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News as a niche

Why starting a News website is the most difficult niche?

Even if you’ve been to Blogging for less than a month, You’ll surely know about Huge Blogs like Mashable, TechCrunch, ReadWriteWeb and more.. However, if you are yet to start a blog and have planned to convey news in your Blog, I humbly request you to drop your Idea.

News as a niche
Choosing News as a Niche

Why not a News site?

TimeĀ Allotment

Well, If you start updating news in your Blog, your readers start expecting news in real-time. If at all you have to convey news to your readers, you must switch to Full-time Blogging which is not easy to adopt by most of us.

Impact on SEO

Suppose you write some news about Google. That topic trends for only a few time and thus Organic/Search engine traffic will be minimized to a great extent. This time your only go is to drive people by referral traffic from twitter or facebook just like Mashable or TechCrunch does.

High Quality of Content

If you are abuzz to start a news website, people start expecting Quality updates from your right from the scratch. So some experience in other niche would be desired.

Too much of competition

If I were the only student in my grade, I’d secure the first rank for sure. But I know it’s sort of impossible! Similarly, Most of the Blogs are up with conveying news to their readers using a collection of business templates. So first blogs first and it would mean to be a slow process for fresh News websites to attract much loyal traffic.

One-man Army isn’t the right thing here

While every single News blog has got at least tens of people working full time. One single person can’t handle all the pressure and pass on the information by himself.

It’s Boring

Would you like to read the Comparison between a Blog and Newspaper or would you keep your eye wide open to take sight of the New-New news about Docomo’s holiday offer? Preferrably the former one, right?

Will I Fail for Sure if I start a News blog?

No, I did not mean that. Impossible is nothing – But if you opt news as your niche, Well go ahead – Hurdles make journey sweet! šŸ™‚

What next?

You know me well, but I don’t know you as much. So do drop your views about how good an idea starting a news website must be considered. Also, to keep up with the pace we are on – Subscribe to Chaaps.


Posterous: The best platform for a personal weblog


PosterousIn the recent past, We had written about Why having a Personal Blog is highly recommended. After that, few friends/readers asked me where can I start a personal blog? I personally recommend you to establish your Personal blog in Posterous.

Why Posterous?

  1. First of all, if you previously had a personal blog in Blogger, wordpress or Tumblr, you can easily import those posts to Posterous. Thus you don’t experience any kind of loss of data.
  2. This feature called Autopost sends your post automatically to various services including Facebook, Twitter and Google Buzz. The horse point is that you can alsoĀ AutopostĀ your post to your tumblr blog.
  3. In the manage page you can see how many times a post has been viewed, commented andĀ Favorited.
  4. Setting up Google Analytics and feedburner is as easier than in Google’s own service, Blogger. [Go to: Settings –> Analytics]
  5. Versatile Bookmarklet – Tag and comment on the current page, and also credit the source page at the same time.
  6. Tweet and like button in all the default themes
  7. You can easily set up a top level domain by just adding an ‘A’ record.
  8. Fully Flexible with Theme customizations
  9. Post by E-mail, Bookmarklet, Mobile and more.
  10. A personal blog is much needed, and posterous is the Most reliable [according to me]

Don’t have a posterous blog? Go grab one!

Have your say in the comments.


Facebook vs Twitter - from the Blogger's shoes

Facebook vs Twitter: From the Bloggers’ point of view

Undoubtedly the arguments about Facebook vs Twitter, today, is one of the most critical and most common controversy. For a normal person, Facebook is more impressive mainly because of it’s ease of use and more importantly Most of their friends are only in Facebook. You may feel twitter has an isolated atmosphere in the initial stages. But as you get more friends and followers, twitter starts to sound interesting. If you consider yourself as a weaker vessel in terms of the twitter effect, read our previous articles about twitter.

Facebook vs Twitter - from the Blogger's shoes
Facebook vs Twitter - under the Blogger's shoes

Which social network tend to send you more traffic? Twitter or Facebook? Which is the social network, from which you are longing for traffic?

1. Facebook

First of all, Having more friends is not the intention. Even if you have few friends, let them be your real friends and they will automatically ‘like’, comment or at least pour an eye on your wall/profile.


