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Geeks should go Airtel


Are you a Social networking addict who lives in India? Never wonder which service provider to choose. We have took the decision for you, It is airtel. There are three reasons which made us choose airtel for you:

Airtel: Fit for geeks

Airtel: Fit for geeks

  1. Facebook free: Till the 31st of this August, Facebook browsing is made free to all airtel users. This was made active from July 5th. Customers who are accessing mobile internet must ‘FACEBOOK’ to 54321 to take advantage of this offer.
  2. Twitter Mobile: Head to twitter mobile and choose India from the drop-down list, then you can see that Bharti Airtel is the only service provider which allows you to tweet via ‘txt’.
  3. 3G [Not now, but very soon]: While other countries are ready to be all set with the 4G, In India only BSNL has the 3G facility in. But Airtel has said that it is going to release it’s 3G facility from Mid-August 2010.

Then why wait? Rush and buy an airtel SIM card and start enjoying all their services, at the peak now. Feel free to defend your service provider with what features they have unique in them.


3G Winners in India –Bharti| Idea| Vodafone| Tata| Reliance| Aircel


The 3G Auction Finally ends on 34th day. Here is The List of 3G Spectrum Winners in India.

Bharti Gets 13 Circles across India
Idea Gets 11 Circles across India
Vodafone Gets 9 Circles across India
Government Gets a Revenue of 67,719 Crores from 3G Spectrum Auction.

The 3G spectrum allows subscribers to download hi-speed data and stream videos on mobile phones. The successful bidders will be allotted air waves in the month of September after the spectrum is vacated by the defence forces.

Complete List:

In Text:


  • Vodafone
  • Bharti
  • Reliance Communications at Rs 3317 crores


  • Reliance,
  • Vodafone,
  • Bharti Airtelat Rs 3247 crores


  • Tata Com,
  • Idea,
  • Vodafone at Rs 1258 crores


  • Tata Com,
  • Vodafone,
  • Idea at Rs 1076 crores

Andhra Pradesh:

  • Bharti,
  • Idea at Rs 1373 crores


  • Tata Telecommunication,
  • Aircel,
  • Bharti at Rs1580 crores

Tamil Nadu:

  • Bharti,
  • Vodafone,
  • Aircel

at Rs 1465 crores


  • Vodafone,
  • Aircel,
  • Reliance Communications

at Rs 544 crores


  • Idea cellular,
  • Tata Telecommunications,
  • Aircel

at Rs 312.5 crores

  • Idea Cellular,
  • Reliance Communications,
  • Tata Telecommunications,
  • Aircel

at Rs 322 crores


  • Idea Cellular,
  • Tata Telecommunications,
  • Vodafone

at Rs 222.6 crores

Madhya Pradesh:

  • Idea Cellular,
  • Reliance Communications,
  • Tata Telecommunications

at Rs 258.4 crores

  • Reliance Communications,
  • Bharti,
  • Tata Telecommunications

at Rs 321 crores
Uttar Pradesh. (West):

  • Bharti
  • Idea Cellular
  • Tata Telecommunications

at Rs 514 crores
Uttar Pradesh  (East):

  • Aircel
  • Idea Cellular
  • Vodafone

at Rs 364.6 crores


Watch IPL at 2Mbps Speed for Free! Only on Airtel!


Are you one of the few unlucky people who cant watch IPL on TV? Aah…I’m one of them. And just when i thought that I can catch up with the action on news channels, the tiff between the cricket board & the news channels ruled out that possibility. But thanks to the Airtel folks, I can watch my favorite cricket matches on youtube. Beginning today, Airtel will automatically upgrade the bandwidth of all its customers to 2Mbps, so that people can sit back & enjoy live streaming without any glitches. This perk is available until the end of the IPL season.

Wondering if you have to shell out some extra cash?? No worries! Airtel is offering this upgrade free of cost!! But of course, your data transfer limit will still be governed by your existing plan. So, in case your current plan imposes a download limit, then you might have to pay for the extra data consumed on a per byte basis, which is definitely expensive.

