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Edit Any Web Page with Firefox Add-on “Page Hacker”


How about Editing any of the Web pages online retaining same fonts and Layout?? It’s all about a Small Piece of Javascript Code which enables editing web pages.. However, This is Just a Small and Basic Page Hack for WE, THE CLIENTS.. Remember, The Changes made on any web pages are limited to you 😛 (don’t expect that changes made by you will affect the Web Server)

The Purpose of writing this post is to Introduce a Firefox add-on which is called “Page Hacker“.. As The Title says it helps you to HACK any of the webpages and edit any web pages  retaining the same fonts and schemes..

So, How does it Help me?

  • Page-Hack is a Solely a TIME PASS add-on which allows you to Play Simple Tricks and Hoaxes.
  • With This Add-on Running, You could edit any Webpages by hitting on Skull Button or Ctrl+F2..
  • That’s it!! Now you have Full Access to your Webpage…Hit The ScreenShot button once you finish editing your Favorite webpage to tell the World How Much Rich You are, How much Popular you are… Just like These Funny Hacked pages 😛

Facebook Page Hack

How about This

So, What are you waiting for? Go Get this Page Hacker Addon for your Firefox Browser and do not Forget to Share with Us your Interesting Web Page edits 🙂


HTTPS Everywhere – Firefox add-on

    The Electronic Frontier Foundation and The Tor Project have teamed up to offer a Firefox add-on that brings Https to even partial ssl enabled sites

Many sites on the web offer some limited support for encryption over HTTPS, but make it difficult to use. For instance, they may default to unencrypted HTTP, or fill encrypted pages with links that go back to the unencrypted site.Like the way google does.


The plugin currently works for:

    Google Search
    The New York Times
    The Washington Post

you can download the plugin from here

HTTPS Everywhere uses small ruleset files to define which domains are redirected to https. The documentation can be accessed from here


Firefox Cup Add-on [Personas] to Cheer your Favorite Football Team


Hey You all Football Fans, Celebrate the World Sports Biggest Event “FIFA World Cup 2010” with your Favorite Teams Personas on your Favorite Web Browser Mozilla Firefox!!

Mozilla Firefox is Now “ROCK”ing with a New add-on called “Firefox Cup” which allows you to make your Favorite team as a persona in Firefox…

You Can Choose between 32 different Personas for 32 different football teams playing in this FIFA 2010 World Cup!! You Can Test the theme by hovering on options before you apply… Here is a Sample

Personas show your passion as your team plays for glory.

Link for FireFox Add-on “Firefox Cup”