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Vodafone Per Paise Billing – Husband and Wife [TV AD]


Vodafone does it again!! The lovable hutch dog, the cuddly zoozoos and now a cute, heart warming one for advertising the 1p billing concept.

vodafone couples 1 paise per second

The ad depicts a husband and wife at the breakfast table. The husband switches between reading the newspaper & eating his breakfast. His wife is waiting anxiously hoping that she gets a word of appreciation from him for her effort. But no, our hero munches down without even looking up from the paper. A bit disappointed, she once again looks keenly at his face, just hoping that he says the magic word. No luck again! Finally giving up hope, she stirs her mug of coffee and is ready to take a sip, when suddenly her husband declares “MAZA AAYA!” . And then she smiles apparently very pleased.

Here is The Video For Vodafone Couple ad Promoting New Vodafone Call Tariff 1 Paise Per Second.

The essence of the ad ” Choti baaton se ban jaaye baat” aptly describes the 1paise billing plan introduced by Vodafone. Speak only for a sec and yet convey what you want to 🙂


One must mention the lead actors in the advertisement, specially the lady who plays the role of the wife. One can see the anxiousness in her eyes when she expects her husband to appreciate her, the disappointment in her face when he refuses to do so and finally the pride & happiness when he says that he liked it. The ad is also well complemented by the background score consisting of drum beats that attracts the attention of the viewer.

Conclusion: I’m sure that this ad is soon going to be a hot favorite among viewers 🙂 Power to You


Vodafone 1P per Second TV Advertisement [CAR] -Power to You


Since Diwali, Vodafone had not released any TV Commercial to promote their Product. It was Astonishing when Other Mobile Operators Like Tata Docomo, Airtel, Aircel , Reliance etc were busy with some stunning Advertisements, Vodafone had Kept Quiet for a long long time…

With the Introduction of Per Paise Billing, Vodafone might have thought it is The Right time to Reach their Customers with new ads. Vodafone has delivered Excellent ads till date. Vodafone has been awarded as Most Creative Ad Makers for the year. One More in the crown, Here is the New Advertisement which is being Aired very recently…

Watch The Video Vodafone Per Paise Billing car TV Advertisement..

Title: Vodafone 1 Paise per Second billing [CAR]
To Promote: The Tariff 1 Paise / Second Call Charges for Local and STD calls
Caption at End: Power to You.
vodafone  girl and old man car accident

Advertisement Description:
Short Conversations– being the primitive motto of This New Tariff 1p/second, The Advertisement has delivered its best. The Advertisement Starts with a Scenario where a Dad and Daughter will be standing Next to a Car. The Girl looks as if she has Committed some Mistake. (You can make out from her Facial Expression). Probably The Girl has met with an accident damaging her Dad’s Car. Girl Makes Dad to see The Car’s Back…Dad Sees His Red Car Very Surprisingly, wearing his Spectacles slowly and silently…. [in the Background, Crow says Kaa Kaa [:)]] and Now, Dad Observes the Broken and damaged part of the Car at Back… The Girl with her Silent Sweet Smile Says the word SORRY (Amazing Tune- Sorryyyyyy) expecting a not-so-wild reply from her dad…

power to you vodafone

That’s all The 25 Second Advertisement Ends.. What’s The Big deal here? The word SORRY makes the difference.It is important to observe here How Short-Conversations can be made Beautiful. How to Tackle things with Short but sweet way [when your in trouble :)] The Caption of This New Vodafone Ad Says it all POWER TO YOU

Not to forget, the background music is a great treat. Excellent Music I must Say. You Can download the Music of Vodafone Car Advertisement 1 paisa per second by clicking Here..

Did you enjoy this new advertisement by Vodafone? Share your Views by leaving a comment.. How did the word SORRY sound to you?


1 Paise Per Second- Airtel | Vodafone | Aircel | Idea | Reliance | BSNL


Back to the Paisa World! Paise is The Smallest Unit of Indian Currency. It is expected that as the Technology Advances The Standard of Living Increases, The Money Value Increases accordingly. When Everyone started Forgetting The Meaning of Paise, Here comes The Cellular Network across India who are now Busy Introducing The Call Tariffs like Call Anywhere in India at 1 Paise per Second.


