Sony Playstation Network back online


Sony’s Playstation network which was hacked recently is back online but only in a select few countries. Restoration will soon be done to other countries. Sony had said that the planted file in the hack attack was named ‘Anonymous’ possibly done by the hacker group at Anonymous.


Although ‘Anonymous’ consisting of highly professional experienced hackers denied that the hack was from their end and claims to not have been involved in any kind of such act but according to their official blog at they say that the group as a whole was not a part of such fraud but the individual members may have been. Source to the article right here.
That being said many of Sony’s customers want to already cancel their service and demand a refund. Sony inspite of getting sued due to this gigantic data breach and lossage of several customers credit card information, are still keeping quite.


Ashamed of their unsecure network environment, Sony decided to instead put a smile on their customers faces by giving them a free 30-day Playstation Plus membership, 30 days of free Qriocity service and unlimited music to its customers and also a free software of some sort as announced by Sony’s VP, Kaz Harzai from the official HQ at Japan on 1st May. Well that, we dont want Sony!


According to the latest news at engadget, Sony has begun its restoration services and currently only North America has been fully restored. Other nations such as Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, South America, UK and Ireland have partially been restored. I think Asian countries will be the last one to receive its treasured services. Meanwhile our friends at Japan are unwilling to co-operate with Sony and will resume its PSN services only when their demands are met. Their demands being, unless and until Sony takes all its preventive measures and ensures us that further such attacks wont happen again we will not turn PSN back on. They also said that the “company promised” counter-hacking measures have not yet been fulfilled. Other issues being unclear, we will try to bring you the latest updates, as soon as they are released by engadget people at Japan. Reports here.

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  • You know I can understand where they are coming from. Sony should be ashamed. I think its lack luster attempt to offer services for free and some to be named software. I think that this is a colossal mess up on their part and they have been slack on security. I could be wrong but this is the biggest breach in security to date with tons of financial info leaked. I know many people who have had to shut down accounts and get new cards sent, and they have also put extra precautions and that took time and possible money all due to the large negligence of Sony, I think they should Man up.

  • I hope Sony will not get hacked again. Their products are wonderful. Welcome back.

  • I tried yesterday and it wasn’t working… I guess in Europe it took more time to spread back.

  • It’s great to see that Sony Playstation Network is back online. They’re very good at what they’re doing, they have excellent products and innovative ideas. I hope they will never fall again.


  • Finally after having had so much of media frenzy and fuss, they are back online, with millions of angry fans. Company such as sony needs to be responsible towards its patrons.

  • Sony really does need to own up more. I have been following it and it is as if they are hiding like a small child from the truth of the matter. They have the funds to do what they need, they slacked and now they need to take responsibility.

  • So glad to see Sony Network back online, they will have to tighten their security more. That also goes for Epsilon too.