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Facebook's newly bought domain fb.com

Take a tour: Twenty Minutes on Facebook

And.. here we go – The first post of 2011!

Over the past 36-48 hours a UK political campaigning initiative (Democracy UK) has released some interesting facts on there Facebook page expressing. The interesting facts of course are the STATS of 2010 for Facebook. Facebook of course with its over 500 million users and 2.5 app developers have created alot of interesting stats. Spend a couple of minutes and peep through them, each one is big and the next one is better! 😉

Relationship Statuses in 2010:

43,869,800 changed their status to single

3,025,791 changed their status to “it’s complicated”

28,460,516 changed their status to in a relationship

5,974,574 changed their status to engaged

36,774,801 changes their status to married

What happened in a random 20 minutes on Facebook:

  • Shared Links: 1,000,000
  • Tagged Photos: 1,323,000
  • Event invites sent out: 1,484,000
  • Wall Posts: 1,587,000
  • Status Updates: 1,851,000
  • Friend Requests Accepted: 1,972,000
  • Photos Uploaded: 2,716,000
  • Comments Made: 10,208,000
  • Messages Made (Inbox/PM’s) : 4,632,000

And of course the most liked page (as of now) is Texas Hold ’em poker followed by Facebook and Michael Jackson. You can see the most liked pages here at Facebook’s directory of pages.

Let us know in the comments what do you think of these stats for 2010 – Aren’t they some jaw-dropping stats? What do you think 2011 will hold with a Renowned blog: Mashable predicting twitter to have a boring 2011?


Download T20 World Cup 2010 Schedule by ICC [April 30 – May 16]


Looks like the cricketing season is far from over. In case the Indian Premier League has not yet quenched your thirst for cricket(Know why IPL Sucks), then watch out for the T20 world cup 2010. Starting from April 30, the 3rd installment of the ICC T20 tournament will be held in the West Indies.
t20 worldcup 2010 logo

Twelve international teams will be battling out in the dry, hot sun to lay their hands on the trophy. The 12 teams are further divided into 4 groups

Group A – Pakistan (A1), Bangladesh (A2) and Australia
Group B – Sri Lanka (B1), New Zealand (B2) and Zimbabwe
Group C – South Africa (C1), India (C2) and Afghanistan
Group D – West Indies (D1), England (D2) and Ireland

As far as India is concerned, we have to face South Africa & Afghanistan in the group stage. As Afghanistan is a relatively new competitor, there is no formidable threat from their side. Yet, we need to buckle up as there is fear of exhaustion of the Indian players after the long drawn IPL.

So, who do you will emerge as this year’s T20 champions? It is a tough call, I would say. India emerged as the champions in the inaugural tournament after beating Pakistan in a dream final. Pakistan stunned the rest of the world by snatching the trophy beating Sri Lanka. Does West Indies have a chance this year due to the home advantage? Will they be able to capitalize on this? Or will it be the dominant Australians this year??
We have to wait n watch i guess.

Here is the schedule of the T20 world cup 2010. Make sure to take a print out of.

t20 worldcup schedule 2010t20 schedule 2010 icc cricket

Download ICC T20 2010 World cup schedule in PDF Format

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Who is Your Hot Favorite to Win the T20 World Cup This time??


Watch out for this year’s Google April Fool!


Come April and Google’s best brains get together to fool internet users worldwide. It all started in April 2000, when Google announced a new search technology called MentalPlex which supposedly read user’s mind. It claimed that users didn’t have to type for key words anymore. And a large number of users were turned into scapegoats!

Perhaps the April fool hoax of 2002 was the most famous one. Google finally announced the truth behind their PageRank technology – PigeonRank!! They claimed that they used pigeons to rank pages and also assured users that there was no animal cruelty behind this.

Later in 2005, GoogleGulp was advertised as a beverage which had the potential to increase the drinkers intelligence. Google in fact gave a fictitious theory describing how the neurotransmitters in the brain were enhanced by the drink. They even claimed to have a patent on it!

“Dating is a search problem. Solve it with Google Romance.” Google’s Romance Search was a take on the many online dating websites. The ignorant users who decided to search for their soulmate on Google Romance were in for a shock when they discovered that they were fooled.

