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It’s all about Marketing! The Art of Communication

A Product can be Promoted in Hundred and One Ways. Which Promotion Really Impacts and Stands Still is the Million Dollar Question. The Art of Communication is all what Matters.

Here is an Interesting Way of Promotion. The Idea of This Campaign is Very Simple and Clear. KanuPriya, a Bangalorean Posts an Interesting Picture which she took in a Coffee day.

KanuPriya Visited the Café Coffee Day next to her office with her Colleague and the two cappuccinos served for them looked like this

She Says

“Need I write anything more? Nahi na…the messaging on coffees brought smile to my face and personally speaking, I liked it.”

Myntra, a Bangalore based personalized merchandising company has done a tie-up with Café Coffee Day Bangalore to promote its IPL special t-shirts and jerseys in CCD outlets.

Instead of the whole outlet being painted with danglers or streamers, this was the communication to me as a customer and my immediate reaction was – “what’s this about, can you tell me more details”? As a customer it appealed to me at the first exposure itself and made me curious enough to ask for details.

adds KanuPriya

No heavy bombardment with the messaging yet the connect with a potential customer established at the first point itself


Bangalore’s New Pride! Simulator Lunar Terrain (SLT)


After receiving the sobriquets of “India’s Garden City” and “Silicon Valley of India”, Bangalore will now have a another feather in its cap! The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is all set to open a Simulator Lunar Terrain(SLT) here.

With the SLT, scientists at ISRO hope to recreate the moon’s surface on earth. It will have facilities like lunar terrain & gravitational force. This will be of immense help in knowing more about the Moon’s surface. Scientists claim that this will help them in understanding the behavior of unmanned spaceships when they land on the moon. So, if the vehicle encounters a problem in the simulated terrain, scientists can analyze the reasons for its behavior and redesign it. Obviously, this saves a lot of money that would have otherwise been wasted.

SLT would also have a simulator for astronauts. This would help them to learn to adjust to zero-gravity conditions.

The SLT will make India the third country in the world to possess this simulated terrain. The exact location of the SLT is still unknown. But is expected to be in place in a couple of years.