You can use applications like NetworkedBlogs or RSS Graffiti to automatically ping your profile or page once you published a post in your blog. Also, do remember people like you only if you BE HUMAN! Don’t automate everything.

2. Twitter

I started my twitter account in October 2009 and didn’t even cross 20 followers till June 2010. I had no friends there, I was following only celebrities and i didn’t even tweet a mere 100 times for 7 to 8 months. Later, after reading an e-book about twitter, I started tweeting with hash-tags, mentions and started targeting users by using #FollowFridays. Once you gain a considerable amount of followers, just carry out some twitter strategies.

Share with us which is the social network that sends you great traffic and which one’s pulling your leg. Do let me know whether you are going to share this in Facebook or give it a retweet, or both. šŸ˜›

How to Keep your readers focused on your Blog post?


Previously I had made a mention about How to build Relationships with your readers and how important are they to your blog. However impressed they are, with your blog, there are many chances of being deviated from your Post. Here is one small tip to keep Ā your readers focused on your blog post.

Images speak a thousand words, But not always

Images speak a thousand words. But if the images are made click-able those thousand words downgrade your few words. Here’s how you have to remove the link of an Image:

HTML Editor

Switch to the HTML editor and remove the highlighted area from your post. This may sound so simple, but it really helps. Trust me!!

Removing Image links in HTML Editor
Removing Image links in HTML Editor

Visual Editor

In the Image Upload wizard you have an option to remove the link. That button had been lying right there but most of us didn’t spot down it’s purpose. Look at the screenshot below for better understanding:

Removing Image link from the Visual Editor
Removing Image link from the Visual Editor

Hope you found this tip useful. To receive more tips and tricks about WordPress and Blogging, Stay tune to us via our RSS Feed.


Driving traffic to your Blog

How to: Maximize Your Blog’s Traffic?

One of the useful functions of website analytic programs, like Google Analytics, is these programs allow you to monitor your traffic sources. You can often look at where your traffic is coming from via three broad categories: Direct Traffic, Search Engine / Keyword Traffic, and Referred Traffic. Read on to learn more:

Driving traffic to your Blog
Driving traffic to your Blog

Direct Traffic

Direct trafficYour direct traffic numbers are a reflection on how strong your brand truly is. If you have high numbers, then readers out there often think of you and your site as a source they trust, and so they have no hesitation about visiting your site. Because these readers are your most loyal, you don’t risk driving them away, and you can depend on them in tougher times to stand by you.

Two ways to improve your direct traffic are to have a URL that is easy to remember and to market your blog in offline venues. For the first method, you should have already thought long and hard about this, so it shouldn’t be a problem. But, if you still use a WordPress or Blogspot URL, you should immediately buy your own domain name and switch over. Related: How to build relationships with your Blog readers.
For the second method, try to come up with some neat guerilla marketing ideas: create stickers to put up around the city, and make bookmarks to hide in books related to your niche when you’re at the book store. You can do this for much cheaper than it would cost to take out an ad in the local paper.

Search Engine / Keyword Traffic

Traffic from Search EnginesPeople who come to your site via keywords and search engines don’t know what to expect sometimes. They’re looking for something specific, sure, but that makes them very picky, so you have to be able to keep their attention once they’ve arrived.

By looking at the traffic you get according to certain keywords and phrases, you can try to produce additional content that might satisfy those readers. Revisit those posts that produced good keyword traffic, and publish updated content that uses those keywords if you can. In order to make searchers happy and draw them in, give them what they want so they’ll be willing to stay around to check out your other content.

Referring Sites

Referral sitesVisitors from referring sites clicked through because they trust the site that sent them to you. They are probably a part of your niche, so you will have an easier time keeping their attention; however, your reputation is at stake if they don’t like what they find.

Treat referring sites like your friends. The best ones will send you traffic regularly, so you should give those other bloggers thanks every now and then and send traffic back their way to keep them happy. Essentially, the traffic you get from referring sites is a testament to the strength of the blogging community of which you are a part.

