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Samsung New SpinPoint 1TB Hard Drive for Notebooks


Samsung announced  its launch of  1TB(TeraByte) Internal Hard Drive- New SpinPoint for its Notebooks and other products..

Some of the Interesting Features  of New SpinPoint Internal Hard Drive

  • 1TB Spinpoint MT2 2.5-inch internal hard drive
  • Consumes less than 4 percent of Power compared to others
  • 20 percent increase in Read/Write Performance
  • The New SpinPoint runs at 5400rpm
  • Uses 333GB per-platter technology
  • Makes use of NoiseGuard technology to decrease unwanted noise(very apt for using in Home Theaters, because of its less noise)
  • One Bad thing about this New drive is it uses Non-standard height dimension, may not fit some laptops.

What’s the Internal  Storage capacity of you Laptop?