The King of Call Tariff 1 Paise per second.

docomo 1 paise per second

The New Mobile Operator TATA DOCOMO is the First one to Introduce This Unique kind of Call tariff. Tata Docomo, A Very new Operator in India. Pay for What You Use and Pay per Second being the motto, They started Offering service with per Paise Billing. What Not? This Became a Big Hit, Effect: Resulted in Every Other Mobile Operators to adopt Per Paise billing.

List of Mobile Operators in India Offering 1 Paise per Second Call Tariff:


airtel paisa

Details of 1 paise per second Call Tariff Details in Airtel:

There are 110 million Subscribers across India who use Airtel, making Airtel the largest network in the country.

Airtel now introduces the Freedom Pack – Call any Airtel number anywhere in the country, local or STD at just 1 Paise Per second and enjoy the advantage of being on Airtel.

The New Scheme Pay per second plan is available for alll existing & New customers.
Tariff details 1 Paise Per Second –
All Airtel to Airtel local and STD calls at – 1 paise / second
All Airtel to other calls at – 1 paise / second

Note: ILD / SMS / Roaming charges will continue at current tariffs and 60 sec pulse

Visit The Official Website of Airtel at www.airtel.in for Complete Details of Airtel Prepaid’s Per Paise Billing. (1 paisa per second Call Charges Through out India)


vodafone paise

1 Paise Per Second Billing Now available in Vodafone Prepaid Also.
Vodafone has Introduced 2 Important Plans which deals with 1 Paise Per Second Call Tariffs.

Details of Vodafone Prepaid Call Tariff 1 Paise Per Second

Conversations @ 1p/sec

Now make local and STD calls from Vodafone to Vodafone @ 1p/sec with the Rs 64 Bonus Card.

Calls from Vodafone to other mobile phones and landlines @ 1.2p/sec

Make every second count

Local & STD calls @ 1 paise per second with the Rs 251 Recharge Card.

Talk more but pay by the second. With the Rs 251 Recharge Card, you enjoy:
Talktime of Rs 225.50
Local & STD calls at 1 Paise per Second.

More Information on Tariff Details of 1 Paise per second Call Charges in Vodafone. Recharge denominations available for Vodafone Per Paise billing.. Visit www.vodafone.in


aircel 1 paisa

Aircel Tariff Details for 1 Paise Per Second Call Charges

Pay-Per-Second Tariff (PPS):

Local (Paise/Sec)
to Aircel mobile
to other mobile
to landline

STD (Paise/Sec)
to Aircel mobile
to other mobile
to landline
STD South Corridor

idea pay per second

Tariff Details of Per Paisa billing in Idea Prepaid:

Local & STD calls to any other Mobile networks will be charged at 1.20 paise per second.

To avail the per second plan, Idea subscribers can purchase a special voucher for Rs.64

The New Idea subscribers can get it for Rs.69. This tariff will be valid for one year.

More Details of 1 Paise Per Second Call Tariffs is available at official wesite of Idea Prepaid at www.ideacellular.com


reliance pay per second

Details of 1 paise per second call tariff in Reliance Prepaid. Simply Reliance

First Recharge Offer
MRP Rs. 61
Tariff Validity 1year
Talktime Rs 10
Special Tariff for 1Year
All Local Calls 1p/Sec
All STD Calls 1p/Sec

More Information on Tariff Details of 1 Paise per Second Calls ie. Simply Reliance Scheme Details are available at www.rcom.co.in


bsnl paise per second

Tariff Details of BSNL Offering 1 Paise Per Second Calls

Per Second Tariff- 1 Paise Per Second for Local and STD

No Restriction on Total Usage

No Daily Rental

Tariff Voucher to Cost less than Rs 4/- Per Month.

More Details 1 Paise Per Second Call details in BSNL is available at Official website of BSNL at www.bsnl.co.in

Still More Networks are awaiting to release similar Packages of 1 Paise Per Second Tariff.

Also Know How to Check your Mobile Balance in Airtel | Vodafone | Aircel |Idea | Reliance | BSNL

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What’s your Opinion on Per Paise billing for Calls? Have you Used any of the above mentioned 1 Paise per second Plans? Do You Think it is worth paying for your Calls at the pulse of 1 Paise? Share your Experiences and Feedbacks with The Mobile Network which you use..