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Evernote Hello for android now out

Evernote Hello for Android is a Must Have App

Evernote recently launched its Android app Evernote Hello which is a contacts app but of the next kind. Evernote Hello was already available for the iPhone user, and now its the Droid turn.

For those of you who are not aware, Evernote Hello is an intuitive way to remember people you meet in and around you everyday. It is a smart way to save contacts and hopefully a neat little database for every person you have ever met in your lifetime. Like there are many acquaintances you had make in a day if you are a businessman, but then remembering each one of em would become more than confusing.

Evernote Hello for iPhone

Evernote Hello is one such app which ties all the information of a person and puts a face on it. Then all you need to do is, enter any detail of that person such as the location you had met him/her or the place you had your coffee with that person and Evernote Hello will pull that contact out for you. Evernote Hello calls these as Encounters.

LinkedIn is the most essential tool for every individual these days, to keep your business contacts close by, and Evernote Hello makes this easy by importing all those contacts to its database. Evernote Hello with the help if its Linkedin integration can attach additional information to an already existing contact filling up all the blanks.

Evernote Hello for android screenshot

Some other unique features about Evernote Hello:

  • Evernote Hello predicts people you are about to meet by searching your Calendars for appointments, call logs and messaging history.
  • Evernote Hello’s Mosaic view shows the faces of all the people you have ever met.
  • All your info is kept private, Evernote Hello doesn’t use any kind of special software for tracking its users. Your data is kept private at all times.
  • Whenever you meet a person, Evernote Hello sends a personalized e-mail to that person containing your info and photo.
  • All the notes you take at a meeting, pictures you snapped at a hangover, will be displayed right under that encounter as Related Notes, making it easy for you to remember anything and everything that happened at that meeting, don’t show it to your wife, hehe 😉

Evernote Hello for Android is completely free and always will be. Install it now at the Google Play Store.

HTC's Beats Audio now on your Android device

How To: Install HTC’s Beats Audio app on any Android device

Yes its true. HTC’s Beats Audio, the music enhancer software that comes bundled with every HTC Phone is now available for your Android Phone too and also its completely free.

We have seen many Android apps which can be used to amplify your music and add extraordinary sound effects on your Droid smartphone such as DSP Manager, PowerAMP, Xloud, etc, unlike the stock music app which consists of no music enhancements whatsoever.

How to install HTC's beats audio app on any android device

Beats Audio is one such software which elevates your music to the next level but this app existed for HTC users only, until recently a Senior Member at the XDAForums who goes by the codename “RockoDev” developed the app for all Android devices. Many users have confirmed it works for all the Android versions. The files consists of a flashable zip which is to be put on the root of your sdcard and flashed using a recovery app like ClockworkMod.

Here’s a step by step procedure on how to flash it.


1. Make sure you have a recovery manager like ClockworkMod or ROM Manager before trying to flash this file.

2. Make sure your Android device is fully rooted i.e. you have Superuser access to your Droid filesystem.

3. Make sure you are using a Android 2.3+ Gingerbread ROM atleast. This app is not tested on Phones running Froyo or any other lower category ROMs.

If you are sure you meet all the above requirements please proceed to the next step on how to install Beats Audio.


Step 1: Download the Beats Audio zip file by visiting this thread at XDA.

Step 2: Copy the file to the root of your sdcard i.e. don’t keep it in any folder.

Step 3: Reboot into Recovery by pressing Power+Home button simultaneously and choose the option Install zip from sdcard.

Step 4: Locate the file you copied in Step 2 and Press Yes. Let it flash and then select Reboot system now.

Voila. Check out your App drawer and there it is the Beats Audio app!

If you would like a video tutorial instead, here it is.


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Source: XDA Blog

360 Launcher homescreen

360 Launcher for Android: Enjoy MIUI fun on your Android for free

360 Launcher is a nice new launcher which imitates the MIUI ROM. This launcher was first developed in Chinese and later got translated into English with the help of a XDA member.

I personally tested this launcher and i must say it is a must have launcher for any Androidian. It is fast and full of eye candy themes and wallpapers which are downloadable completely for free from the official site. I really liked the Weather Widget but we can’t change its location settings from Beijing. Although it looks kinda nice just sitting there on my homescreen.

360 Launcher homescreen

You also get a Power widget bundled with the launcher. The Flashlight included in the widget works out of the box i.e. you don’t need an app to run it. The default theme and wallpaper also matches with the weather widget. Please do try out the extra themes such as Android 4.0 and Windows Phone. Please check out the end of this post for the link to 360 Launcher free themes and wallpapers.

     360 Launcher power widget  
360 Launcher theme preferences
360 Launcher wallpaper preferences

Also i love the 360 launcher lockscreen. Its somewhat close to what you find in the GO Locker Fourkey Theme. But this one is more minimalistic in appearance and smooth in operation.

360 Launcher lockscreen

This the Preferences screen of 360 Launcher. In here you can customize any element of the launcher. Also there is an option to perform backup of your homescreen if you wish to restore it at a later time.

