Sony egresses with Android tablets

Sony is coming up with its own version of twin tablets running Google’s Android operating system. The tablets are codenamed as S1 and S2, will go on sale towards the end of the year.

Here is the first look pictures released by electronic giants:

This is one more major step for Android platform which is currently the fastest growing and is expected to claim a 38% market share by 2015.

Sony’s entry into the tablet market was much long anticipated, but comes relatively late in the day compared to other manufacturers. Apple launched its first version of the industry-leading iPad in April 2010 whose iOS system is expected to remain dominant for several years to come, albeit with a diminished share of sales.

Sony said that its first tablets would come in two form factors: one will have a conventional 9.4 inch touchscreen, while the other will feature dual 5.5 inch displays that fold closed.

In addition to the base Android Honeycomb operating system, Sony will add several of its own features, including the ability to transmit video and music to TVs and stereos using the DLNA wireless streaming standard.

It is suggested that there would also be some form of integration with its PlayStation network and the possibility of gaming functions.

What’s its future!!
Market analysts say – a bright future. Although there are several devices running the same Android softwares, the strength of the Sony name will likely help the electronics giant to gain some traction in the fragmented tablet market.

But Sony’s tablet success would depend on whether the technical specifications looked as good when the devices eventually launch as they do now.

I know – waiting is painful..but Keep smiling guys!!

  • Hmm, interesting.
    Everytime I read a post about android this is what flashes into my mind “RIP Symbian..” lol! 😉

    • Shakti

      Yes, Android is future 🙂

  • That is interesting, I had not heard that sony was even attempting this but it shouldn’t be a surprise.

    • Shakti

      indeed it is interesting mate!! Sony has set a high standards in electronic gudgets and their entry in to Android will certainly make imapct..

  • I’m so impressed with the ipod and it’s apps, but how do the android apps compare? Are there many free ones like apple apps.Thanks