But there is a hitch. The 2MBps is applicable only for live streaming on http://www.youtube.com/IPL. This means that you cannot watch an episode of your favorite soap or a movie at the increased bandwidth. And this offer will be withdrawn after the end of IPL.

I personally feel that this tie-up between Airtel & Youtube is a move in the right direction for both. It marks the beginning of a new era where we can abandon theTV set and depend on our internet connection for everything. This tie-up is also likely to boost the sales of Airtel and also enhance its brand name. Most of the people who have made use of this facility are giving a good feedback about the quality of the video. Also, the bufferring time is considerably less when compared to regular youtube video streaming. Thanks to this unique initiative from Airtel, this is the first time in the history of sports that a cricket match has got extensive viewership.In fact, youtube must be grateful to Airtel for this! :)

So folks, If you are an existing Airtel broadband customer, then its the time for you to rejoice!


Airtel Boy Happy Holidays / Roaming @ 60p TV advertisement


Airtel has Slashed its Roaming Charges to 60 Paise Per Minute.. Now All Your Incoming and Outgoing Calls during Roaming (outside the Home Network) would Just Charge You 60 Paise per Minute… Now you have the freedom to roam where ever You want in India!!

Airtel Has Released an Advertisement to campaign this New Tariff on Roaming…

airtel school boy tv ad roaming at 60 paise


Title: Airtel Boy Wishing Happy Holidays. Roaming @ 60 Paise for both Incoming and Outgoing. TV commercial
Here is The Video

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Airtel TV ad November 20.. Roaming at 60 paise 60p
Download Video Airtel Roaming @ 60 paise Boy Advertisement.

Share Your Views..Did You Like this ad?


1 Paise Per Second- Airtel | Vodafone | Aircel | Idea | Reliance | BSNL


Back to the Paisa World! Paise is The Smallest Unit of Indian Currency. It is expected that as the Technology Advances The Standard of Living Increases, The Money Value Increases accordingly. When Everyone started Forgetting The Meaning of Paise, Here comes The Cellular Network across India who are now Busy Introducing The Call Tariffs like Call Anywhere in India at 1 Paise per Second.


The King of Call Tariff 1 Paise per second.

docomo 1 paise per second

The New Mobile Operator TATA DOCOMO is the First one to Introduce This Unique kind of Call tariff. Tata Docomo, A Very new Operator in India. Pay for What You Use and Pay per Second being the motto, They started Offering service with per Paise Billing. What Not? This Became a Big Hit, Effect: Resulted in Every Other Mobile Operators to adopt Per Paise billing.

List of Mobile Operators in India Offering 1 Paise per Second Call Tariff:



airtel paisa

Details of 1 paise per second Call Tariff Details in Airtel:

There are 110 million Subscribers across India who use Airtel, making Airtel the largest network in the country.

Airtel now introduces the Freedom Pack – Call any Airtel number anywhere in the country, local or STD at just 1 Paise Per second and enjoy the advantage of being on Airtel.

The New Scheme Pay per second plan is available for alll existing & New customers.
Tariff details 1 Paise Per Second -
All Airtel to Airtel local and STD calls at – 1 paise / second
All Airtel to other calls at – 1 paise / second

Note: ILD / SMS / Roaming charges will continue at current tariffs and 60 sec pulse

Visit The Official Website of Airtel at www.airtel.in for Complete Details of Airtel Prepaid’s Per Paise Billing. (1 paisa per second Call Charges Through out India)



vodafone paise

1 Paise Per Second Billing Now available in Vodafone Prepaid Also.
Vodafone has Introduced 2 Important Plans which deals with 1 Paise Per Second Call Tariffs.

Details of Vodafone Prepaid Call Tariff 1 Paise Per Second

Conversations @ 1p/sec

Now make local and STD calls from Vodafone to Vodafone @ 1p/sec with the Rs 64 Bonus Card.

