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Upload on different file hosting at once

This post may be useful to those who are uploading a lots of stuff but their users prefer different hosting providers like Rapidshare, zShare and others.

I found out these 2 sites which do the job easily without you to bother again and again to upload on different sites.

QOOY – Homepage

Load2All – HomepageQOOY – Features:

  • Upload to a maximum of 6 Mirrors.
  • Can upload on almost all leading hosters.
  • Remote URL Upload upto 200MB.
  • Broken Link Checking.
  • Shows Number of hits.

Screen shots:

Load2all – Features:

  • Upload on Maximum 4 Mirrors.
  • All Major Hosting Providers.
  • File splitting facility which splits bigger files.
  • Remote upload
  • Hits Counter

Screen shots:

Tell us which one you like more and why.