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5 Must Have Tools/Apps for Gamers


Gaming is not what it used to in previous time. With the rise in the gaming market many tools and applications have also evolved.

These tools are for helping gamers in task like chatting to other gamers, server info, buy games online and other tasks.

I found some of the mot popular and most helpful applications for Gamers.

1. X-fire: This is one of my favorite applications for PC. A beautifully made software for gamers. Has functions like tracking game played hours, Automatic patch downloads, Info about servers, Ingame chat, Screenshot, video, live broadcasting and other. I could have made a separate topic about it. This one is the most recommended program for gamers. And best of all its free! ­čśë

    2. FRAPS: Fraps is the ultimate tool found on everygamers desktop. It specialises in HQ video recording ingame and can also be used for taking screenshots. It is also used for benchmarking and checking FPS (frames per Second).Though the size of the videos is huge, so they need to be rendered in an approprite form before uploading or just saving. Although it is not free but still this program has seen a huge success in the gaming world.

    3.┬á Steam: Steam is an ultimate online gaming platform. Supports Instant access to your games, Chat with friends,but games online, automatic game uploades and more. millions of people around the globe are using steam. And moreover its free too. ­čÖé

    4.  Gamebooster: Gamebooster is a free utility by iObit, a software developing  company. It aims at improving PC performance for game by closing all unwanted processes and priograms and defragging memory. It also has an inbuilt game defragger. It can not only be used by gamers, but for everyone who wants to do some multitasking work and wants more resources.

    5. Games For Windows Live: Games For Windows Live is an online marketplace for buying Games For Windows Live Supported games. It is released by microsoft and is slowly gaining popularity. It enables you to buy games online, track the gamescore and achievements, and enables multiplayer in some selected games too. I absolutely love this app because of the ingame features. And its free too ­čÖé .

    These were some helpful apps for PC gamers. I will continue the rest in the next part.


    10 Best Firefox Plugins you Must try


    I am using firefox from a long time and the best thing I like about is the plugins available for customization.

    I wanted to share some of my best plugins which are helpful. Lets check them out.

    All the items are not rank wise. They are just randomly placed.

    1. FastestFox: Faster fox is a very helpful plugin for speeding up browsing. It save time by speeding up repetitive tasks, auto-loading of next page, improved searching, and more.
    2. Fission: Fission is a great addon which adds safari style loading page load progress bar in firefox. 
    3. Multirow Bookmark Toolbar: This plugin was ok a great help to me as I have many bookmarks placed in my toolbar. It just solved the purpose.
    4. Read It Later: Read it later allows you to read the page later on without bookmarking it. It saves cluttering of bookmarks if you don’t want to bookmark the page.
    5. Weave Sync: Weave syncronise lets you to Synchronize your bookmarks, history, tabs and passwords wherever you go. Whether you use Firefox on your phone, laptop, or desktop, securely access all your data.
    6. W.O.T.(Web Of Trust): Web Of trust shows you the rating of websites you visit. It also adds the results in search engine. Great tool to tell you to avoid buggy sites.
    7. AD Block Plus: Ad block plus helps to block unwanted popups and also removes ads from websites. Works great.
    8. Personas: This addon lets you to customize the way the firefox looks and allows you to insert themes in it.
    9. Download statusbar: Download status bar allows you to remove that annoying pop-up window and organize them in the tidy statusbar.
    10. Tab Renamizer: Have you noticed that everybody looks the titles of your open tabs? It has a name: Paranoia! And a solution too: TabRenamizer! It is the best tool for renaming the tab.

    That were some of the addons. We will carry others in the next part.


    Who is the best CEO of them all??


    ‘Mirror Mirror on the wall…Who is the best CEO of them all?”

    And instead of the reflection in the mirror, the Harvard Business Review answered “Steve Jobs”!

    Steve Jobs was ousted from Apple in 1985 but the same company brought him back as their CEO a decade later. Apple was in a very bad shape when he took over but under his able leadership, Apple soon bounced back and the rest is history. In fact, sources say that Jobs’s return to Apple delivered a whopping 3188 percent industry – adjusted return!! And Apple’s market value has increased by $150 billion. No wonder he is named as the best CEO

    The ranking compared 1999 CEO’s in the world who assumed office between 1995 – 2007. Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Jack Welsh & Warren Buffet were thus excluded from this ranking. The performance of the CEO’s were tracked until the end of their tenure or September 2009, whichever was later.

    Yin Jong-Yong of Samsung was ranked 2nd in the list. John Chambers of CISCO(4), Jeff Bazos of Amazon(7), Margaret Whitman of EBay(8) and Eric Schmidt of Google(9) were the others who found their way into the ranking. Our very own Mukesh Ambani was ranked 5th in the list and is the only Indian in the top 50 CEO’s