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Apple iPhone 4S unveiled

iPhone 4S is no doubt faster than iPhone 4! Should you upgrade it or not?


iPhone 4S was officially revealed on October 4 by Tim Cook. Everybody was expecting an iPhone 5 but instead Apple Inc. startled us by announcing the iPhone 4S.

Apple iPhone 4S releases

iPhone 4S has many advantages over its predecessor iPhone 4. Lets take a look what those advantages are down below.

Looks and display:

iPhone 4S carries the same looks of iPhone 4. You won’t notice any major changes in its design. It has the same size and weight. The display too remains the same i.e. a 3.5 inch 960×640 pixel retina display.

Powerful new camera:

Apple iPhone 4S Camera

Yes, the iPhone 4S does hype-up the camera features and believe me each and every minute detail is captured, so make sure you photoshop your pic if you have tiny pimples on your face. Seriously, iPhone 4S comes with an 8 megapixel camera with autofocus and flash and a CMOS sensor to brighten up your pics. The new sensor allows 73 percent more light and will certainly make your images more lively even in dark light conditions. Also the integration of a new Infra-red filter means your pictures will define more colour. You can now shoot videos in 1080p HD and the built-in image processor just makes face detection a lot more fun!

Fully boosted Processor:

Apple iPhone 4S A5 chip

iPhone 4S runs on Apple’s A5 dual-core 1GHz processor and has a dual-core graphics unit too. And the crunchy part is iPhone 4S comes with Apple’s latest OS i.e. the iOS 5. Many people are excited about iOS 5 and what its new features are and we will soon come up with an article to discuss about the same. By the way Apple says iPhone 4S operates twice as fast and offers graphics seven times faster than the iPhone 4. And you know what i say, i say “Try to beat that, rivals”.

Welcome to Siri (The new voice assistant)

Apple iPhone 4S Siri Voice assistant

Siri is a female voice assistant featured in Apple’s latest smartphone, the iPhone 4S. Consider this feature similar to the Google Voice Search, but a bit more Apple. Just press down your Home button on the iPhone 4S and command Siri to do anything by your voice. Such as you can add new reminders, search for a destination or book tickets anywhere around the world by just speaking to Siri. Isn’t it ubercool? I found this feature very innovative and it performs searches with so much efficiency.

Battery Backup:

Apple claims the phone can offer 8 hours of talktime over 3G, 6 hours of browsing on 3G, 10 hours of video playback and 40 hours of music playback. I think this much battery is more than enough if you are traveling countries (i.e. by plane of course, hehe).

Not a 4G, but definitely a HSDPA

Apple iPhone 4 already offered HSDPA connectivity but iPhone 4S is just twice the step ahead of it. iPhone 4S now fully supports HSDPA 14.4 which means you get download speeds upto a whopping 14.4Mbps and a 5.8Mbps upload speed. I mean what the hell, that’s brilliant.

Release Date and Price:

As of now, iPhone 4s is available to preorder. However, it is expected to be officially released on October 14 (in U.S. only). iPhone 4S is as usual available in colours of black and white. iPhone 4S 16GB model costs $199, 32GB model costs $299 and 64GB model costs $399.

Why should you buy it?

Apple iPhone 4S looks slick

Personally i think iPhone 4S packs a lot more than what it looks like. The experience of Siri, an improvised camera, high internet speeds where battery backup has not been compromised at all and not to mention the debut of iOS 5, i mean that’s big! My personal opinion is it is a must buy for every Apple boy, not even is it faster than the iPhone 4 but there has been a lot features newly introduced in this smartphone.

So what do you think? Share your thoughts by dropping a comment. Do you think you will buy iPhone 4S or will wait for iPhone 5?

Source: CNET

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friendthem app for iPhone

Friendthem: An iPhone app to friend someone in real time!

The many times you go outside, you always see new faces around you. Some known and mostly unknown. Facebook has become the newest medium of interacting with someone when not face to face. It is the quickest and the most reliable form of effective communication.

Guess what has changed now? Friending, yes now when you realise you have made a connection to someone, no need to look back and see that person walk out of your life, you can use the new Friendthem app and quickly friend him right then and there. No unwanted hassle of asking his/her full name and sitting down and spending time searching that person on Facebook. The new Friendthem iPhone app allows you send a Facebook friend request in real time or also to schedule that request to be sent at a later time.


The good news is you will have full control over your privacy. You can change how you want others to see you. Hiding sensitive information has just become easy. Also you can become invisible anywhere. According to MASHABLE, Friendthem lets users create geo-faces so that you can become offline in certain places such as a bar or at a conference. If in case you forget a face, another cool ‘Friendthem Later’ feature tells you exactly how and where you met that particular person in your life. Pretty cool, isn’t it? Another neat feature of this app is that along with sending friend requests it can also tell you how many mutual friends you both share! What do you think?

Working with it is simple. Just log into the app using Facebook and start using it. The application is currently available for iPhone only. In the near future, apps for Android and Windows platforms will also be released. Friendthem app founder Richard Passer tells us that he will further develop apps for Twitter and Foursquare too. Two small caveats of this app is that it works only within a 1500 foot radius and allows you to send upto a maximum 10 friendthem requests per day. So what are you waiting for, make your life simpler, download this free app from the iTunes Store now! Watch this nice video to experience first hand.

Have you found this app useful? Share your comment to let us know!


Diwali Dhamaka from Apple: iPhone 4 to Hit Indian Market in October


What is special about Diwali this year? Crackers? Sweets? Wake up guys! Its the iPhone 4 which is all set to a grand welcome in India. Bharti’s Airtel made an official announcement that it would launch the iPhone in India by the September-October. This is great news for tech geeks in India who are waiting for a chance to lay their hands upon the latest apple product. The news of the launch was confirmed by Bharti Airtel’s COO Sanjay Kapoor.

The predecessor of iPhone 4 i.e iPhone 3GS was launched in late March this year by Airtel as well as Vodafone. With Airtel already having made an official announcement, arch rivals Vodafone are expected to take a plunge too and reveal their launch plans. However, pricing is likely to be an issue of major concern as far as the Indian subcontinent is concerned as customers are likely to stay away from heavy prices.

So, Diwali sure will bring good news to all you geeks out there!