Speed Dial for Mozilla Firefox Browser

If you have used Opera or Google chrome, you will come to know easily what i’m talking about. If you have been using either chrome or opera, you can see the speed dial feature when you open a new tab.

It shows the thumbnail view of recently or most visited webpages. So that we can quickly select the page from it.


Today we have Fast Dial Firefox add-on which helps us to replace any new blank tab with visual bookmarks (thumbnails) of your choice. FastDial is a clone of Opera’s new tab bookmarks.

1. Just Install Fast Dial on your Firefox browser.

2. After installing, You can see a blank speed dial page.


3. Just click that to add your own bookmarks.


4. If you go to Properties – You have choice to set the number of bookmarks to display like 3×3 column, etc.


5. You can also set colors for thumbnails etc.


Some of the best features are :

1. Add new sites to Fast Dial by right-clicking site page and choosing “Add to Fast Dial” from the context menu.

2. Use drag-n-drop to change thumbnail position. Ctrl+drag to move thumbnail into a folder.

3. Set any bookmark folder to be Fast Dial home.

Fast Dial – Download Firefox Add-on

All together, Fast Dial is great and very useful for your Firefox browser.

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