?

Google Chrome Updates With a Brand New Look

Google Chrome Update:

I was Just Shocked to know that Google Chrome has Updated its Browser appearance and other settings. Here are Few Details

The Browser Home Page Looks SomeThing Different. Earlier In The homepage of Browser it showed 3×3 aligned 9 thumbnails which is now changed to 4×2 type with 8 Thumbnails!

The Screenshot of Old Version of Google Chrome Browser Showing 3×3 thumbnails.

The Screenshot of Newer Version of Google Chrome Browser with 4×2 Thumbnails

Not Only This, Also The Sidebar in earlier Version is removed. An Extra Footer is added Just Below The Thumbnails. There are options like list, grid which you can use for further customizatons.

How Do I get Updated to This Newer Version of Google Chrome?
It’s Simple, Just Click on The File Icon on right top side of your browser window. and click on About Google Chrome. You Could see a window Popping Up about the current version details. You can even see an update option if yours is older one.

update chrome


In This Newer Version of Google Chrome you could even change the background themes. There are So Many Themes available.. You Can Get one of Them Here. There are 29 New Themes available. Make Sure you have updated to newer version before you apply theme

new theme
grass theme

Google Chrome’s Omnibox has also been updated with additional suggestions on Search.

So why Wait? Just Update Your Old Google Chrome Browser to New one Google Chrome or get a cool brand new browser here

Increase Performance and Browsing Speed of Firefox in Single Click – Speedyfox

Firefox is most popular browser around the web. but the main problem with Firefox is, it takes a lot of time to load during startup, the overall speed will be effected, and browsing Histories will be too slow. This is very common problem and it occurs largely because of fragmentation of databases. So How to Overcome it ? How to Speedup your Firefox in a Single Click ? Lets See ..


Speedyfox is a small utility that fixes all your problems at one click. It just takes few minutes to complete the optimization process and you can feel the new speedier Firefox than ever before. All you need to do is Download Speedyfox and install it 🙂

Features of Speedyfox –

1. Small in size – Only 1.5 MB
2. Boost Firefox startup in up to 3 times.
3. Quicker operation with cookies.
4. Browsing history will become faster.

How to Install it ?

After Downloading it automatically detects the Firefox’s default profile and other profiles you have created. All you need to do is select the profile you want to optimize from the profile drop-down menu and hit Speed Up My Firefox! button. The optimization process can take anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour depending on how large your databases are. The whole optimization process is safe as it does not effect your history, bookmarks, passwords, etc.


How often should I run SpeedyFox?

Depending on your browsing activity we recommend optimizing your profile once in 1-2 weeks.

Speedyfox works only on Windows and if you would like to see Firefox run a bit faster, then try SpeedyFox.

SpeedyfoxDownload | Homepage

Just try yourself and leave your comments below (-: