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Brazil blame Portugal for draw

Brazil hiding their face from the disappointing 0-0 draw with Portugal yesterday, saying the Portuguese’s defensive set-up kept the much-anticipated match from turning into a spectacle.The Brazilians say they did their part, going for the win from the beginning at Moses Mabhida Stadium, while claiming Portugal did all they could to keep the match from opening up.

leave the rest see what the Brazilian striker Luis Fabiano said “It’s really boring when we have to play against an opponent with 11 players at the back, only trying to draw,” WTF!! how can see say this?, this means that portugal don’t know how how to play, i think they forget that they are not the same winners they use to be.

Yea Brazil had already secured a second round ,but Portugal needed a draw to secure their spot in the round of 16, even though they were protected by a huge goal difference that could have allowed themselves to advance even with a loss.Brazil won Group G with seven points, two more than Portugal, so that means they are in the lead but that’s not fair too be bully.

Brazil coach Dunga criticised FIFA for naming Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo the man of the match yesterday and Brazil captain Lucio said he was appalled by it but here was again a comment from a Brazilian defender”I have no words about this decision”,”I respect Cristiano Ronaldo, but I don’t think he did a lot against our defence.”WTF!!!!!!! they are bully for sure, i am a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo ,soo this was not lookin good to me please leave your comment ,i want to hear, what every one else think on this brazil being bully