Calls from Vodafone to other mobile phones and landlines @ 1.2p/sec

Make every second count

Local & STD calls @ 1 paise per second with the Rs 251 Recharge Card.

Talk more but pay by the second. With the Rs 251 Recharge Card, you enjoy:
Talktime of Rs 225.50
Local & STD calls at 1 Paise per Second.

More Information on Tariff Details of 1 Paise per second Call Charges in Vodafone. Recharge denominations available for Vodafone Per Paise billing.. Visit www.vodafone.in



aircel 1 paisa

Aircel Tariff Details for 1 Paise Per Second Call Charges

Pay-Per-Second Tariff (PPS):

Local (Paise/Sec)
to Aircel mobile
to other mobile
to landline

STD (Paise/Sec)
to Aircel mobile
to other mobile
to landline
STD South Corridor


idea pay per second

Tariff Details of Per Paisa billing in Idea Prepaid:

Local & STD calls to any other Mobile networks will be charged at 1.20 paise per second.

To avail the per second plan, Idea subscribers can purchase a special voucher for Rs.64

The New Idea subscribers can get it for Rs.69. This tariff will be valid for one year.

More Details of 1 Paise Per Second Call Tariffs is available at official wesite of Idea Prepaid at www.ideacellular.com



reliance pay per second

Details of 1 paise per second call tariff in Reliance Prepaid. Simply Reliance

First Recharge Offer
MRP Rs. 61
Tariff Validity 1year
Talktime Rs 10
Special Tariff for 1Year
All Local Calls 1p/Sec
All STD Calls 1p/Sec

More Information on Tariff Details of 1 Paise per Second Calls ie. Simply Reliance Scheme Details are available at www.rcom.co.in



bsnl paise per second

Tariff Details of BSNL Offering 1 Paise Per Second Calls

Per Second Tariff- 1 Paise Per Second for Local and STD

No Restriction on Total Usage

No Daily Rental

Tariff Voucher to Cost less than Rs 4/- Per Month.

More Details 1 Paise Per Second Call details in BSNL is available at Official website of BSNL at www.bsnl.co.in

Still More Networks are awaiting to release similar Packages of 1 Paise Per Second Tariff.

Also Know How to Check your Mobile Balance in Airtel | Vodafone | Aircel |Idea | Reliance | BSNL


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New Offer 1 Paise Per Second. Paisa per Second

What’s your Opinion on Per Paise billing for Calls? Have you Used any of the above mentioned 1 Paise per second Plans? Do You Think it is worth paying for your Calls at the pulse of 1 Paise? Share your Experiences and Feedbacks with The Mobile Network which you use..


Twitter on Airtel TV Advertisement. First Ever Twitter Airtel TV Commercial Video


Twitter is Now on Airtel…. Chaaps had Already Published Bharti Airtel Welcomes Twitter! Now Indians Gonna Tweet n Tweet n Tweet! few days Back.
Airtel-Twitter deal had Exclusivity for 4 weeks.. (Where No Other Others Operators could Make A Similar Deal with twitter).

So in order to make the most out of 4 week exclusivity period, Airtel has Released a Stunning, Vibrant TV commercial propagating That Twitter is Now available on Airtel as an SMS service..


Currently Airtel has Released 3 Videos promoting Twitter as a product. Using The Twitter’s 140 Character Status Message as the core Concept and mixing it with Airtel’s EVERYWHERE Network Compatibility, it has resulted in Perfectly Blended Cool Silent Television Advertisement first time in India. This is The First Time that Twitter is being promoted across the Indian Television. Partnering with Airtel, Twitter could Now attract even Much More and Many More Twitterers, as The Airtel Television Ad on Twitter will reach every Nuke and Corner of India through this Brand New Television Ad.

Length of The Twitter on Airtel TV ad is 30 Seconds. The Video Never Talks anything, and No Actor in The Ad Speaks Aloud. It’s all about GUITAR which makes Sweet Noise there. The Background Music of Guitar has enriched this Airtel Twitter VIDEO. Every Ad is ends with a Cool Status Message along with The Twitter logo.

