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American Tourister TV Ad. Survive Mumbai, Survive the World


Hi, I’m Nandini RajaGopalan, The New Author in Chaaps.com. Today, I’ll be writing on yet another Fantastic Indian TV Advertisement American Tourister. The Advertisement American Tourister  has Chosen the Mumbai’s Busy Train Life as  Theme. Mumbai being the Commercial City of India is not less than a world! The Caption of The Advertisement says it all… Survive Mumbai, Survive the world

American Tourister, Survive Mumbai, Survive the World

american tourister

Advertisement Title:  American Tourister, Survive Mumbai, Survive the World

Advertisement Length: 54 Seconds

Advertisement Theme: American Visitor who stucks with Mumbai’s Busy Train Life

Advertisement Caption:  Survive Mumbai, Survive the World

Here is the Video American Tourister TV advertisement. I’ve embedded the youtube Video of American Tourister ad. Make Sure You Have an Updated Flash Player

Advertisement Description:

A foreign tourist takes on a crowded Mumbai local train with his shining new American Tourister luggage in one hand, a train guide in another and apprehension written large on his face. He boards the local train only to be pushed from one corner to another by the other passengers. And whats worse? His suitcase gets far worse treatment from our countrymen ;-)Passengers drag it, stamp on it & subject it to third degree treatment. But thanks to the guys at American Tourister, the suitcase survives. And when he finally gets off from the train, gasping for breath, he is relieved to see his bright red suitcase, sturdy as ever :).


This is a perfect example of what I call “Driving-the-nail-in-no-time-advertisements” 🙂 The makers of the ad have under a minute to sell their product. And I must say that they have accomplished the task in just 54 seconds and that too in a convincing way and have also earned accolades from TV viewers for their unique concept.

This advertisement also brings into focus, the experiences of a tourist in Mumbai. Our protagonist meets a variety of people in his short train journey. He steps into train only to fall directly onto a foul smelling, well built man. He is then tossed over to another corner interrupting a gang of commuters who are busy playing cards. As he gets off the train, he meets a small girl singing to earn a few coins & then is confronted by some hijras. Practically speaking, these are the kinds of people that one generally encounters in local trains. The well dressed office go-er, the well built unruly commuter with paan stains in his teeth and an “I-Don’t-Care” attitude, the youthful college go-er with a backpack of books and a T-Scale in one hand and the safety chain of the train in another and whole lot of commuters who would prefer standing at the door of the compartment even when plenty of seats are available. One cannot help but smile at the realistic and striking picturisation of the the local train crowd by the director. At the same time, great care has been taken to ensure that the real essence of the advertisement is still retained.

Of course, like everything else this ad is not without flaws.A natural question that comes to our mind is “Why should a foreigner travel by a crowded local train??.” How many foreigners do we see traveling by a local train? And our dear protagonist clearly belongs to the kind who would stay in the Taj Hotel without thinking twice 🙂 I’m sure he wouldn’t mind spending the extra buck on a taxi.

But all flaws withstanding,the advertisement has succeeded in getting the point through to its viewers.

If your American Tourister luggage can survive Mumbai’s local train, it can survive anything else!!!

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