Gmail Paper was something that took me in too! Google advertised that they would deliver a hardcopy of e-mails to the user’s doorstep. They also claimed that the images would be printed on high-quality glossy paper! Just like thousands of other users, I clicked on the Gmail Paper link only to find a list of previous April fool hoaxes listed! 🙁

Heard of Google Mobile?? You have to put your phone to your head & think of a query. And when you click on “Try Now”, a list of searches will be displayed. However, a fake list would be displayed. This was yet another brain-teaser from the Search engine giants.

Heard of Bork Bork Bork or Pig Latin?? Google claimed that they offered services in these non-existent languages 🙂

But Google also released their most successful service – Gmail on April fool’s day! Users at that time refused to believe that this was true since a free email service that offers 1GB storage was a fact that was hard to digest!

Being a big fan of Google’s innovative Hoaxes, I’m waiting to see what they have in store for April 2010.


Feel the Magic at IPL 2010 | IPL Ads 2010 | Stadium


IPL season -3 is here in India!! And the organizers are leaving no stone unturned to promote it. And in case you thought that you can sit at home, chew on your popcorn, drink your cola & enjoy the game, you just missed out on some solid fun.

The latest in the series of IPL ads show two young men dressed up in dolphin costumes attending a cricket match. One of them is complaining to the other that his girlfriend ditched him when he gets a call from her. Sneha, his girlfriend is apparently happy and tells him that he looks adorable in his dolphin costume. And then he realizes that he is on the big screen in the stadium! 🙂 Thank God he decided to watch IPL in the stadium! He managed to patch up with his gf !! And he actually decides to come in a monkey costume the next day inf Sneha makes it too.

IPL promoters seem to have made their point. The best way to enjoy a cricket match is to watch it live, along with the crowd in the stadium. Even though you get a close up view of your fav stars and watch replays ‘n’ number of times on tv, its pure fun to mingle with the crowd, cheer, sway and dance in the stadium. So, if you want to enjoy the full game, rush to get your tickets! 🙂


Download New Patriotic Video “Mile Sur Mera Tumhara” This Republic Day


“Mile sur mera tumhara….sur bane hamara!”

These lines evoke a a feeling of patriotism and nostalgia in me and I’m literally moved to tears every time I here them. Such is the power of this simple song! Originally released in 1988, this song was first telecasted on DD, the only channel back then. And it instantly struck a chord with the people and enjoyed a cult status.

22 years later, Mile Sur is back in a new avatar! Kailash Surendranath & Aarti have recreated this classic piece and have rechristened it as “Phir Mile Sur”. This new song will be aired on 26th January, 2010 on Zoom television. Amitabh Bachhan has officially released this album today.

The original song Mile Sur Tumhara comprised of various musicians, film stars & personalities including Pandit Bhimsen Joshi, Dr. Bala MuraliKrishna, the then Indian all-rounder Kapil Dev, film artistes Amitabh Bachhan, Jeetendra, Sharmila Tagore, ace sportsmen Prakash Padukone and others to mention a few.

Phir mile sur has been shot with 22 stars, 18 musicians, 13 artistes and singers and 15 other personalites.
Among them, Amitabh Bachhan has the unique honour of being the only artiste to feature in both the old as well as the new versions of the song. Apart from being featured in the song, Amitabh has also lent his voice for it! Aishwarya Rai, Abhishek Bachhan, Priyanka Chopra, Aamir Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan & Deepika Padukone are other stars who appear in the song.

Im eagerly waiting to see if this happens to be as good as the original! 🙂

Here is The New Version of Mile Sur Mera Tumhara Video. Youtube Video and Download Links of Mile Sur Mera Tumhara is here. Videos of Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra in New Mile Sur Mera Tumhara Video!

Priyanka Chopra exclusively in Mile Sur Mera Tumhara Video


Yola 2010 Development Sneak Peak


Yola (formally Synthasite) is a free online web builder I use to manage my blog. Yola has over 1 million user globally and has thousands of live sites.

This year (2009) Yola has released many new features and changes to the design of the user builder platform.

Today Yola’s senior product manager “Rian Van Der Merw” posted a product announcement at 3:30am (AEST), giving some ideas on what is to come in first half of 2010 with the development of Yola.

Rian posted that we should  “Look for additional features, faster load times, and easier ways to get content and widgets on your site.” And also improvements to the “My site section to be a more complete, one-stop area for all things related to Yola and your websites”.

I am pretty sure I am not the only one to say that I am astonished of Yola’s progress over the years. Yola has not long received R.E.C.S.S support award towards the company, and two individual employees.

To check out yola “Click Here“. To check out the annocement “Click Here“.