I will be Embedding all The 3 Twitter on Airtel TV videos here under Separate headings with a short description. Watch The New Airtel ads under the Promotion of Twitter. infact I will be Calling this as Twitairtel Ads!


A Girl Playing A Guitar Video- Twitter on Airtel Television Advertisement

guitar girl video twitter on airtel

Advertisement Title: Girl with A Guitar Video- Twitter on Airtel
Actors: An Young girl with a Guitar.
Music: Yet To be Updated
Ad Made for: Promoting Twitter Service on Airtel. Send SIGNUP to 53000 to Use Twitter on Airtel Mobile. Re1 per SMS.
Theme: Silent, Romantic, Melodious, Natural
Caption at End: Share from Anywhere, twitter on sms, Only from Airtel

Advertisement Description for TV ad Girl with a Guitar on Twitter:

A Girl All Alone sitting in a lonely Place on The Bushy Grasses All Around.. A Guitar on her Hands.. Playing it smoothly as if it is the only sound to be heard… The Breeze which hits towards her, disturbing her brown dyed hair in a wavy style.. The Wind doesn’t stop anymore. The long Grasses which looks as if it is listening to Girl’s Guitar Music. And a Vehicle which stares her from the back, The Blue colored Bangles which she has wore which was gifted by her boyfriend..
She remembers her boyfriend with this Romantic Music flowing from her E Minor Note in Guitar(what is E Minor?) which is played by her right hand fingers.. A Small Relaxing Pleasure inside her, trying to forget her boyfriend and She has to share the whole world what she has felt.. Just Like That.. Just Like That…She has to Share… She Tweets The Message, Blending All These Moments with the love for Music, with the love of her lost Boyfriend… Finally She Tweets

E minor is Helping me get over my boyfriend


Hitch Hiker Video – Twitter on Airtel

a boy asking lift vehicle thumb - twitter on airtel

Advertisement Title: Hitch Hiker Video – Twitter on Airtel (My Thumb – Twitter on Airtel Ad)
Actors: A Boy Travelling in a Vehicle..
Music: Yet To be Updated
Ad Made for: Promoting The Twitter Service on Airtel. Send SIGNUP to 53000 to Use Twitter on Airtel Mobile. Charges: Rupee 1 per SMS.
Theme: Silent, Romantic, Melodious, Natural, Experience
Caption: Share from Anywhere, twitter on sms, Only from Airtel

Advertisement Description for TV ad A boy travelling in a Vehicle [GUITAR MUSIC] Airtel on Twitter:

A Man Enjoying the cool breeze around him. With The Valleys and Mountains surrounding Him, The Electric High Tension Wires which is running backwards in a Very dramatic way, due to the speedy moving vehicle…. And He Now Just feels That he is on the Vehicle…and in The Open Space, he feels like he is floating somewhere with the beauty of nature all through the street.He Travel and Travels and Travels…. Finally gets off The Vehicle after a long drive.. The Drive ends, He thanks the person who gave him the lift in the vehicle named MHM6571.. With a Red Bag on his back walks through the way, looks here and there the trees and sky, decides to sit at a place beside the road… Puts off his bag and Just a while thinks how was the Tour, and sees his Thumb which helped him in getting a lift.. Thanks his Thumb how it helped him.. He Just Tweets

My thumb just gave me 15 Kms


Sky Diver Video – Twitter on Airtel

Sky diver from plane Twitter on Airtel
Advertisement Title: Sky Diver Video – Twitter on Airtel (How High am I? Twitter on Airtel TV Ad)
Actors: A Sky Diver diving from a height..
Music: Yet To be Updated
Ad Made for: Promoting The Twitter Service on Airtel. Send SIGNUP to 53000 and get connected to Twitter on Airtel Mobile. Charges 1 re per SMS.
Theme: Adventurous, Silent, Natural, Sharing, Confidence
Caption: Share from Anywhere, twitter on sms, Only from Airtel

Advertisement Description for TV ad Sky Diver Diving Twitter on Airtel TV Commercial.

