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List of Google Wave Robots – Add Bots as a Contact in Wave


This Post might be useful for a enthusiastic Google Wave beginners who wishes to know more about Google Wave. Using Robots in Google wave is the best way to explore Wave.

Here is The List of Popular Google Wave Bots (robots). Check on The descriptions and add the addresses in your Contacts.


List of Conversion Robots(Google Wave Conversion Bots)

Robot Name: Wikify
How to add Wikify robot to Google Wave?
Add wikifier@appspot.com to your contact list by Clicking on (+) button next to Manage Contacts.


Working with Wikify Robot:
With The Wikify robot in your Wave you could get any information and definitions listed by Wikipedia. Say, If You want to Know about Michael Jackson use the Syntax to get Topic link in wikipedia. That is would list links for michael jackson.

You can also get definitions of topic with the syntax which lists the definition of topic.



Screenshots showing The Wikipedia Link for and Wikipedia definition for .

Robot Name: Cartoony
How to add Cartoony robot to Google Wave?
Add cartoonybot@appspot.com as a contact in your Contact. Clicking on (+) button Next to Manage Contacts…


Working with Cartoony Bot
Cartoony Bot is a Popular Conversion Robot designed for Google Wave which converts the entered Text into Graphically Impressive fonts. You could greet your Friend and Surprise him with decorated text just by adding an extra Contact cartoonybot@appspot.com

cartoonybot google wave

The Bot when added Prompts You for Text, Once you enter the text it gets converted into Pictorial words as shown in The above Screenshot.
And also Colors the balloons with respect to different users.


Robot Name: Flippy
How to add Flippy Robot in Google Wave?
Add The Address flippy-wave@appspot.com into your Google Wave Contact List.


Working with Flippy Bot- A Google Wave Robot

Flippy bot is an Amazing Invention. How about Rotating your Text into 180 degrees? Flippy bot Flips The Text and displays it in reverse way. A great tool to share and surprise your friends. Now Start typing The words Up-Side Down!

flippy Google Wave Bot

Screenshot Marked with Upside Down Text.

Robot Name: Eliza

How to add Eliza robot to Google Wave?
Add The address given below to Invite The Eliza robot


What does Eliza Robot do?
Eliza is a Chat bot which is helpful to test your Google wave Client.
Eliza Can Answer any of your questions instantaneously just like a human. The Eliza begins its chat with “I understand”

Here is The Preview of Eliza Robot Chat when used in Google Wave:


Eliza robot is Best suited when you are alone and no one to chat!

Tweety – Robot
Robot Name: Tweety
How to add Tweety robot to Google Wave? [how to use twitter on Google wave]

Add The Robot by adding a Contact to This address


What does a Tweety Robot do?
Tweety Robot Collects The Input from you by questioning What are you doing? which then posts it on twitter and displays it along with other tweets made by ppl using Tweety

Here is The Screenshot of Tweety Wave when used in Google wave


Roshambo – Robot

Robot Name: Roshambo
How to add Roshambo Robot to Google wave?
Just Click on The [Plus] button Next to your Manage Contact in Google Wave. Add the Following address and Click on Add.


What is a Roshambo Robot?
It is a Game Robot.. This Robot Boasts itself saying “Another game that shows what is possible in Google Wave”

The Robot Roshambo is Popularly Known as rock-paper-scissor
Have a look at The Preview of Active Roshambo Robot in Google Wave
rock paper scissor

Stocky – Robot

Robot Name: Stocky
How to add Stocky robot to Google Wave?
Add the following address in contact list:


Stocky Robot Helps in analyzing the current Stock Happenings.. A Very Handy Tool to be in touch with stocks ups and downs

Here is How the Stocky Robot looks like:


Robot Name: Wavethingy
How to add Wavethingy robot to Google wave?
Add The following address to add wavethingy robot


What does WaveThingy robot do?
Wavethingy demands you the query like @wavethingy dvd sony which then searches for the recent sales action in amazon and displays the relevant results with price details

Here is How the Wavethingy robot looks when used in Google Wave


Robot Name: Bloggy
How to add Bloggy robot to Google wave?
[how to blog from google wave using bots?]

Add The address given below to your contacts


What does a Bloggy bot do?
Bloggy robot helps a remote blogging tool. You directly blog from google wave with the robot bloggy.

Here is how the bloggy robot looks when used in Google Wave

Please Note:
Many of The Robots In the list might or might not appear as everything is in the developing phase. However the address of these robots will remain same so it is worth adding these robots for future use.

I will be Updating New Google Wave Robots in the same Page very shortly, Please Book Mark this Page or Check back here shortly..

Here is The Complete List of available Google wave Gadgets, Add Through XML URL


Do Google Search Directly From Gtalk


One More Lazy way to Search in Google! Yes Here it is..
We all Know We Use Gtalk to Chat and Talk with Our Gmail buddies. Have you ever thought how you could Turn your Gtalk Box into a Search Engine?

The Answer is Simple- Inviting Bots!

How to Invite bot who searches your query in Google and returns the search results in Gtalk Chat Box?

Open your Gtalk or Gtalk Gadget in your Gmail. and Send a Chat Invitation to sbot@bot.im

Within No Time, Your Invitation will be accepted and bot starts appearing in your Buddy List.

Now, Start with a query, Search for your favorite keyword by typing it in Chat Box..


You will Receive Top Search Results for your Made Query.. Just Like That as you see in Google.com Page!

Read on The Descriptions and Click on the Links…


search result

Finally you turned your Gtalk box into Search Engine!
Isn’t this handy tool to search? Share your experiences.