Save IM history [Digsby Tutorial]


Recently, we had written about desktop application digsby which runs on all the major Operating systems – Windows, MacOS and Linux.
We all might have hunted how to save chat history of facebook since times when facebook introduced its chat feature.

Double click a friend’s name and the chat window opens. A two inches from E-mail icon, you can see a dropdown list. Click the dropdown list and click view past chats.

Click view past chats in the drop down menu
Click "view past chats" in the drop down menu

Further, the process is self explanatory. Select the account of which you want to peep the chat history, then choose the recipient, then the date and you’re done! But you can see the chat history of only those chats had in Digsby.

History viewer
Past chat browser

We are sure that you might be happy that you have found a way to track your Facebook chat histories, at last. There are many other tutorial coming along. To keep yourself informed, you must Subscribe to us via RSS or Follow us in Twitter.