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Blogger app for iOS devices realeased

Blogger iPhone app now available! Now blog through your Apple device

Google just released its Blogger app for iOS devices. You can now blog on Google’s Blogger platform through your iPhone and iPod. The app got released just yesterday as stated on Google’s official blog post.

Blogger app for iphone welcome screen

According to Google, you can now create and publish new posts right from the app. You can also edit posts which you created earlier through your computer. The modified part will automatically be synced to all your apple devices and you will always get the latest version of the post when you sign in to your blogger account.

Blogger app for iphone screenshot-1 Blogger app for iphone screenshot-2

Apart from creating and editing posts, the app also gives you the facility to add photos, labels and location information to your posts. Adding photos slightly got easier in the Blogger app for iPhone. You can now capture pics and link them directly to your posts all from within the app. There’s no need to leave the app to capture a pic. You can even attach pics from your gallery.

The app is available to download for Apple iOS devices 3.2 or later at the iTunes official store. If you are an Android-ian then don’t forget to check out the Blogger app for Android devices.

Comment and share your views about the new Blogger app for iPhone! Do you like the app?

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Google’s Blogspot introduces Dynamic Views feature!

As you all know Google’s Blogspot is to be completely renovated in the near future. For some of you who haven’t heard the news, here’s the Google’s official news. Take a look at the video too, Google has teased us its new Blogger very creatively!

Coming to the major news, Blogger has just now introduced a completely new innovative feature that allows Blogspot Authors to display their Blog in 5 new dynamic views. Remember this is only possible if the Blog Author has made his/her blog publicly visible. These views gives the readers to interact with any Blog very attractively. Take a look at the new designs.


Activate this view by typing:    BLOGURL/view/flipcard in the address bar.


Activate this view by typing:    BLOGURL/view/snapshot in the address bar.


Activate this view by typing:    BLOGURL/view/sidebar in the address bar.


Activate this view by typing:    BLOGURL/view/mosaic in the address bar.


Activate this view by typing:    BLOGURL/view/timeslide in the address bar.

Remember to enter your Blog address in place of ‘BLOGURL’ in the above parameters.
If you find typing in at the address bar difficult for every view just watch any one view and then navigate to the drop down box to jump to another view.

There’s also a small glitch Google has warned us about these views i.e. they cannot be viewed in old browsers. Only newer browsers such as Firefox 3.5+, IE 8+, Chrome 8+ render these views smoothly.

So what are you waiting for, go dynamic in nature. View the Blogger dynamically!

Please comment as to how you find this new feature. Is it dynamic enough for you?