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Airtel Boy Happy Holidays / Roaming @ 60p TV advertisement


Airtel has Slashed its Roaming Charges to 60 Paise Per Minute.. Now All Your Incoming and Outgoing Calls during Roaming (outside the Home Network) would Just Charge You 60 Paise per Minute… Now you have the freedom to roam where ever You want in India!!

Airtel Has Released an Advertisement to campaign this New Tariff on Roaming…

airtel school boy tv ad roaming at 60 paise


Title: Airtel Boy Wishing Happy Holidays. Roaming @ 60 Paise for both Incoming and Outgoing. TV commercial
Here is The Video

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Download Video Airtel Roaming @ 60 paise Boy Advertisement.

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Twitter on Airtel TV Advertisement. First Ever Twitter Airtel TV Commercial Video


Twitter is Now on Airtel…. Chaaps had Already Published Bharti Airtel Welcomes Twitter! Now Indians Gonna Tweet n Tweet n Tweet! few days Back.
Airtel-Twitter deal had Exclusivity for 4 weeks.. (Where No Other Others Operators could Make A Similar Deal with twitter).

So in order to make the most out of 4 week exclusivity period, Airtel has Released a Stunning, Vibrant TV commercial propagating That Twitter is Now available on Airtel as an SMS service..


Currently Airtel has Released 3 Videos promoting Twitter as a product. Using The Twitter’s 140 Character Status Message as the core Concept and mixing it with Airtel’s EVERYWHERE Network Compatibility, it has resulted in Perfectly Blended Cool Silent Television Advertisement first time in India. This is The First Time that Twitter is being promoted across the Indian Television. Partnering with Airtel, Twitter could Now attract even Much More and Many More Twitterers, as The Airtel Television Ad on Twitter will reach every Nuke and Corner of India through this Brand New Television Ad.

Length of The Twitter on Airtel TV ad is 30 Seconds. The Video Never Talks anything, and No Actor in The Ad Speaks Aloud. It’s all about GUITAR which makes Sweet Noise there. The Background Music of Guitar has enriched this Airtel Twitter VIDEO. Every Ad is ends with a Cool Status Message along with The Twitter logo.

I will be Embedding all The 3 Twitter on Airtel TV videos here under Separate headings with a short description. Watch The New Airtel ads under the Promotion of Twitter. infact I will be Calling this as Twitairtel Ads!


A Girl Playing A Guitar Video- Twitter on Airtel Television Advertisement

guitar girl video twitter on airtel

Advertisement Title: Girl with A Guitar Video- Twitter on Airtel
Actors: An Young girl with a Guitar.
Music: Yet To be Updated
Ad Made for: Promoting Twitter Service on Airtel. Send SIGNUP to 53000 to Use Twitter on Airtel Mobile. Re1 per SMS.
Theme: Silent, Romantic, Melodious, Natural
Caption at End: Share from Anywhere, twitter on sms, Only from Airtel

Advertisement Description for TV ad Girl with a Guitar on Twitter:

A Girl All Alone sitting in a lonely Place on The Bushy Grasses All Around.. A Guitar on her Hands.. Playing it smoothly as if it is the only sound to be heard… The Breeze which hits towards her, disturbing her brown dyed hair in a wavy style.. The Wind doesn’t stop anymore. The long Grasses which looks as if it is listening to Girl’s Guitar Music. And a Vehicle which stares her from the back, The Blue colored Bangles which she has wore which was gifted by her boyfriend..
She remembers her boyfriend with this Romantic Music flowing from her E Minor Note in Guitar(what is E Minor?) which is played by her right hand fingers.. A Small Relaxing Pleasure inside her, trying to forget her boyfriend and She has to share the whole world what she has felt.. Just Like That.. Just Like That…She has to Share… She Tweets The Message, Blending All These Moments with the love for Music, with the love of her lost Boyfriend… Finally She Tweets

E minor is Helping me get over my boyfriend

Hitch Hiker Video – Twitter on Airtel

a boy asking lift vehicle thumb - twitter on airtel

Advertisement Title: Hitch Hiker Video – Twitter on Airtel (My Thumb – Twitter on Airtel Ad)
Actors: A Boy Travelling in a Vehicle..
Music: Yet To be Updated
Ad Made for: Promoting The Twitter Service on Airtel. Send SIGNUP to 53000 to Use Twitter on Airtel Mobile. Charges: Rupee 1 per SMS.
Theme: Silent, Romantic, Melodious, Natural, Experience
Caption: Share from Anywhere, twitter on sms, Only from Airtel

Advertisement Description for TV ad A boy travelling in a Vehicle [GUITAR MUSIC] Airtel on Twitter:

A Man Enjoying the cool breeze around him. With The Valleys and Mountains surrounding Him, The Electric High Tension Wires which is running backwards in a Very dramatic way, due to the speedy moving vehicle…. And He Now Just feels That he is on the Vehicle…and in The Open Space, he feels like he is floating somewhere with the beauty of nature all through the street.He Travel and Travels and Travels…. Finally gets off The Vehicle after a long drive.. The Drive ends, He thanks the person who gave him the lift in the vehicle named MHM6571.. With a Red Bag on his back walks through the way, looks here and there the trees and sky, decides to sit at a place beside the road… Puts off his bag and Just a while thinks how was the Tour, and sees his Thumb which helped him in getting a lift.. Thanks his Thumb how it helped him.. He Just Tweets

My thumb just gave me 15 Kms

Sky Diver Video – Twitter on Airtel

Sky diver from plane Twitter on Airtel
Advertisement Title: Sky Diver Video – Twitter on Airtel (How High am I? Twitter on Airtel TV Ad)
Actors: A Sky Diver diving from a height..
Music: Yet To be Updated
Ad Made for: Promoting The Twitter Service on Airtel. Send SIGNUP to 53000 and get connected to Twitter on Airtel Mobile. Charges 1 re per SMS.
Theme: Adventurous, Silent, Natural, Sharing, Confidence
Caption: Share from Anywhere, twitter on sms, Only from Airtel

Advertisement Description for TV ad Sky Diver Diving Twitter on Airtel TV Commercial.

A Man Peeps out of The Window, Its Just Not an Ordinary Window, It’s The Window of an Airplane. The high breeze over there. Amazes The height which he is in.. and Just looks for a while and Dives from there, as if it is like a Swimming Pool, from the Airplane Number ZPOI …
looks like a Fish when he Takes his position for the Journey in The Nothing But Void Space….He Floats everywhere, all through the Sky, And he experiences What is freedom over there, The Sunshine which hits him, and he eyes the beautiful waves, its looking like a water foam , but it’s not.. it is The Cloud which was forming there..and he is all between the beautiful milky clouds crawling there… and feels like sharing this to everyone Just in a Tweet….

Getting a facelift at 11300 feet

Download The Guitar Music of Airtel

Download The Airtel Guitar MP3 Music Twitter on Airtel

Download the Video Twitter on Airtel TV Commercial
Watch The Video Twitter on Airtel – A Girl with a Guitar, Boy Travelling in vehicle, Sky Diver…

Get The Twitter on Airtel Music Airtel Tune Guitar as a Ringtone. Download Ringtone.

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