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Blogging: Write, Write, Write and Fail.

Blogging is an art and of course, a different as well as a difficult one to master. Blogging is all about content. NOT. Read on.

I have awesome content and an amazing blogging frequency. Now what the flick should I do?

One. You do have awesome content, but there are people who have something even better. The game is not about knowledge, it’s ’bout how you implement it. Promoting an article must be given as much importance as in creating it.

Two. “Google Panda sucks, Bing hippo sucks.” Guess who said it? Ah, chuck it. Everyone is saying it these days. But why do you worry? Aren’t there a million blogs relying just on referral traffic? In fact, you aren’t losing a thing by not getting indexed by Google. If not Google, there’s Yahoo!. If not Yahoo!, there’s Bing. If none, create one yourself! 😉

Three. What did you say? You have an amazing blogging frequency? Awesome! You write five posts a day and write not a single post for the next five days. Have you heard about this thing called scheduling? Do it! If you overdo, you WILL suffer. (This is something I’ve been doing. But I won’t, anymore.)

Four. You might be asking “Promoting my article is not a problem; okay, but how?” It can’t get any easier. Build a relationship everyone you find in the web. Share your content on various venues such as Facebook, twitter, and also sites like Reddit and Digg.

Five. “You say content is not important?” Did I ever say that? No, It IS important. But c’mon would you write a novel and keep it under your pillow and admire your self in lieu of publishing it?

That’s it from my side. Have your say at the comments section.

4 Superior Tricks to Drive Visitors To Your Blog

There are number of bloggers who depend on the search engines alone to attract visitors. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, together with Bing, govern the characteristic appliances to status your weblog for particular keywords that you have optimize for your blog text.

Buzz each blogger, moreover they’ll accept thousands of tips on how to enhance your blog traffic. Relying on your focused category, they may suggest anything from holding a tournament to going on an attacking guest posting contest.

Whereas legion blogs have favorably ranked in the search engines, great quantity get hands on not. This is why it is not urged to confide only on the search engines to drag viewers.

4 Leading Tricks to Push Users To Your Blog

#1. Content can bring you Crowded Visitors

You will wish the content that you write to be correlated to your company focused. This quality content should be instructional information.

If you fill your innovative business blog up with nothing but trade graphs moreover commercials, fans will separate as it gives the appearance of a spam website.

As we always say, Matter is the King moreover It will accordingly provides you great exposure once it was marketed completely.

#2. Depend on Search Engines together with Determine Betrayal

Perform Onpage Optimization techniques like Optimizing Meta Tags, Selecting Strong along with Relevant Titles, Taking Care of Permalink Structure etc moreover moreover focusing on Offpage Optimization techniques like, submitting the blog to Search Engines, Blog Directories, RSS Directories, Article Submission Directories together with making use of pinging tools, Commenting, Forum Posting along with Building Backlinks, Keyword analysis etc which finally brings your visitors from Search Engines.

Related: 6 essential SEO on-page optimization tips.

Slightly be aware of Basic SEO together with you will be able to reach Top notch by employing the Plugins like All-in-One SEO etc.

#3. Focus Deeper on Social Bookmarking Sites for Immediate Results

The social networking is presently grasping indeed wider base in attracting crowd to participate in their webpages and get to know other human beings through their products/services. You can skyrocket blog traffic by being active in these sites in addition to distribution attractive articles, videos, in addition to just simply intertwining with alternative citizens. I used to promote by blog from my Laptop Computer as I consider myself as Social Media Expert and Promoter.

#4. Join Social Media Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Squidoo, etc, for large go through to push deeper users to your blog. These webpages were consisting of millions of millions of people registered along with employing it. So, its our effort to use these weblogs for forcing our posts the margin to assign it separating these traffic moreover also Print your blog URL on your commerce cards, brochures in addition to flyers.

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Siddhartha Thota. If you’d like to write for us too, check out the guest posting guidelines.


Three simple ways to bore the hell out of your readers

Why you're boring and how you can avoid being so... How about reading a blog with a content that doesn’t even extend to 10 pages altogether for one hour. You can’t do it, even if you have a crush on the writer, right? 😉
Or maybe I can say there’s a possibility in which such blogs’ time-per-visit might be better than that of better blogs. Wondering how? You’d have gone to sleep without your knowledge. Jokes apart, But catching up with a blog with boring content is next to impossible. Okay, getting into the point, none of us ‘desire’ to bore our readers. But it happens, naturally.
What? Naturally? Hmmm, Not really. There are three things I’d suggest you to concentrate on, in order to avoid writing the most boring articles.