A Man Peeps out of The Window, Its Just Not an Ordinary Window, It’s The Window of an Airplane. The high breeze over there. Amazes The height which he is in.. and Just looks for a while and Dives from there, as if it is like a Swimming Pool, from the Airplane Number ZPOI …
looks like a Fish when he Takes his position for the Journey in The Nothing But Void Space….He Floats everywhere, all through the Sky, And he experiences What is freedom over there, The Sunshine which hits him, and he eyes the beautiful waves, its looking like a water foam , but it’s not.. it is The Cloud which was forming there..and he is all between the beautiful milky clouds crawling there… and feels like sharing this to everyone Just in a Tweet….

Getting a facelift at 11300 feet

Download The Guitar Music of Airtel

Download The Airtel Guitar MP3 Music Twitter on Airtel

Download the Video Twitter on Airtel TV Commercial
Watch The Video Twitter on Airtel – A Girl with a Guitar, Boy Travelling in vehicle, Sky Diver…

Get The Twitter on Airtel Music Airtel Tune Guitar as a Ringtone. Download Ringtone.

[Please Note: Italics Text to be Updated Shortly with suitable Hyperlinks]

What is Your Experience watching This All New Twitter-Airtel Television ad first time on your TV? How would you rate this video? Share your feedbacks and Comments on this beautiful ads by twitairtel!


Bharti Airtel Welcomes Twitter! Now Indians Gonna Tweet n Tweet n Tweet!


India has recently become the third largest market for Twitter in just a few month, with 5 million subscribers of a total of over 11.5 million. Following a huge surge in Twitter traffic- Bharti Airtel, India’s largest telecom service provider is launching tweetSMS, a third-party application that allows you to receive Twitter SMS updates directly to your mobile phone.


Atul Bindal, president-mobile services, Bharti Airtel says

In 2008, Twitter stopped sending free SMS updates to users, instead teaming up with mobile phone companies around the world to create an affordable and easy way to get Twitter SMS updates back on your mobile. In India, Bharti Airtel has an exclusive arrangement with Twitter to offer the service.

The launch of tweetSMS is clearly intended as a retention and brand image play rather than a revenue play. However, after mobile number portability is introduced, it could help attract other subscribers to the Airtel network.

So, What’s Next ? How to Subscribe for tweetSMS on Airtel ?

An Airtel subscriber needs few steps to activate tweetSMS

Step 1 : SMSSignup to 53000 (SMS cost Re.1)

Step 2 : Follow the instructions to complete the registration process and start Tweeting.

Step 3 : For every tweet you post on twitter, you’ll be charged Re.1

Stay in touch with tweeters without internet connection on your mobile phone.

For more info on Twitter @ Airtel – Check out here

Source : timesofindia

How to Check Balance? Reliance GSM| Tata Docomo| Aircel| Airtel| BSNL| Vodafone| Idea| BSNL


How To Check Balance? The Basic Question Which Troubles you when you switch from one cellular network provider to other.
With The Increased number of cellular network providers each

day, more People struggling to check balance in their mobile account, This Post has tried to cover information about your mobile network provider in India.

Reliance GSM

Reliance GSM

How to check Balance in Reliance GSM?
How to check Balance on Reliance GSM Mobile?
Dial *367# From Your Reliance Mobile to Check Account Balance.
Customer Care Number for Reliance GSM Mobile: Dial *333

Tata Docomo
Tata Docomo

How to Check Balance in Tata Docomo?
How to Check Balance on Tata Docomo?
To Know Account Balance information dial *111# from your Tata Docomo Mobile.
Get Interactive Voice Call Balance Announcement by dialling 12525 from your Tata Docomo Mobile.


How to Check Balance in Aircel?
How to Check Balance on Aircel?
To Check your Balance in Aircel, Dial *125# from your Aircel Mobile.
For Voice Announcement of your balance, Dial 123
Customer Care Support Dial 121.