The secret of driving flocks of traffic from Twitter

Editor’s note:
This is a guest post contributed by Kitty Holman, who writes on the topics of nursing schools. Ā If you’d like to write for us, read the guest posting guidelines.

When a Blog becomes a Newspaper!

Surprised? Shocked? Even We are!
Yes, We are on Newspaper, We are on Front Page, And we are on Headlines!! What??

(someone screams) Nope! How come Chaaps.com is on News? And which Publisher/Reporter has written this Crap?

If You have similar doubts we have an Answer for you! The News is Original and Truth but not the newspaper which it is printed on!! This NewsPaper is absolutely Fake and we wanted to Share This Fun. Here is how you can Make your Own Newspaper for Free! Newspaper Snippet Generator by fodey.com. Of Course, Blogs and Newspapers can be compared on the same scale.

Let’s make Some Points comparing both! (Read it easy)

  • Both Newspapers and Blogs have a Common Tag “Publisher”.
  • Newspapers say it “Articles” and we say it as “Posts”.
  • Newspapers say it “Reporters” and we say it as “Bloggers”.
  • Newspapers spend on “Printing charges” and we spend on “Web Hosting charges” (:P who is eco-friendly)?
  • Newspapers are Physical “You can touch and Feel(and even make paper balls)” .. Blogs You can See, Scroll, Comment on, Report & whatever, everything Real-time!
  • Newspaper are “more Formal” and we are less formal (At least Chaaps is).
  • Newspapers make “money” through Advertisements (Also, Remember you pay for every copy of Newspaper you buy!). Blogs too Make Money but Blogs are Free – All Copies are Free, Except you see those disturbing ads at times.

I’ll Leave this Space for You! Let’s have a Discussion on Newspapers vs Blogs! Let the Comments pour in, on Real-Time!

Newspaper Fan? ————-> Watch these Hindustan times Videos!

Blog Fan? ——————–> Become our Fans šŸ™‚


Twitter and your Blog

The secret of driving flocks of traffic from Twitter

Twitter is a micro-blogging website that enables normal bloggers to become mega-bloggers. If proper use of twitter is made, you can drive a million number of people to your blog. In social bookmarking sites, you will be considered spam if you submit more stories than you read. In twitter, you will be considered spam if you tweet about the same link again and again. So make it sure that you don’t tweet only your tweet but tweet other’s post too.

Twitter and your Blog
Twitter and your Blog

How do I make my tweets influencial?

Just tweet your post three times. No, that’s not all. Read on to how to tweet each time…

First time

This should be as soon as you make a post, be quick. Tweet it in an appealing way.Ā Example:

Twitter to bid Goodbye to HTTP? http://bit.ly/9NMovZ

Second time

This time again tweet with an appealing text and link. What’s different in the second tweet is you must have to add anĀ hash-tag to the tweet. Moreover, keep in mind that you have to leave at least a gap of 6 hours between the first and the second times so that your tweets reaches followers from other zones too. Example:

Road to a professional Facebook profile http://t.co/nQFG2gA #Facebook #Professionalism

Third time

First set a target – For me it is 15 retweets. When I reach the target of 15 Retweets, I thank the retweeters in this format:

Thanks for the retweet! @karan7n @sdarine @webtechman @morb01 | http://ow.ly/2U2ml ..

Using this simple trick I was able to gather a lot ofĀ retweetsĀ in a short span of time and also a few comments. Hope you found this tip useful, Share with us how you drive traffic to your blog/website via Twitter.

ToĀ receiveĀ more tips, tricks and tutorials about twitter follow us @chaaps or subscribe to our RSS feed.

How to build relationships with your Blog readers?

Blogging is a profession, one of it’s kind, in which Bloggers depend upon readers more than themselves. Therefore, interaction with readers is something that every Blogger has to concentrate on. That’s why, after the end of any postĀ Pro-bloggersĀ write, they humbly request readers to share their views in the comments or the likes. Below are a few ways to build a relationship with your readers.

Readers are the most important part of a Blog
Bloggers revolve around readers


My part is too less now – You know it all. Every popular blog has Comments enabled and it can be drawn to a simple conclusion that: More the number of comments, more is the popularity of Blogs.


