Screenshot Tool for Windows 7 that Supports Transparency and Rounded Corners : 7capture

Already we have seen the top users, now again we have small screenshot software that works on windows 7 (as well as XP and Vista).

Image credit : Spice

Often used method to capture a screenshot of any program is, just hitting the Print Scrn button and paste the image from the clipboard into MS Paint. Now with this screenshot tool, you can capture screens and has the distinction of capturing the rounded corners and transparency effects of Aero. It removes the background and makes transparent rounded corners

7capture is the fastest and easy high quality screen capture software for windows7, xp and vista. The speciality of the screen capture tool is it can capture the windows’ with rounded corners and transparent backgrounds. You can also export capture as semi-transparent Png, jpeg, gif or bmp images.

No matter what Windows version you are using, 7capture will do its magic: clean rounded corners on Windows XP, alpha transparency in Windows Vista and Windows 7. 7capture will even capture your theme’s color for even better looking screenshots.

7capture is a freeware screen capture software that doesn’t include any spyware, adware or virus.

7capture – Download | Homepage

* Screenshots on windows 7 can be seen on the 7capture homepage