Should you take Blogging seriously?


This is one of the questions that is most asked by the bloggers, no one ever gave the proper answer nor wrote a detailed post on it so today I thought to write a complete detailed post on it. If I start writing everything about the disadvantages of blogging, then it’s sure that the discussion would never stop. If you ask me that should you take your life seriously? The answer will be ‘NO’ for sure, the same case is with the blogging life. Like our real life if we take things seriously (too seriously) nothing goes in our favor, same is with blogging. I have listed few things that why should you not take blogging seriously?

  • Creativity: Creativity is the thing which matters a lot for a blogger. It’s scientifically proven that when you are with a fresh mind, you would definitely get many cool ideas, but when you will get too serious anything with a busy mind, then I am damn sure you won’t get even a single idea. It happend with me too. When I started blogging I took it so seriously that used to write two-three posts everyday, but then I realized they were of no use.. Quantity doesn’t matter. What all matters is the quality. So if you won’t take it seriously, then would definitely get many creative ideas that can help you to make rocking stuff.
  • Care: Well, you know the human mind. As I told you above – if you will take everything seriously, you will also notice even small small points too. Like if you would not get comments on a particular post, then might take it seriously that and may think that there are some problems in your blogging skills and you are not a good blogger. As you know bloggers are kinda odd people (geeks!). The habit of takings things seriously might finally lead to depression and many other serious diseases too.
  • Social work: You may get too serious about your blogging career and would get stuck to your PC, Lappy, Mac or whatever you have and won’t get time to spend with your friends, family and friends. Spending time with friends and all might not matter in ‘Virtual’ blogging life, but believe me it matters a lot in real life. I realized this thing too late and wasted almost a year to understand this and because of this I lost some very good friends too.

Final Thought

I just want to tell you all that you should not take anything seriously in life, the things come and go. You should not your waste your precious time as once it is gone it means it is gone forever and it actually never stops for anyone at any case. Please don’t do the same mistakes as I did. Try to be cool, don’t take anything seriously. If you want to be a good blogger make a schedule and follow it or join a blog network it helps a lot!


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