Set Google Over SSL ( as HomePage


The Much awaited Google SSL is now Live! Visit to Experience the Enhanced Security of your Queries made on Google as well as the Search Results.
Google Over SSL provides end to end encrypted search solution between your computer and Google which doesn’t allow any third party to Intercept, so you are always protected in this Secured Channel.

How to Set Google SSL as Home Page?

To Set as HomePage

  • Open the wrench menu and go to “Options“.
  • Go to the “Basics” tab
  • Next to “Default Search” there is a button “Manage“. Click.
  • In the now opening window click on “Add
  • Enter a Name, e.g. “Google Secure
  • As keyword, enter “
  • As URL, enter “” (parameters may vary, this is for Linux; I don’t know if Windows systems can deal with the ie=UTF-8 option)
  • Finally click on “Add
  • Now, if you want this to be the default search, select it and click on “Make Default
  • Done