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Google Voice Search: First Impressions!

Google Voice Search is, in general, a feature of Google Mobile Apps fir iPhone, Blackberry, and Nokia S60 phones. It is also available on the Android Market. I haven’t yet given it a try but the first impressions – the advertisements aka videos on Youtube are just rocking on.

Google Voice Search: First ImpressionsA compilation of these videos have been made by VocalSearch. Google has announced Voice search with recognition of Indian accent. As many as 8 accents have been shown here – Maybe they’ll expand it even more. Indians generally used to feel inferior because of their accent of speaking English. When the lord, Mr. Google himself has took actions on it, Why worry? 😛

Take a look at these videos! Have some great fun. 🙂

Tamilish Tongue Twister Test:

Malayalish Tongue Twister Test:

Kanglish Tongue Twister Test:

Telugish Tongue Twister Test:

Biharish Tongue Twister Test:

Bengalish Tongue Twister Test:

Taporiish Tongue Twister Test:

Punjabish Tongue Twister Test:

What you say is What you Search!

Thanks to Google and above that, thanks to VocalSearch for keeping us entertained for half an hour or so.

Link: Voice search for Android | Voice Search for other Mobiles

Which video impressed you the most? And yeah, do let us know about your views about Google Voice Search by dropping by your comments.

The Glamorous Mahindra Xylo “Happy Legs” TV Commercial is here


Car advertisers do not have much scope to market their products. If you carefully watch the advertisements, you will find that there always exists a predefined pattern that all advertisers follow. The quintessential car advertisement focuses on making your ride feel good. However there is much more that the viewer wishes to see. I feel that there exists a tremendous gap between what the average Indian viewer would like to see and what is presented to him by the ad-makers.

While viewing an ad, the first question that pops up in the mind of the viewer is why a particular model is launched? Probably because of its first-of-a-kind technical specifications. In fact a great deal of research takes place to understand what the user actually wants. However, this fact is sidelined by the makers of the ad, who feel that the presence of a celebrity endorsing the product would fetch higher returns. Finally, the ad turns out to be such a big disaster that the viewer would impulsively turn off the TV. SRK endorsing i10 is a classic example.NANO is another model that was meant to reach out to the average Indian middle class family but ended up portraying itself REVA’s competitor.

However, I came across one ad which is a welcome departure from all its predecessors. I’m taking about the latest Mahindra Xylo advertisement. I guess that the requirement was probably communicated well. The theme used here is ‘Happy Legs”. Using models in the ad is a nice move. It could have been sleazy but thankfully that doesn’t happen. The background song is good and enough to pass on the mood to viewers. To mention few good things about this advertisement from a guy’s perspective you get to see long legs and good looking gals who do not look dumb 😉

Now coming to the technical description of XYLO.

The features tab has been made to look good.
The official site for mahindra xylo is here.