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Microsoft Set to release update for WAT


Well before starting this post let me tell something.

“The Following Article Is Not For People Suffering With Heart Problems as Reading Below May result in Heart Attack”

Now Lets Begin…

A microsoft official Jow Williams blogged about the yet to come update which would improve Windows Activation Technology in Windows 7 which has been cracked by hackers and already a millions of pirated copies have been pirated.

Well Microsoft must be facing huge losses from it so it decided to update this technology.

Now the bad news begins. Microsoft is planning to release the update soon and those already running the pirated copies may face its attack. The update will be for all versions of Windows 7 but Ultimate, Home Premium, Business versions will be given more importance first as they are the ones which are mostly cracked.

It will be available online at www.microsoft.com/genuine beginning February 16 and on the Microsoft Download Center beginning February 17. Later this month, the update will also be offered through Windows Update as an ‘Important’ update.

But you can avoid it as it is not important means you can choose if you want to install or not.

Also the guy mentioned that the update will not disclose any of your personal information.

Lets see till how much can Microsoft rely on that. Ultimately someone or the other will find a way to crack it. 🙂