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Blogging under extreme stress

How To: Blog Under Extreme Pressures

I guess its common sense that you shouldn’t blog when you are sick. That’s why i am going to tell you how to blog under extreme pressures in this article.

Many of you are just plain paranoid about blogging regularly. First things first, you will not die if you don’t blog today. Your blog will not suffer any major consequences. You must have come across many guides on blogging that say blog regularly, and as much as its true, its not the only means for you to keep your blog active.

Here are some things that i experimented to keep my blogging on its natural course and to eliminate the blogging stress :

1. Schedule your Blog posts

Its a good thing to blog daily but if you have more than two posts in a queue then i had better publish only one post today and keep the next one for tomorrow. You never know what’s gonna happen the next day. God forbid, you may fall sick, your girlfriend decides to break up with you or your boss invites you for dinner and saying no is not an option. There are many disasters when it comes to blogging too.

schedule your blog posts for bad times

There are steps you can take if these things happen. Always make it a habit to schedule your posts to be published at a specified time. If you are on a WordPress platform, the CMS has already a schedule post option in the post editor section. Just set the date and time when you wish your post to be live, and you are done!

2. Don’t be Lazy

Many of us tend to get lazy when it comes to blog, just like studies. To be honest, i hate studies and i study at exam time only. I know its not a good practice but lately i am trying to change my routine.

dont get lazy while blogging

You should never develop a lazy habit when blogging, and i am confident when i say that, just leave blogging if you don’t have a passion for it. You will achieve wonders if you do what you are good at…Seriously!

3. Out of ideas? Adopt traditional methods.

If you are out of topics to write on your blog and realize your blog concentrates on a particular niche rather than the whole world news, don’t get tensed. Just revert to the traditional means for finding articles such as TV, Newspaper, Magazines etc.

dont get frustrated or confused in blogging

Take for example your blog is related to technology. Purchase a newspaper such as Times of India or Deccan Herald and check out the Technology page. You will find many articles out there related to your genre. Just pick one and start blogging. You can also go for Chip magazine, Jasubhai Digital Media or other such good magazines.

revert to magazines for tech articles as source posts

Better than all you can also tune in to your Cable TV and watch NDTV Good Times. Rajiv Makhni is a very well know Tech Guru. You can get tons of ideas out there. Another good one is BBC Click for all your tech news.

Just 2 days back, a friend of mine asked me how do you get ideas to blog, where do you find your sources? My reply to him was very simple, The Internet. Don’t get too complex about posting original stuff everytime. If you are in a hurry and there is no other option left you can go to Mashable.com, just copy paste their blog post article and give a link back to their blog post boldly at the bottom of the post.

NOTE: This method is not considered harmful for your blog’s SEO if you do it the right way, i.e. by giving link to their post. But don’t use this method too many times as link-heavy posts are not good for your blog’s health.

4. Don’t get frustrated, Sip a Cup of Coffee, Relax!

Blogging continuously for hours will lose your concentration. Take breaks after you have made a post. Go out for a walk or sit in the sun for a while. Drink coffee and listen to soft music. Doing meditation and Yoga are the best procedures to regain your concentration immediately.

sip a cup of coffee and relax in between blogging

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Four Tips to Help You Blog Every Day

One of the most important questions you must ask yourself is – Do I blog every day? If you answer this question with a ‘no,’ then you’re not doing the best you can for your blog, especially if you want to monetize your blogging. Blogging every day will help you build up a great base of awesome posts and good content that readers will be able to access for a long time. Also, blogging every day will keep your readers coming back to see new content. Both of these methods of growing traffic will create an audience for your ideas. So, if you want to greatly increase your traffic, try following these few tips to help you blog each and every day.

Are you one of the bloggers who is sad about your drowning Frequency?
Are you one of the bloggers who is sad about your drowning Frequency?

1. Creativity through Routine

One of the best ways to spark creativity or work yourself out of a blogging slump is to create a comfortable routine that allows you to focus instead on the tough mental exercise of creation. The idea here is to write at the same time every day, get up at the same time every day, and follow the same steps to get into your writing mood each and every day. Even if what you write is not very good, you have a solid rough draft down that you can edit or revise later on once your bad mood has passed. Your mantra, then, must be this

There is no such thing as writer’s block, there is no such thing as writer’s block. Write through the tough periods, and you’ll find success on the other side of your rack.

2. Everyone Is Doing It

Think about all the professional athletes, airline pilots, doctors, and novelists out there and what they do each and every day: Practice makes Man perfect. No one becomes the best at what he or she does without practice. No one writes a book without writing every day. No one sets a world record in the 100m dash without exercising their muscles. Find a role model, someone who is an expert in their field, and look at their commitment. Model yourself after your inspirational figure. Think of yourself as an expert in your blogging field, and do what the experts do day in and day out: Write. Use formulas! 🙂

3. Meet the Demand

Another thing that might help you blog every day is to think of your audience. They want more content. They want to hear what you have to say. Every day they open their browsers and navigate to your blog to see what great ideas you have shared with the world. Pressure yourself to meet this demand. Think of the consequences of not keeping your readers happy. This will encourage you to meet deadlines every day, because you’ll know that if you don’t, your readers will be disappointed and go elsewhere.

