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Apple’s Final Cut Pro X is a disaster!

Apple launched its latest version of Final Cut Pro, (video editing software) the Final Cut Pro X on June 21st. Apple states that Final Cut Pro X is completely built from scratch and is a lot more advanced than the previous one.


FCP X consists of a high-end video editing technology that beats every other video editing software out there. Apple has put together a complete featurelist over what new improvements it holds on its predecessor. The most prominent feature being it grabs out the heart of your 64-bit CPUs and throttles it completely. Full GPU utilization and adding more speed by making use of the latest Thunderbolt I/O ports are some of the key features of FCP X.

Apparently the developers of FCP X failed to include many of its important features, such as the ability to open previous FCP projects. FCP X also revolves around a number of issues like limited XML support, no 3D support and unusability of third-party add-ons. Apple has also officially stated that all other versions of Final Cut have been discontinued. The reviews have completely gone down, the negative criticism to this app went upto such an extent that Apple had to close down new reviews, although Apple regards this as an App Store bug. As TNW has rightly said it, “We’ll treat this one as a bug, though with some skepticism.”

This app has wreaked havoc even in the HOLLYWOOD. Conan O’ Brien mocks this piece of shit openly on his show. Take a look at this video.

For a complete PROS and CONS list refer to this article.

We at CHAAPS recommend of not investing in this software, atleast until it is fully patched by Apple. If you want to still give it a try, proceed to this link and click Buy. Thanks to Apple for keeping this app as a low budget software, FCP X is currently priced at $299.

Drop a comment to share your views about this huge disaster! Will video professionals revert to some other Windows app or keep continuing working in the buggy FCP X’s environment. Share your thoughts.


iPhone’s Tiger Text Application gives Privacy Rights back to Sender


This is a Guest Article by Brandon Gerson from NYC

With the recent launch of the Tiger Text Application for the iPhone (Blackberry and Droid soon to follow), texters can now rest assured that their text messages will only be read by intended parties. This new app allows the text message’s sender to give the message a lifespan, ranging from one minute, to multiple days. After the recipient opens the message, a timer begins a countdown, deleting the message from both parties’ phones and the server upon expiration. Like a modern day Mission Impossible, the messages self destruct, and cease to exist in a matter of moments, keeping the text message confidential.

Most bloggers are relating the application to Tiger Wood’s infidelity. They refer to the scandalous text messages he sent his mistresses, and claim that this product would have saved his tail. Ironically, this app would have prevented his messages from leaking to his wife or the press, but the application is named after the animals which are notoriously difficult to track. As convenient as this app may be for cheaters, Tiger Text keeps all of the text messages sent between users private, regardless of their motive.

I cannot recall a time when I have sent a text message that I wanted retransmitted…but it happens. Whether it is a business idea, a drunken text, spreading gossip, or just a friendly chat, I would prefer my point be understood by the recipient, and the message not passed on.

The Internet has created limitless global communication, and with the social media phenomenon and new startups as strong as ever, the ability share information has never been easier.

With privacy rights constantly being challenged by free speech on the Internet, I am glad that there is finally an application that will prevent my text messages from ever going public.

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A Beautiful Orkut Application: “Share Your Quotes”

Today I will be Introducing an Unique Application on Orkut. The Application is Solely developed by Orkut App Developer AC Pradeep (Popularly Known as AC).. We all Know How could one’s Status Update could Influence Others.. It Shows The Kind of Personality which we have…

Talking about The Application “Share Your Quotes” , It is a Simple Application Yet Very Powerful! Some of The Features of The App “Share your Quotes”

  • Post Your Quotes in Seconds with an Impressive Photo.
  • Choose any High Quality Photos from Flickr.
  • Inbuilt Search which displays Photos depending on Keywords
  • Get Notified to your friends Immediately as you Quote
  • High Resolution of Photos as Big as This

How Do I add this App? (Steps To Add “Share your Quotes” Application)

Step 1: Login to Your Orkut Account and Visit the Application “Share your Quotes” Here is The URL of Application http://www.orkut.co.in/Main#AppInfo?appId=501401720903

Visit the above link and add the Application…

Step 2: Using The App:

After adding The Application, Visit The Home Page of Application to Find a Text Box where you could share Your Favorite Quote as well as Search Bar which Searches for High Quality Photo depending on Keyword you queried for…

Step 3: Integrating The Picture with your Quote

Once you are done with selecting The Picture and Choosing your Quote.. Get The html Script of the Particular Image.. You Must See Something Like This

Copy Paste The Image Link along with your Quote and Click on “Post in My Update Section”

Step 4: Enable Notification

You are Almost Done… Click on “Post” to See Your Quote on Update Section

Here is The Final Output of this Application.. Bold and Elegant. Natural and Super Cool. Covers Entire Space of your Update Section! How is That?

Thanks AC Pradeep.

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Link: Share your Quotes


Online app for Zipping and Unzipping all File Types : Filetac and Wobzip

Mostly everyone will be using winrar or winzip for zipping and unzipping files. Today thought of sharing a website, where you can zip and unzip files totally online, No software required or installation process. Just upload the files and cialis soft tavs click compress nor upload the zipped file and click decompress to extract the files.

Filetac is a simple online app, where you can Upload your files and get one zip file to download. All you need to do is,

1. Browse your files
2. Click compress.

It will upload all your files and creates a zip file for you to download. You can click on the ” Add Field ” to increase the number of files to be uploaded. The maximum number of files you can upload are 30 files and each file has a size restriction of 10 MB.

Filetac – Homepage

Okay, Now you have successfully compressed into zip file, so after downloading the zip file to Pc, we need some software for unzipping right ? No, this time also we can easily unzip through online application.

WobZIP is a free online tool that allows you to uncompress your files online. Now you can unzip your files in school, at work or anywhere as long as you have access to the Internet.

It scans your compressed files using an anti-virus(Bitdefender) scanner so any infected files will be removed before you download them onto your computer.

Maximum file size supported is 100MB and formats supported are 7z, ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2, TAR, RAR, CAB, ISO, ARJ, LZHCHM, Z, CPIO, RPM, DEB and NSIS.

WobZip – Homepage

Got something to say ? is it useful to you ?

Design Your Own Twitter Background with Themeleon

We always love colors and beautiful background for our twitter profiles. There are many services for decorating our twitter profile background, help me with my assignment but if we need to design according to our taste ? then Themeleon is the best choice. We can customize our twitter profile page in 3 easy steps.


Themeleon is an easy to use generator to customize your twitter profile page. You have the choice of the more than 683,853 background patterns and 1,041,687 color palettes available on COLOURlovers, or you can customize any of the colors or patterns to get just the right design for you.


A Beautiful Twitter Profile in 3 Simple Steps:


Go to Color Lovers and Login to Twitter


2. Choose your background (pattern or photo) and your colors


3. Save your settings & Share your work.


You can preview your changes instantly, but they’re not saved until you click “save changes.” Just Drag and drop colors to arrange the order they’re in your pattern or profile settings. You can also use the Undo button to correct any mis-clicks or wayward color choices.

Themeleon – Homepage

Try out yourself and leave your comments =)

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