Steve sells. Even after death.

He’s a genius, he of course is. He’s smart-ass. He’s got millions of people loving him. He founded Apple, he redefined touch, he gave a new meaning to ‘i’. He’s Jobs. Steve Jobs. Nope, I’m not gay.

Reports say Steve Jobs made a sensation in the internet after his death – 10000 tweets per second. No wonder that’s a record.

Apart from that, his biographies have shooted up by a whopping 48,000% in Amazon. I can feel the dropping of your job. Er, jaw, I mean.

Preoders of Steve Jobs' bio shoot up

<image credit: thenextweb>

You don’t need to comment. You don’t need to share this article. Just say “rest in peace” and think of him for a moment. That’s all I’m gonna ask from you. Thank you!


  • rest in peace STEVE JOBS..u lived a legend, u died a legend 🙂

    • what do you mean he died legend????

      • I guess he means what he sais.

        • lol…but I dont want to herat gautam;s feelings. he could be apple lovers…so appreciate it also

  • Anonymous

    He deserves that

  • He was truly a great visionary of our times. Rest in Peace Mr. jobs

  • No body can take his position in tech world. We miss you 🙁

  • I know Steve jobs is great personality, but he was jealous to Microsoft BILL GATES…

  • Yes, Steve jobs is a great person who has revolutionized the thinking of technology. The greatest aspect in his life is that he has raised again every time he fell down, right from his childhood. He is one of the few legends who have taken the technology into a new era. Interesting to know that his name is still selling products. Yes, may his soul rest in peace.

  • Steve jobs is always remember by all technocratic persons because he was create his special place in this technical world with his amazing work