4. Avoid Distraction

Probably one of the greatest things that keeps us from blogging every day are distractions, whether they are small and unimportant, like a few hours of television, or urgent, such as a nine to five job or family member. That said, you should know there are ways to handle these two kinds of distractions. For the first, it is very simple: ration yourself! If you like television, only allow yourself to watch it for a certain amount of time a day. For the second kind of distraction, you have to compartmentalize. Ask your family member to give you some time each day to blog. Keep your career at the office and your blogging at home.
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Editor’s note: This is a guest post contributed by Alvina Lopez, who writes on the topics of accredited online schools. She welcomes your comments at her personal email ID: alvina.lopez [at]gmail[dot]com. We don’t mind if you drop them right here. 😉
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Tips on Making your Website Big Online


Okay, before i get started. This isn’t like any other chaaps article. Its a personal post with various tips on how to make it big online. So  i thought i should alert you before you get confused.

So if you didn’t know i am a teenager residing in Sydney, NSW, Australia. About 3 years ago it was the first time i ever started my own blog. I was a amateur using free online web builders with a sub domain for about 3 months, then i bought the domain ateensblog.com (has a pr of 5 😛 ). Then the end of last year i bought the domain shaquilleray.com , and now i use that for my domain.

My blog Shaquilleray.com is a personal blog, personal blogs are a kind of big these days on the internet. Depending on who you are, you may read a few of them. My personal blog bring me lots and lots of exposure of my skills, and i’ve earned some cash on the way ;).

The exposure is awesome, and i wouldn’t be here if it were not for that blog. Yes, chethan the owner of chaaps.com.com actually found my site and after a few comments i got an invite to write for Chaaps. Yes, Chaaps was one of my many opportunities i have received.

Making it big online is hard but not hard at all. Yeah, it’s a kind of complicated if you don’t know what you are doing.. But i thought i should post some tips on how i am making it big online.

1. Don’t scare your users.
This is Very important thing. To not scare your users. Users can get scared quite quickly, and you could possibly lose them forever. Basically think to yourself “if i entered this site how would i react?” Keep this in mind the entire time and you shouldn’t have problems.

2. Don’t Put Ads Everywhere!
An example of this would be Yahoo! mail, there is ads everywhere. In emails, in the head of the page, in the sidebars. This pisses users off, how would you like it if you got 20 or more pop up ads for some random site or product? Don’t over do the ads. 3 add placements or less should be good enough.

3. Communicate
Communicate with your users, don’t just write articles. Thank users for the feedback good or bad. You want them to keep coming to your blog so encourage it

4. Advertise, but don’t spam
Advertising your blog is easy. Especially if you don’t want to spend money like me. Just simply add 1 status update to your twitter, facebook, Google Buzz, ect… But don’t post more than once a day per article. Thats just spamming and you will loose friends, and people could potentially leave your site forever.

5. Spelling, no gangster plz, and paragraphs
USE SPELL CHECK!, i hate using blogs that have articles with words misspelling. Also plz dnt wrte articlz lke dis (please don’t write articles like this), cause some people don’t understand it.
Paragraphs, people don’t like straining there eyes on a page with no paragraphs.

6.Don’t give bad impressions
Don’t post things like “Google should go suck B@llz”. Some business might just leave for reading something like that, and what if Google or another company saw something like that? I think i would just ignore your blog.

7. Contact Forms or Emails
Add contact forms or at least a page with your email address. Make sure you setup a business address, and not use your personal email!

8. No slow speeds ,and good uptime please.
Please make sure your site loads fast and isn’t bandwidth heavy. No one will visit sites that take minutes to load. And make sure your web host has a 99.85+ uptime. Anything else is just ridiculous. People like to visit sites that are up more than down.

9. Analytics
Monitor your analytic’s so if a business asks for analytics data you have something to pass on. And try to use Feedburner for your RSS, its free and easy to use. I only just installed it on my blog, and its worth it

I hope you enjoyed this article. Please ask any questions below, i will be more than glad to help you out. Also add your own tips if you wish.

You can check out my blog at http://shaquilleray.com


10 Ways to make your blog readers happy!


I decided to make a post about how to make your blog readers happy.

HappyPC Happiness_1

Here are some few points which are proved to be helpful.

  1. No clickers: Try to use less clickers which are the most annoying thing to the readers. They link every 3rd word in the post. They are used by the bloggers to increase their revenue but readers get irritated by them. So try to use less clickers.
  2. Full Page Ads: Apart from clickers full page ads are also a mess. They make the reader wait for a certain time before displaying the page. They often make the page load slower.
  3. Make your content easily accessible: Make RSS feeds, email notification and SMS alerts available to the readers.  Also post these links in sidebar in a location where the readers usually see. Not on the footer.
  4. Make pages loading faster: Try to use less plug-ins, widgets and other content which makes the page loads faster. Users with slow internet often get irritated with the slow loading of the page. Don’t bloat your blog too much.
  5. Provide a chat box to users: Most of the readers are too lazy to go to the contact page and send you an email if they want a post related to anything. Get them a chatbox like Digsby Widget, Cbox or yahoo Ping. The users are able to directly contact you.
  6. Reply to each and every comment: Reply to every comment and be polite to readers. Replying to comments make the readers come to your blog again and again which will ultimately increase the page views.
  7. Clean Template: Choose a good-looking template +  neat template. So it makes the interface more user friendly.
  8. Slideshow Widget: Add images to your post and add a slideshow widget. You can have many alternatives like Wowzio.
  9. Translate page widget: All the users are not from the same country where you are from. They have different languages and can often find understanding English difficult. So make them translate page widget available.
  10. Link Exchange: Add a link exchange page if the readers want to exchange the link page they can do that easily.

These are some points which can be used for making blogging wonderful.

Apart from these there are more but we will carry that in next part.