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Maximize your revenue by disabling adblockers on your website


Today on checking out the new design on Chaaps I figured how blank it would look without ads. To check out I enabled ad block plus (Yeah the plug in most of the bloggers hate as it has decreased their ad revenue manifold.” I found out that all the ads were removed at once.

Even when I had a blog (Had because some noob hacked it and deleted everything. If you(the Mr. Hacker) areย  reading this please make sure you mess up with the right person next time.”) I faced this problem that my revenue started decreasing because of these things.

So I researched few methods to disable these stupid pop up and ad blockers. Lets check out one by one. Also I would like to make clear that these ideas are the property of the rightful makers. I don’t want any credit to these. I just wanted to help to raise the revenue of your blog or website.

1. Anti Ad Block Plugin for wordpress: I thought lets start with the simplest of them all. Adding a plugin to your blog. Simple ain’t it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Ok this basically makes your reader aware that he is squeezing your revenue and is making the blog owner poor. Maybe the fellow reader gets emotional and disables the adblock plus. And hey it also tells how to disable that thing. Bonus ๐Ÿ™‚ย  For more info about this visit : http://bit.ly/41T6

2. Showing user message through a code: I found this interesting article on www.thepcspy.com. It shows how to add a script to display a message to the guy using that blocker. They also added a test page (http://thepcspy.com/blockadblock). Read their full article at : http://bit.ly/bKv0FB.

3. A related article like PC Spy one: There is also one more article like that on www.sitepoint.com. read the full one on : http://bit.ly/181uXd

There may be more ways! But I found these three the best and easy to use. If you know one post it in the comments.