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Few days back my 4 years old mobile suddenly started giving me trouble. And my wife insisted that maybe it was a good buy and worth every penny but it’s time for a change. Even I thought I should listen to her once in a while. So I started looking around in shops and portals to find another long lasting reliable and modern handset but at a reasonable rate.

And I tell you iphone was on my mind but cost was pinching me. After weeks of disappointments, finally I stumbled to Sell Cell to get what I wanted – my iphone 4 at a reasonable cost which even Apple could not provide me.

I found this website very simple to use and it did not take me 15 minutes to seal the deal.

I would 4 steps and it was done

1. I simply searched my phone model

2. Raise my voice to bid for it.

3. Finalise the payment formalities

4. And received my phone via free-delivery, or also the option of motorbike delivery if you want it faster.

Interestingly website also provides option to return the phone in case one does not find it as per his likings, but luckily I did not need to do so and happy to have my dream phone in my hand.

Thank you, sellcell!! Perfect Place to Sell Cell Phone!


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I was born and raised in Los Angeles California, after getting a degree in Supply Chain Management from Arizona State University, I took off to work for an international company selling and distributing vision screeners from Bagaces Costa Rica. I have since moved to NYC to live with my girlfriend, and would consider my self a type of entrepreneur. I look forward to the day I am running my business from my home in a tropical paradise sipping rum on the beach.

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