This is one way to make your readers interact in a better way. We those who have used Windows 7 thoughtlessly hate MS DOS, Similarly most of us would like to fill up polls rather than go to the comment box, Fill up details and then post our comment.

Conduct surveys

This give your readers a positive impression about you that you give your readers a lot of respect. Moreover, you can deliver what your readers require.

Ask for suggestions

Suggest your readers to suggest you some suggestions. This suggests the users that their suggestions are valuable and this may cause first-time readers to turn into regular readers of your Blog. I suggest you to ask your readers for suggestions.
You must really suggest this tip to all of your friends! šŸ˜›

Reply instantly

When your reader has placed a query to you on Facebook, Twitter or via the contact form reply as soon as possible. This upgrades your trustworthiness.

Guest post in other Blogs

Best way so far to build relationships in the blogosphere, not with your readers but with fellow bloggers. However, fellow Bloggers maybe considered as readers, too. Guest blogging not only gives you a backlink, fame and a sum of money if you guest post in a revenue sharing blog but above all, you can build relationships with fellow Bloggers. Did you know? You can write guest posts for us. [Read more]
Related read: 5 things you must know about Guest Blogging

How do you build a relationship with your readers? Share with us in your comment.

Weekend Ideas for Bloggers


If you are a problogger, you might have had a busy week full blogging. Students and office-goers are soĀ possessiveĀ about their bed; Celebrities spend time with friends; Home-makers are reluctant to cook food and the list extends to another mile. Being Bloggers, how shall we spend our weekends?

Organize a competition

Giveaway something to your readers and organize a guest blogging contest once in a week. Work only 5 Days just like an officer does. This gives you relaxation and you can blog in an effective manner in the next week.

Have an Editor

Yes, the duty’s on his shoulders now! You can now be a free bird. šŸ™‚

Get social

Oh no! Not Facebook or twitter, let’s forget it at least now. Go to a movie with your family or watch a Cricket match with your friends. [And yeah, Nevermind if it were soccer]

Become a guest blogger

How can you expect people to guest-blog in your blog if you don’t. It’s a simple give and take policy – Ain’t it?

Try some other means to connect with your readers and mates

Write an e-book, or try to make your entry to Journalism. No, I am really not kidding.

So what are you going to do today?

Here’s the weekend. What are you upto?
Share with us now. Do let us know how you spend your weekends?


What a tagline means to a Blog?


Your First name might sound so funky and cool, but it ain’t completed without your Last name. Similarly, however good a domain and/or Blog name you might have, you must have an appealing tagline too.

Why should I have a tagline?

1. To grab eyeballs: In order to get well optimized to search engines, you must generally choose a short and keyword-based domain and for better visibility you need a short, colorful logo. Now the tagline is the only way around to show off your creativity. Hence, it can be concluded that Taglines are much needed to expose your creativity.

2. A brief introduction: When someone asks me ” Who are you? ” I’d say:

I’m Murugappan, A tenth-grader from the garden city of Bangalore.

Just like that, your tagline is something meant to make a catch out of your blog.

3. First impression is the best Impression: Your blog title reads awesome. But you need a tagline, at least something like “Just another sidebar”. A tagline is as much important to your logo as is the case with a sidebar in your theme.

Okay, I’ll have a tagline? But what shall it be?

  1. A three to four word description about your blog.
    For example, Devils’ workshop‘s tagline reads: “The tech community blog”
  2. Speak the language that most of your readers don’t understand. This may sound wierd but works well, pretty well.
    For Example, Digital Inspiration‘s tagline reads: “tech Ć” la carte”
  3. Say what you do to your readers: Are you a offering a guide, e-book or WordPress Services/Themes.
  4. For example, Famous Bloggers’ tagline reads: How to Blog and Start a Buisiness

Having Said All These, We are in the Hunt of a Refreshing Tagline for Chaaps! Your Suggestions would be Great!


Your Blog is Just like a Tiffin Box!

Blogging is a Beautiful World!

You Blog for Fun,
You Blog for Passion,
You Blog for Money,
You Blog just Because Someone Blogs,
Setting up a Status Message in Facebook or Twitter ? Oh Yeah! You are a Micro-Blogger!

