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Poor at English? Take the help of A.I.Type

Not long back we talked about Google scribe and many of you showed considerable interest in it. Here is another tool which is even better than Google scribe, Namely A.I.Type.
A.I.Type is a combination of some Google scribe, proofreader and a grammar checker.


It is free for download but it is kind of invite-only beta. You can point your browser to register for A.I.Type here. Shortly after registering, you will get an Email from the A.I.Type team which conveys you the username and password you need to download it. After you downloading and installing it, once reboot your PC for everything to go in order.

What exactly is A.I.Type for?

  • Type easier, faster and better
  • Get smart word and sentence suggestions
  • Get translation to your language while typing
  • Just point & click to select the next word

Where is it applicable?

  1. E-mail, Chat & IM
  2. Word Documents
  3. Webmail
  4. Fun
  5. Testing AIType
  6. Testing your english

You can view this video by Stratup seeds for more info:

Sorry, we couldn’t find an English version of this. If you spot out the English version, please do share with us.

Link: AIType

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