360 Launcher settings screen

The Launcher also comes with some nice animation effects to enjoy. From Swirl, Snake, Cube to Flippy, Chord and many others, you can personalize ’em, any way you like.

360 Launcher animation and effects

There’s also a Memory Cleaner widget which cleans out processes hogging your memory and frees space in your RAM. Running many apps in the background sometimes makes your phone run slowly, so this is a great way to free up your memory if you want to get things done quickly.

Here is the official XDA thread to download 360 Launcher for free. This app is not available on the Market.

For addons and themes for your 360 Launcher please proceed to this link.

Add Friend Android app makes it easy to add a facebook friend

How Cool is Adding a Facebook Friend by just the tap of your two Phones

That’s what the next generation is all about. Don’t worry its not some out of the ordinary gimmick wherein you have to sit hours together tweaking your phone just to add that special feature which enables you to add a facebook friend. It actually very simple. Its just Android!

touch your phones backs to add a facebook friend

This is a little something we have brought you as a New Year treat. If you are owning an Android device and your phone is NFC enabled then you might be in for some surprise. The Add Friend Android app makes your life easier by giving you the ability to add a facebook friend just by touching your phone with your friends phone back to back.


Step 1: Install the Add Friend app available from the Android Market.

Step 2: Turn on NFC on your device as well as your friend’s phone.

Step 3: Now open the Add Friend app. Request your friend to do the same.

Step 4: Touch the backs of your two phones together and wait for a vibrate to confirm that the data was sent successfully.

Step 5: You will immediately land on to your Friend’s Facebook Profile page. From there you can then choose to add him as a Friend.

Add a facebook friend with the add friend android app

Isn’t it ingenious? We all know NFC devices can interact with each other by sending out close proximity radio transmissions. With the help of this technology many new applications are now surfacing the gadget world which are designed to be very friendly and offers ease of accessibility.

Perhaps we will see a load of such apps launch out in the next year. Till then cross your fingers and BTW Happy New Year!

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Source: Android Authority

google currents now available

Have you met Google Currents? The next best news aggregator for your smartphone!

Google Currents is the next best app launched by Google recently. You might have already heard about Flipboard. Unlike Flipboard, Google Currents is aimed to provide you a rich magazine like interface for reading blogs and getting the latest news delivered to your Android and Apple smartphones.

Google revealed it in their official blog post on Thursday.

Google currents on ipad and iphone

Flipboard works on the phenomena of finding media news by digging through, you and your friends social networking folder, what they have liked and what they have read recently. But Currents is far more advanced and broad-minded than Flipboard, Google Currents is all about what’s popular and what’s hot around the world. It doesn’t rely on any external sources to aggregate content for you, rather brings you the top articles and topics on what everybody is interested in right now!

Lets hear what BusinessInsider has to say about Google Currents,

“Whereas Flipboard is all about what you’re friends are sharing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., Currents is about what everyone is reading and sharing.”

If you are already an Androidian, Google Currents has a lot more perks in store for you than the Appleboys. The best perk being the advantage of smooth sharing. On Android, after reading an article if you find it interesting you can further share it just by the touch of a button. Unlike Android, iOS users have to login to each sharing service before they decide to just throw Apple and buy an Android (pun intended) !

google currents screenshot

As Google Currents is currently available only for users in the US i didn’t get a chance to try it yet. But according to many user reviews, i heard the animations and transitions in Google Currents is pretty smooth and eye-pleasing. As a head-start Google Currents gives you a variety of publishers to read from including the famous CNET, Forbes, Huffington Post and AllthingsD. This is a great news for Publishers as well as Readers. Publishers get a broader spectrum to share their content on mobile platforms and Readers get opportunity to stay updated to their favorite topics.

Forbes seen through the eyes of google currents

Google Currents is available for both Android and iOS devices. Head to the download page to experience Google Currents now. Liked Google Currents? Share your views with us.


LauncherPro launcher

Best Launcher for Android: LauncherPro+Android Pro widgets

Android can be customized in a million ways and that’s what i love about it. Today i will introduce you to two new apps: LauncherPro and Android Pro widgets. I will tell you how you can give a modern look to your android smartphone free of cost.

Many of you might have heard about LauncherPro because its one of the most popular launchers in the Android world. Although the paid version of LauncherPro consists of many new features, i will tell you how you can get those paid widgets for free by installing an extra app known as Android Pro widgets.

Android pro widgets app

For those of you who don’t have a lot of RAM and have trouble running many apps, i had suggest you to install LauncherPro, as it takes minimal energy resources and is a lot faster than your stock launcher. Go download LauncherPro.

Next, there is no need to purchase the LauncherPro widgets because the same widget experience can be enjoyed by installing Android Pro widgets app. Now download Android Pro widgets.

Android pro widgets themes

So do you like it? The most exciting of all is you don’t even have to pay for the apps, as they are available for free in the Android Market.

LauncherPro is sure fast and smooth but it isn’t as customizable as GoLauncher EX (another favourite Launcher in the Android world) like we can install cute new themes in GoLauncher EX but LauncherPro doesn’t have the option to change themes. GoLauncher Ex sure has a few cons too, like its a drain on your battery and RAM but more on that later!

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