After All, Talking so Much about “Blog, Blogging,Bloggest“.. lets have some sort of Understanding about what Really a Blog is!! Lets Compare Blog with a Tiffin Box! Sounds Funny?.. Oops then How about 5 Fingers of Your Blog Hand- Google, Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Reddit

Pack it in a Tiffin Box!


A Blog should Primarily Focus on CONTENT! Yes.. The Focus should be on the Content and nothing Else.. It is Just Like God Present in the Temple.. (Good GOD = More Devotees eh??) .. OfCourse, in case of Blog, You get Hell lot of Visitors/Readers if you have the Best of the Best Contents…

Fill up Your Tiffin Box with Delicious Food.

More Containers for your Tiffin Box


A Good Blog should not only provide Quality Content but also should take care of the Variety of Content which it delivers.. Why Only Facebook, Google, Twitter? Get Up Guys! There are lots of Topics waiting for you.. Just make a Good Choice and be Consistent. Increase the number of Categories!

Add Up Some more Containers within in Your Tiffin Box.. Consume Variety!

Pack the FRESH FOOD in Tiffin Box

Fresh News

Deliver the Happening News to your Loyal Readers…Deliver the News as it Happens..Add Up your own Views.. As Fresh the Content is, As Value you add to it, The More you get Out of it…

Pack Fresh, Eat Fresh, Stay Healthy!

Share your Tiffin with Friends

Sharing is Caring

Knowledge is to Share,, So is the Blog… Don’t Isolate yourself after Pushing a Beautiful Post.. Share it to everyone.. Use Powerful Social Media Centers.. Make Complete use of Tweet, Share, digg or Stumble Buttons… Create a Good Community with the Motto “Sharing is Caring”

Start Sharing Your Food!

Beautiful Box

Looks Matter!

Oh Yeah.. The Appearance matters.. Make a wise Decision in Selecting a Good Theme.. Let your Content Shine! Let Your Readers Bookmark your Blog just because he/she likes the kind of Color Schemes, logo, themes used in your Website!

Actions: Carry a Designed/Beautiful/Cool Tiffin Box! *ATTRACT*

We Know there are several Things to be added over here.. We would like To hear from you about this article.. Don’t have a Tiffin Box yet? Grab One!


How to avoid getting distracted while writing killer posts

Blogging ain’t an easy job. Back one year we asked you how much time do you spend writing an article and most of you said us that you spend less than a hour in writing normal posts but spend at least a hour or more in writing killer posts. Writing three to four killers a week is a considerably great idea. Friends pinging you to chat, twitter mentions and theĀ FacebookĀ notifications can distract you a lot more than offline distraction. Here is a list of how to avoid distractions, both online and offline.

Distractions while writing a Killer post

How to avoid distractions while writing killer posts?

Offline distractions:

  • Sit in a distraction-free room where nobody calls you or disturbs you. A sound-proof room would be a great Idea. šŸ˜›
  • A good environment around your PC – A comfortable chair to sit on, A cool and dry atmosphere where both your PC and yourself are in the productive most.
  • Saved the best for the last: Wear a headphone, Switch on some rock music and keep the volume maximum. You are now ultimately on the virtual world, literally!

Online distractions:

  • Go invisible: I know Chethan Thimmappa, Harsh Agarwal and many other Bloggers who go invisible when writing posts. This is pretty much effective, non-geeks doesn’t attempt to chat with you when you are shown as offline.
  • Go offline: Some situations do occur when people ping you even if you are invisible and seem to be offline. At such situations, Going offline in your Facebook/Gtalk/AIM messenger is the only way to get out of disturbances and distractions.
  • Turn off notifications: If you have a desktop-based application like TweetDeck, Digsby, or any other such program disable notifications so that you don’t get to see irritating pop-ups.
  • Don’t add unwanted contacts or friends: There are some spammy people revolving round the internet who not only frustrates you online but a few contacts find personal details like Mobile number and cause you great trouble. Hence, it is always recommended not to add unwanted, spammy contacts to your friend list.

I hope you found the above measures useful. Do let me know how do you avoid getting distracted while writing your posts through the comments.

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