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In the name of “Cool” here is Scrolloroma which lets you Animate your Webpages

by AnonymousJanuary 16, 2012
Scroll is Cool - Try the jQuery Scrollorama

Want something hip and out of the ordinary, then take a look at this plugin which Animates your webpages and makes your site stand out to the crowd. How many of you have really tried out something unique with your site? Sure i have seen many web designers who really have captured my senses on […]

4 Best Free Lockscreen apps for your Windows Phones

by AnonymousDecember 29, 2011
lockscreen apps for windows phones

Here are the 4 best free lockscreen apps for your Nokia Lumia smartphone. Nokia Lumia is just out and you must be pretty excited owning this envious and slick gadget. Watch out there are a lot of bad people out there who will do anything to get their hands on it. Hehe 🙂 Just kidding, […]

Apple’s Final Cut Pro X is a disaster!

by AnonymousJune 30, 2011

Apple launched its latest version of Final Cut Pro, (video editing software) the Final Cut Pro X on June 21st. Apple states that Final Cut Pro X is completely built from scratch and is a lot more advanced than the previous one. FCP X consists of a high-end video editing technology that beats every other […]

New iPhone app, Pepsi Loot. Get freebies for an entry in restaurants!

by Ankit PuriJune 11, 2010
Pepsi Loot

I have some good news for all Pepsi lovers who love to enter any venue which contains Pepsi products that now they can earn rewards in the process thanks to the newly released iPhone app — Pepsi Loot. This app made with help of Pepsi will allow iPhone users to locate Pop Spots (Pepsi-selling food […]

Milestone: 50,000+ Applications in Android Market

by Chethan ThimmappaApril 24, 2010

An Impressive Milestone by Android Market… The Growth of Apps in Android Market is Growing Exponentially. Androlib reports that Android market has crossed over 50,000 Apps now and is counting…. Have a Look at the Graph below Just 10 days back, there were 38,000 odd Applications in the Android Market Place! This is a Remarkable […]

Download Cisco WebEx Meeting Center.A Powerful iPad App for Business

by Chethan ThimmappaApril 2, 2010

Cisco [Welcome to the Human Network] now allows you to attend meetings anywhere and at anytime using Apple iPad. The Webex app is absolutely free and you do not need to have an Webex account to attend a meeting (you need Webex account only if you want to schedule or host a meeting). The Webex […]

How to make an .EXE app?

by Ankit PuriMarch 28, 2010
Version Info

An EXE is the file extension in Windows operating systems, which donates that that file is executable and can be installed. For a programmer creating an executable file is not a big thing, but for  non- techies it is a great thing. Today here in this post at Chaaps I am going to show you […]

Start Building your iPad apps

by SiddhuMarch 27, 2010
SDK apple blue print

Apple will be releasing the iPad somewhat in the next month i.e. April 2010. Are you ready for the release ? No doubt the release will be grand. But its gonna be even more grand if you are going to use your own applications for this release. Here’s a last minute opportunity for developers. If […]

List of Nexus One Apps. Applications for your Android Phone.

by Chethan ThimmappaJanuary 14, 2010

Nexus One, An Android Phone by Google. It’s all about owning a Brand New Nexus One Phone.

What is the first thing which you have to Try with your Brand New Nexus One Phone?? Obviously, The Nexus One Apps. If You are looking for Some Cool Nexus One Phone Apps, you are in the right Place. I’ve Compiled a list of Nexus One apps here.