Swift programming: iOS programmers can now use Emoji as variable name!

Which is that favourite Emoji which you often use when you have a conversation with your friends on Facebook/Whatsapp?
Things are getting cooler and cooler for programmers! Heard of Swift programming language? Swift is Apple’s new programming language which lets you program their machines running on iOS and OSX platform which was recently unveiled for developers in WWDC 2014 event. Swift is Emoji friendly 😉 Yup!


As I was going through the programming guide, I noticed developers are now free to use whatever name they want while declaring a variable or constant name. As seen in the above screenshot one can feel FREE to use wide variety of characters including symbols, unicodes and emojis as their variable names! Sounds cool? Pretty interesting to see programming languages becoming too handy and cool to use!

Interested in learning Swift programming language? Download it on your iBooks here. Requires Mac OS X Mavericks