How to Check Balance in Idea?
How to Check Balance on Idea?
To Check Account Balance in your Idea Mobile Dial *130# from Your Idea Mobile.
Customer Care Number for Idea: 98*** 12345
[Replace *** with respective Phone Number Series]


How to Check Balance in Airtel?
How to Check Balance on Airtel?
To Check Balance in Airtel Dial *123# from Your Airtel mobile.
Customer Care Support for Airtel: 121


How to check balance in Vodafone?
How to check balance on Vodafone?
To Check Balance from your Vodafone Mobile Dial *111# .
Happy to Help Customer Care Support: 111


How to Check Balance in BSNL?
How to Check Balance on BSNL?
To Check Balance Dial *123# from your BSNL Prepaid Mobile.


Dil Titli Sa – Airtel Digital TV Ad Feautred by Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Sarah.


Airtel Digital TV has released a Brand New One Minute Advertisement. The Title of This Video is DIL TITLI SA. Beautiful Concept Used by Airtel Advertising Team.

dil titli sa

The Story Starts with two Childhood friends who will spend there time very closely. The Childhood Boy (who grows up as Saif Ali Khan) gifts The Girl a Beautiful Butterfly Necklace (Titli Necklace) and When The Time goes on, both gets departed and The Boy Saif Ends up with a Photo of her. After a Long Long Time, The Boy grows up as Saif Ali Khan and he remembers all his past childhood things and shows a desperate WANTING for her childhood friend. Saif on Search of Sarah Roams through out the city to find her, all doors will be locked(typical cinema story) and finally ends up with Void and Null. Fortunately, Saif Switches ON his TV and sees a Reporter who will be Reporting for a media. He Gets Surprised to know that she is his Girl wearing the Beautiful Titli Necklace. Now the Airtel in background AIRTEL DIGITAL TV PROVIDES YOU HIGH DEFINITION CLARITY WITH LATEST MPEG4 TECHNOLOGY WHICH MAKES YOU TO IDENTIFY EVEN SMALL OBJECTS IN DETAIL . Now Saif Runs Towards The Place where SARAH was reporting for media, SARAH too looks like anticipating him with her innocent cute face. The Camera Will Zoom to show The Titli dollar of SARAH. Both Saif and Sarah will see Eye to eye!

That’s not The End!

Now Comes Kareena Kapoor at the same place!!, She attracts Saif ali khan with her First Look and Saif Puts Sarah’s Photo in His Pocket and goes behind Kareena Kapoor! an They gonna Play at BackGround DIL TITLI SA!

SARAH gives a different looks, her innocent face shrinks Now!
and The Ad Ends!

It Seem To Be Very Controversial Ending. And Many of The Viewers are not satisfied with ending part of Ad. And Some Like It!
Here are The Response for Climax of The Ad.

Saifeena Says

Why is everyone complaining about the ending? Its supposed to bittersweet and comic. And listen to the lyrics…dil TITLI (heart is like a butterfly). Meaning it flutters from one to another.
And Saif was in love with the 7 year old companion. Years have passed by, he doesnt even KNOW her. People change.
If he meets a girl right then who his heart connects with instantly right then and there, so be it, lol!
A very FRESH concept by Airtel, kudos! And very unpredictable, lol

ScomTRIX says

ENDING is Bullshit…
they could make it perfect if,
saif sirf uss ladki se milta jisse wo milne k liye itna disparate tha, bhale raaste me chahe 1000 kareena ya katerina aa jaaye..
look at the innocent girl face, she is still wearing that locket…
saif+kareena=kuch nahi hone wala tumhara….

Supriya Mishra Says:

ending is a bullshit..hw ca saif go wid kareena leaving her childhood frnd for whom he was so desparate…

Who has Sung This Song?
The Singer of The Song Dil Titli Sa Airtel Digital TV ad is Atif Aslam

What is The Name of Innocent Childhood Girl in This Dil Titli sa Ad?

How to Download The Song Dil Titli Sa ?
Watch Download Youtube Video of Dil Titli Sa Advertisement featuring Saif ali khan