Why you sound boring and how you can avoid being so…

  1. You write a post in 2011: “Mobile Number Portability: The next new thing in Indian telecom industry.” ~ The first visit to your blog would be the last one as well. You’re outdated. That’s enough for me to keep away from your blog.
  2. You’re monotonous. You write wonderfully, I love the way you write. But Man oh man, where’s the room for me to act? Believe it or not, I’ve gone through blogs that has most of the amazing posts with the comments section closed.
  3. Your social profiles reflect your blog. There are cases where I’ve acquainted with people on twitter/facebook and later go behind their blogs. In such cases, if you have a creepy profile, would I even give it a thought to have a look at your blog? I, apparently, wouldn’t.
  4. You’re perfect. I’ve got nothing to criticize, compliments are boring you see. So, I can sum it up as: Perfection is a direct cause of boredom. Even if you know what’s exactly right, don’t just say it. Make it interesting, engage your readers by raising controversies.
  5. Your heading says you have three tips to give but you, a boring person indeed, have put up five tips. You don’t know what you do and look like an idiot. I guess you’ve got my point quite well! 😛

That’s it from me, do you have something to say? Or something to laugh at me? 😉
You’ve got an opportunity to make a boring post an interesting one by adding your awesome comments. Go ahead!

How to build a brand for your blog with Twitter?

Standing out of the crowd in Twitter
Standing out of the crowd in Twitter

Twitter has always been a boon for us in promoting our posts as it is the main source of traffic for us after organic traffic. People just often keep tweeting the same link again and again which has a dual disadvantage: One, loss of credibility and Two, Susceptibility of spam.

Here are a few tips for you to drive huge traffic via twitter.

Building a Brand for your Blog with Twitter – A Ten-Point Strategy

  1. To begin with, choose an username that is the same as your blog’s name or at least has a connection with your blog’s name.
  2. Connect with fellow writer and also your readers. At the same time be selective, do learn to ignore. When someone says
  3. Tweet all your posts. At least a few of others. Back in August 2010, A survey showed Facebook users are generally narcissistic; As of now, not much of such a complaint has been thrown on twitter. Let’s keep it that way and promote others content and expect them to reciprocate, too!
  4. Make a note: Twitter isn’t the compact form of your RSS feed. Feeding your twitter profiles with twitterfeed and dlvr.it must be highly avoided as far as you have enough time to spend crafting materials within 140 characters.
  5. Make another note: Scheduling works like a charm though it is similar to feeding. But in this case, you automate blog posts only that are worth a read or two. Be wise in choosing the best and also keep the scheduling interval quite long.
  6. Advertising in twitter – using services like MyLikes Network is the most grave mistake you can ever do. This not only makes your readers think twice before clicking any link of yours but also degrades your idea of building a brand for your blog with twitter. Have you seen Techcrunch or Engadget people do such a lame thing?
  7. Tweet frequency – Let’s get social? I tweet 150 times a day. Will you click a single link of mine? I’d be surprised if you haven’t unfollowed me yet. Or even worse, I tweet once in two weeks. I myself will be wondering how many of my twitter buds know my username and/or my full name.
  8. Use your own URL shortener. Copyblogger has it’s own URL shortener, copy.bz and Search Engine land has it’s own URL shortener, selnd.com and so does almost every other renowned blog.
  9. Don’t have a URL shortener for yourself? There’s nothing to sob about! You can use twitter’s official URL shortener t.co that really helps in building a brand. This is something I’ve learnt from my experience. What bit.ly and goo.gl doesn’t do, t.co does.
  10. Tweet your heart out! But, Mind you, create another profile for that. Just like you need to keep your Facebook page clean and professional, your twitter profile must be professional on the same lane. Going by the TOS of twitter, having multiple profiles is no sin and hence I highly recommend you to have two twitter profiles – one personal stream and the other, professional. Take for instance, we tweet only legit stuff and share only worth-a-read sort of links from @chaaps while on the other hand I tweet all nonsense from @muru0410. 😛

