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How to Get Bing Custom Search Like Mashable


Mashable, The Social Media Guide is Now Powered with Bing Search. We Don’t Know How Mashable is Affiliated to Bing,But What We Know is, How One Could Get Similar Bing Custom Search for Blogs and Websites. Take a Look at The Mashable’s Bing Powered Custom Search..

Mashable with Bing Search
Mashable with Bing Search

The Search Results Page Contains Two Categories “Search Inside Site” and “Web” with Separate Tabs embedded in an AJAX widget…

Three Easy Steps to Create your Own Custom Bing Search..

Step 1. Head Over to http://bing.com/siteowner .. You Can Find Two Kinds of Search Box Options- Basic Search Box and Advanced Search Box.. We have to Use the Advanced Search Box inorder To Display the Search Results within The Site… Click on Get Started below Advanced Search Options


Step 2. Enter The Site Name and the Site URL


Step 3. Hit “Next” and Customize to Get the Code!

Insert the Code, Where You like The Search Box to be… To Make it as Mashable style: Insert the Generated Code in Head Section.. Do not Worry about Search Result Page Code.. No Separate code is needed to Create a Special Search Result Page, as the Results( Both site and Web) will be Displayed as a Popup Box overlapping the Existing Content! Which Looks Pretty..

Give it a Try.. Why Always Google?