Sony Ericsson Says Goodbye to Symbian!

Here is some hot stuff for the Day..Sony Ericsson has just made an Official Announcement that it is No Longer going to Continue with Nokia Headed Symbian Operating System.. Sony Ericsson chooses Android and Windows Phone 7 over Symbian… Google’s Android must be in Cloud 9 to hear this Sweet News…

The above Pie Chart Shows you the Market Share of Mobile OS as of Q2 2009.. This is Soon Going to be an History(Already in Making).. Reason? The Google ANDROID power.. (WP7 is also in Picture)


Symbian had a Market Share of 51% which dropped to 41% in 2010.. While the Android, which had mere 2% Share has gone up to 17% in 2010 Q2.. And the Story Never ends.. with Sony Ericsson dropping Symbian for its future Phones.. This could still negatively impact on Symbian OSs Stats…

Any Comments?