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How to Enable Right-To-Left Layout in Android

by Athul SJanuary 1, 2015

How to Enable Right-To-Left Layout in Android: We all are very much comfortable with the traditional left-to-right text alignment. But left hand users may feel more comfortable in a right-to-left text alignment for taping and all. If your device’s system language is one that uses a right-to-left script (like Arabic, or Hebrew), the change from […]

Philips W3500 Review: A Decent Android Smartphone

by Chethan ThimmappaAugust 30, 2014

Highlights for Philips W3500  1.3 Ghz Quad core Processor 5” Smartphone Dual SIM (GSM and WCDMA) 5 Mega Pixel camera with built in flash. The Philips w3500 is a large phone with 5 inch WFVGA display running on 1.3Ghz processor.  I found the phone fits perfectly into your pocket also the build quality is fairly […]

Evernote Hello for Android is a Must Have App

by AnonymousJune 1, 2012
Evernote Hello for android now out

Evernote recently launched its Android app Evernote Hello which is a contacts app but of the next kind. Evernote Hello was already available for the iPhone user, and now its the Droid turn. For those of you who are not aware, Evernote Hello is an intuitive way to remember people you meet in and around […]

Micromax A50 Review: Fast, Powerful, Very Cheap Android Phone with AISHA

by AnonymousMay 8, 2012
Micromax a50 superfone ninja

Micromax recently introduced its latest model Micromax A50 android smartphone which is available at a very competitive price, a mere Rs. 4,999 only. And this droid also showcases a voice assistant tool called AISHA much like the popular SIRI. HIGHLIGHTS OF MICROMAX A50: 7.9 cms Capacitive touchscreen Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread Mobile OS Features the all […]

Google Play makes it to the Navigation Bar: Just one click to Android Apps

by AnonymousApril 1, 2012
Google Play all set to rock the streets

As you would have seen this morning. Google’s navigation bar has an yet another addition. Its time for Google Play. As you know Google had recently revealed the Google Play platform to experience and share the unique features it of purchase viagra fers for the Android users. Basically, it is a transformation of Google Market […]

How To: Install HTC’s Beats Audio app on any Android device

by AnonymousMarch 23, 2012
HTC's Beats Audio now on your Android device

Yes its true. HTC’s Beats Audio, the music enhancer software that comes bundled with every HTC Phone is now available for your Android Phone too and also its completely free. We have seen many Android apps which can be used to amplify your music and add extraordinary sound effects on your Droid smartphone such as […]

360 Launcher for Android: Enjoy MIUI fun on your Android for free

by AnonymousFebruary 15, 2012
360 Launcher homescreen

360 Launcher is a nice new launcher which imitates the MIUI ROM. This launcher was first developed in Chinese and later got translated into English with the help of a XDA member. I personally tested this launcher and i must say it is a must have launcher for any Androidian. It is fast and full […]

Why Aakash and Why Not No Aakash

by MurugappanJanuary 4, 2012
Aakash, aka Ubislate 7

Speeaking about Aakash 2, aka Ubislate 7+, it’s the higher version of Aakash – the major difference between the upgraded and original versions being – Aakash 2 is not only meant for students but for other commercial purposes as well. Why? I mean, Why Aakash? See, there’s a lotta reasons why you gotta go for […]

How Cool is Adding a Facebook Friend by just the tap of your two Phones

by AnonymousJanuary 1, 2012
Add Friend Android app makes it easy to add a facebook friend

That’s what the next generation is all about. Don’t worry its not some out of the ordinary gimmick wherein you have to sit hours together tweaking your phone just to add that special feature which enables you to add a facebook friend. It actually very simple. Its just Android! This is a little something we […]

Is your Android handset being compromised without you knowing?

by AnonymousDecember 2, 2011
the carrier iq threat - is it present in your smartphone?

Carrier IQ is the name of the new threat that’s been hitting millions of Android phones worldwide. Apparently Carrier IQ is a phone tracking company that logs information from your specific carrier and sends it to their computers for a complete signal analysis and performance reports. At least that’s what was believed they were doing! According […]