Start using Facebook Upside Down!


Facebook Always Asks You to Set Your Status Message questioning you “What’s on your mind?”. How Can you Put Something as your status when you have nothing on your mind! πŸ™‚

Why Not Try Facebook Just Like This???

Yes, Facebook Has a Unique Language Option for its Crazy Users! Why Not Give it a Try??

  • Visit Your Facebook Home Page
  • Scroll down to Bottom of the Page
  • Find The Language Option English(US), and Click on it

  • Select your Language as English(Upside Down) by clicking on it

  • That’ s it. You are on Upside Down Facebook! Even The Facebook Fanbox on website gonna Look Upside down for you!

This is How Your Home Page Looks! and I am Sure You will Find difficult to see Facebook’s Popular Question “What’s on your Mind?” πŸ™‚

Have You Ever tried Facebook This Way?? Β Share your Comments below.