Have I missed a thing or do you have anything to speak about my twitter profile(@muru0410)? 😉
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7 ways your expected-to-be viral Posts may turn out to be Suicidal

We work hard to write posts. And harder, to write killer posts. Have you ever spent hours of writing, several times of self-reviewing before publishing a post and yet got results which are no good? Well actually speaking, there are chances for your your to-be viral posts go suicidal i.e., wasting all the hard work, knowledge and research you invested for your blog post. What are the things responsible to this? Read on to learn more…

Posts going viral

Seven things that you must avoid doing in a post that you’d like to go viral

  1. An ugly title – this is the first and the foremost thing that ever gets noticed by a reader – the post’s title. You might like to read Nicholas Cardot‘s post on how to write eye-jerky post titles.
  2. Lack of multimedia content – As we all know images speak a thousand words, that should be taken into consideration. Do you have a post that has no images/video or the likes in it? Give a link to it in the comment and I’ll mark it as spam. No kidding! 😉
  3. False statistics. All imaginary, approximate and other such figures in a blog post – especially, a blog post that falls into the category of researching, this is a big time drawback to your posts.
  4. You’ve made it boring with lengthy paragraphs. You must rather be to the point. Use ordered or unordered lists with respect to the post.
  5. What I desire is an out-of-the box article. You wrote an out-of-the-niche blog post. How awkward can it get, when I write a post in Chaaps: “10 reasons your love betrayed you” ? 😛
  6. You don’t let others’ post go viral by commenting and/or sharing it. What you sow is what you reap, right?!
  7. Your post just doesn’t deserve to go viral. Say for example, I write a post “How to post in a friend’s wall in Facebook.” I swear by god, none except my self will hit that post with a read.

Ever experienced your viral posts going suicidal? Do let me know whether such a thing had happened to you and also let me know in the comments , what is the most probable reason for it?

Do’s and Dont’s for making a Blogging comeback

Haven’t you been blogging in a regular frequency for weeks or even months together? If that’s for a legit reason, you are well excused by me.
I’m sorry but not all can excuse you  and hence you’re traffic is going down and down. Now that legit reason is expired, you have enough free to time to spend for your blog. But you see, all comebacks can’t be superhits. I’ve been blogging with short and sometimes big breaks as well. Comebacks aren’t new to me – so are unpopular posts. Reason being I wouldn’t have been in the touch of blogging for months. That’s more than just a valid reason for comeback posts not impressive. Based on my experiences, here are a few Do’s and Don’t for making a Blogging comeback.


Blogging - are your comeback successful?
Blogging - are your comeback successful?


  1. Read: If you haven’t been writing a thing in your blog for a long time, it is certain you could have neither read a thing. Read and keep yourself updated.
  2. Round-up posts: You might be running out of content, but in all probability a round-up of the posts that you have previously written(as in madrasgeek.com) or a round-up of posts from various other blogs, but with the same niche of yours(as in kikolani.com) can prove to be really successful.
  3. Out of the box articles: Rather than writing articles with plain text with a heavy load of content, small posts with a video or a Top-ten kind of post can be milking you heavy traffic.
  4. Use your personal blog for a comeback: As I often stress upon, to every niche-blogger, a personal blog must be just next. A personal blog can be a great testing ground. Make your comeback in your personal blog. After a look at your critics and compliments, make a move and come with a comeback in your niche blog. Things can get real easy!
  5. Assume you’re now an Amateur. Indeed, you are! This feeling is enough motivation for you to work hard and bring the best out of you. Create your own theories and formulas in blogging and act accordingly.


  1. Don’t blog 24/7; Get social, Exercise, get enough sleep. Always remember, your offline life is equally important.
  2. Don’t pave way to distractions.
  3. Never forget to build relationships with your readers. They matter more than anything to you, as far as blogging is concerned.
  4. Don’t write an article conveying news. News niche, first of all, is the toughest of all. Moreover, you are subject to being outdated and it’s pretty obvious. You must need to be blogging+reading at least for a couple of weeks to be totally updated.
  5. Never say never! 😉

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Do let me know, by dropping a comment, what do you do and what you don’t do when making a comeback in Blogging.