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Google Webmaster Tools revamped with more Functionalities and Stats


Google Webmaster is the One Stop for all your Search Engine related Needs for your website.

Google Webmaster Tools has rolled out new features recently. Some of the Features being,

1. Capability of adding/removing Owners to Site
2. Impressions vs Clickthroughs Stats for the Search Engine Queries
3. Analytics and Complete Stats (in Graphs)

Let’s Discuss it one by One…

Capability of adding/removing Owners to Website
Earlier Google Webmaster Tools allowed only 1 administrator per website, and it sounded bit weired as there was a need for More than one person to handle bigger websites. Now Google has rolled out the feature of adding more owners for a single website. Check out the Option in the homepage

To add a New User to Your Webmaster tools. Click on “Add User” and enter their email id (Google Account)

2. Impressions vs Clickthroughs Stats for the Top Search Queries
This feature is not entirely new. Earlier the No of Impressions vs Clickthrough for the particular query made was not listed. Now with the Introduction of this feature one could easily know the Percentage of Clickthroughs for impressions. This could easily help you to get an idea on SERPs of your pages. (That is How likely your search results are clicked per query, and how much you rank for the keyword)

You Could see the above stats in your Dashboard of selected site. Expand it to View Complete Details.

3. Analytics and Complete Stats (in Graphs)
Stats when represented in a graphical manner helps in understanding your website’s Search Engine Traffic in better way.. Provides more Perfect Insights with the feel of “Google Analytics”. Here is how the Graphs looks in webmasters (Impressions vs Clickthroughs)..

To See Graphical Stats for your Webpage Expand “Your site on the web” >> “Top Search Queries” in your Webmaster Panel.

That’s it..

Every New Feature which Google adds to webmaster tools benefits Publishers in knowing their site better and provides More Control over the Site.