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How To: Blog Under Extreme Pressures

by AnonymousFebruary 4, 2012
Blogging under extreme stress

I guess its common sense that you shouldn’t blog when you are sick. That’s why i am going to tell you how to blog under extreme pressures in this article. Many of you are just plain paranoid about blogging regularly. First things first, you will not die if you don’t blog today. Your blog will […]

Blogging: Write, Write, Write and Fail.

by MurugappanApril 21, 2011

Blogging is an art and of course, a different as well as a difficult one to master. Blogging is all about content. NOT. Read on. I have awesome content and an amazing blogging frequency. Now what the flick should I do? One. You do have awesome content, but there are people who have something even […]

4 Superior Tricks to Drive Visitors To Your Blog

by SiddarthaApril 12, 2011

There are number of bloggers who depend on the search engines alone to attract visitors. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, together with Bing, govern the characteristic appliances to status your weblog for particular keywords that you have optimize for your blog text. Buzz each blogger, moreover they’ll accept thousands of tips on how to enhance […]

Three simple ways to bore the hell out of your readers

by MurugappanMarch 29, 2011
Why you

How about reading a blog with a content that doesn’t even extend to 10 pages altogether for one hour. You can’t do it, even if you have a crush on the writer, right? ­čśë Or maybe I can say there’s a possibility in which such blogs’ time-per-visit might be better than that of better blogs. […]

How to build a brand for your blog with Twitter?

by MurugappanMarch 27, 2011

Twitter has always been a boon for us in promoting our posts as it is the main source of traffic for us after organic traffic. People just often keep tweeting the same link again and again which has a dual disadvantage: One, loss of credibility and Two,┬áSusceptibility┬áof spam. Here are a few tips for you […]

7 ways your expected-to-be viral Posts may turn out to be Suicidal

by MurugappanMarch 26, 2011
Posts going viral

We work hard to write posts. And harder, to write killer posts. Have you ever spent hours of writing, several times of self-reviewing before publishing a post and yet got results which are no good? Well actually speaking, there are chances for your your to-be viral posts go suicidal i.e., wasting all the hard work, […]

Do’s and Dont’s for making a Blogging comeback

by MurugappanMarch 25, 2011
Blogging - are your comeback successful?

Haven’t you been blogging in a regular frequency for weeks or even months together? If that’s for a legit reason, you are well excused by me.
I’m sorry but not all can excuse you and hence you’re traffic is going down and down. Now that legit reason is expired, you have enough free to time to spend for your blog. But you see, all comebacks can’t be superhits. I’ve been blogging with short and sometimes big breaks as well. Comebacks aren’t new to me – so are unpopular posts. Reason being I wouldn’t have been in the touch of blogging for months. That’s more than just a valid reason for comeback posts not impressive. Based on my experiences, here are a few Do’s and Don’t for making a Blogging comeback. Read on…

How to: Effectively share a link in Facebook

by MurugappanJanuary 30, 2011

We might have seen tons of posts covering how to effectively drive flocks of traffic via Search engines and twitter but people often forget covering up on how to share a link in Facebook effectively, in spite of the fact that facebook is where most links are shared. Well, you need not worry – you’ve […]

Top 5 Greatly Obsessed Requirements In Blog Posts That Need Not Be Obsessed

by MurugappanJanuary 22, 2011

Everyone including probloggers sound a li’l harsh to their guest bloggers suing them that their guest posts are not upto the mark. Here’s the top 5 features that people consider while reviewing a guest post but which actually need not be, as per my view. Read on…

When Will Blogging “really” be Dead?

by MurugappanJanuary 5, 2011
When Blogging will die

It’s been a decade since people started to say blogging is going to be a dead nail. But when will Blogging die. But When will Blogging die? When will Bloggers stay in home unemployed instead of Making Money Online? Why is Blogging always trying to die but never dies? Here’s your answer, friends. I am […]