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Three simple ways to bore the hell out of your readers

Why you're boring and how you can avoid being so... How about reading a blog with a content that doesn’t even extend to 10 pages altogether for one hour. You can’t do it, even if you have a crush on the writer, right? 😉
Or maybe I can say there’s a possibility in which such blogs’ time-per-visit might be better than that of better blogs. Wondering how? You’d have gone to sleep without your knowledge. Jokes apart, But catching up with a blog with boring content is next to impossible. Okay, getting into the point, none of us ‘desire’ to bore our readers. But it happens, naturally.
What? Naturally? Hmmm, Not really. There are three things I’d suggest you to concentrate on, in order to avoid writing the most boring articles.

Why you sound boring and how you can avoid being so…

  1. You write a post in 2011: “Mobile Number Portability: The next new thing in Indian telecom industry.” ~ The first visit to your blog would be the last one as well. You’re outdated. That’s enough for me to keep away from your blog.
  2. You’re monotonous. You write wonderfully, I love the way you write. But Man oh man, where’s the room for me to act? Believe it or not, I’ve gone through blogs that has most of the amazing posts with the comments section closed.
  3. Your social profiles reflect your blog. There are cases where I’ve acquainted with people on twitter/facebook and later go behind their blogs. In such cases, if you have a creepy profile, would I even give it a thought to have a look at your blog? I, apparently, wouldn’t.
  4. You’re perfect. I’ve got nothing to criticize, compliments are boring you see. So, I can sum it up as: Perfection is a direct cause of boredom. Even if you know what’s exactly right, don’t just say it. Make it interesting, engage your readers by raising controversies.
  5. Your heading says you have three tips to give but you, a boring person indeed, have put up five tips. You don’t know what you do and look like an idiot. I guess you’ve got my point quite well! 😛

That’s it from me, do you have something to say? Or something to laugh at me? 😉
You’ve got an opportunity to make a boring post an interesting one by adding your awesome comments. Go ahead!