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ATI vs NVIDIA in 2010. And The Winner is….


Here is a Verdict on ATI vs NVIDIA in 2010 by Sahil Singh who is a Hard Core Gamer

This fight cannot end , if anyone asks about Graphics the first name which comes on mouth is  NVIDIA which takes the win, but in 2010 the game has changed! The game winner is ATI now! ATI started making its place when it launched the 4800 series graphics. After that, World got to know that ATI is still in game! The first 4800 series card the ATI RADEON HD 4830 was the starting of the evolution , though it was not a big hit, soon there comes 4850 with same platform as 4830 which had more GPU core speed, the next card was the main highlight of the show! It was the nvidia killer, HD 4870, after that ATI never moved back. HD 4870 boasts of having 956 million transistors on 55nm fabrication process ,256-bit GDDR5 the first card ever having GDDR5 that made the day for  ATI , after that there was HD 4890, Once again a hit by ATI, which made nvidia to think

As you can see in the picture, the smallest one is HD 4850 the middle one is HD 4870 and the biggest one is HD 4890. Let me just say that you will need the best gaming monitor to even get close to seeing these at max settings. There were no big hits till September 22nd. They launched the first 5800 series card, the 5870 which was again a great hit! There were 2 models available hd 5870 1gig and 5870 2 gig, Later, hd 5850 and the hd 5830 all were the lucky charm for ATI, but ATI wanted something more than this! It wanted the name “World’s Fastest Graphics Card”

Here are the specs of the HD 5800 series of card. All of the 5800 series supported eye infinity which is a next generation module immersive gaming experience innovative, panoramic, multi-display capabilities4,6 and also had the direct x 11 support

This is the main deal, HD 5970 world’s fastest card with 4 gig of memory and with Eyefinity 6 which could connect six display together like a large monitor!

By This You Can see how the game changes Not every time winner stays the winner

Therefore, The Winner is…………….