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Best Websites in India – Listed 2018-2019

We have listed some of the best websites which you will have to check in the year 2018-2019.


This website is a open forum that talks on all business topics  – Most Entrepreneurship related topics, shared mobility topics are discussed here. MonkeyBath is a great resource for someone who wants to make money through using shared mobility apps, doing online jobs and also one can learn how to effectively run a offline business in India.  You can check the full information  about MonkeyBath by visiting this website MonkeyBath

Monkey Bath Website Link (Make Money) : https://monkeybath.in

Cobalt BLR

This is a mass-website which tries to solve the issues in a particular geography. Example there will be a very high chance of you finding an answer if you have questions like “What is the best way to travel from point A to point B in Bangalore? ” , “What is the bus fare in Bangalore” ,  “How do I find a nearest and best place to park my vehicle?”, “What commuting services are best in Bangalore”, “What is the current price of petrol in Bangalore”,  ” What is the helpline number/support number to contact Uber support, Ola Support, Rapido support, etc”.. ” Sharing experience and grievances  in a service in Bangalore” .

CobaltBLR website link (Shared Mobility, Urban Forum)https://cobaltblr.com


BookMyHelmet is a one-stop portal for booking helmet.  You can browse through different helmet options available in the market which is optimal and preferred for your taste and size. Most importantly you can browse through all the helmet options that complies the safety norms like ISI, DOT etc. By using BookMyHelmet you can book the helmet and you will get an SMS informing you about the nearest Helmet Store/Showroom where you can fully purchase the Helmet., BookMyHelmet is a very interesting service for all your helmet requirements.  Your search for best helmet should probably end here.

BookMyHelmet website link (Book your Helmet and save your Head) : https://bookmyhelmet.com


RainingSales this is a B2B training website specially made to help sales team to improve their sales milestones by adopting new technics and strategies to win customers. RainingSales also teaches you how to run a store/dealership effectively with minimum resource investment. You can browse through loads of tips and tricks to boost yours and your sales team’s sales performance.  The website also provides tools, apps which can be made us of inorder to drive leads and sales to your business. Overall RainingSales is a great package if you are looking at boosting your business in a smart and easy way.

RainingSales website link ( Engage and Acquire customers/leads to your business): http://rainingsales.in 


GaadiNodi is a popular website first seen in the movie “Kirik Party” – A Kannada blockbuster movie. The website GaadiNodi was subsequently acquired by a popular automobile news player GaadiKey. The GaadiNodi website was pretty popular in the movie as the hero “Karna” and their college gang first discovers and buys the popular yellow “Kirik Car” which they eventually use it too impress/woo “Sanvi”.  GaadiNodi website as shown in the movie is projected as a used car website. After its acquisition by GaadiKey – The website is turned into a complete New Car buying website.

GaadiNodi website link (The place to buy a Kirik Car): http://gaadinodi.com

If you have come across any elite websites like the above, do inform us so that we will list the same here.