Samsung Galaxy Tab Review and a Comparison with iPad 2

Are you looking for a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 or still dwindling between the choices of this with an iPad 2. Here you will find yourself what makes Samsung Galaxy tab to be on par with iPad 2.

The main features of the all-new Samsung Galaxy TAB 10.1 that which is not only being attractive, sleek and elegant, but also hosts a 10.1” touchscreen that runs on a 1 GHz dual core processor with dual surround speakers, HD recording and full HD playback. In addition, an 8 MP AF rear-facing and a 2 MP front-facing camera all being packed compactly and the whole lot weighs not more than 599g.

The user friendly features that this tab carries your life wherever you go will include HSPA + 21 Mbps and Wi-Fi connectivity solutions. Furthermore, Google mobile services like Google books, Google maps, G-talk video chat, Google calendar and other Google services with flash 10.1, GPS navigation and much more, with all of these features being backed by a Android 3.0 Honeycomb on a single platform.

The Google back up, in addition to the latest Android Honeycomb platform, has made this device unsurpassable with a range of Google Apps, makes this device highly versatile, conducive and fully functional personal computer like performance, helping you to carry your life with you wherever you go!

Nevertheless, Samsung Galaxy tab comes with a range of features and options that you can choose from unlike iPad 2 with a single version; Samsung Galaxy Tab has the following versions until today, each coming with a differing mobile service provider like Samsung Galaxy Tab AT & T (FROYO), Samsung Galaxy Tab (Sprint) with both CDMA and Wi-Fi, Samsung Galaxy Tab (Verizon, FROYO), Samsung Galaxy Tab T Mobile (GSM, FROYO) and Samsung Galaxy Tab US Cellular (CDMA, FROYO).

In contrast, do you want to know more how different is this tab from iPad 2? Take a tour on the features of iPad 2 and you will get to know everything for yourself. There are some good things that will make iPad 2 to stand out of the crowd:

Apple iPad 2 is much slimmer and sleek in comparison to Galaxy Tab from Samsung. This tab weighs a bit heavier and bulkier unlike Galaxy tab, and Apple still can boast on their 680 g, but has a much better stunning design that you will adore more than Galaxy tab. They have a very good battery life and runs by harnessing the power of iOS 4.3 platform on which Apple has been successfully performing all these years. There are much more that you will find to make this tab better than Samsung’s tab. However, there are a few points that will make Samsung Galaxy tab better like the absence of the promised Retina eye display, no Flash and no major new features in the new version. Thus, iPad 2 will fail in features, while the focus on this device has been on the hardware like a powerful A5 dual core processor.

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  • Hmm, the Galaxy does seem to be a really viable alternative over the iPad 2. I always disliked how the iPad kept us in a box by disallowing Flash. Also, it’s interesting that the iPad is heavier despite being slimmer.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab has really good feature. What about the HP Touchpad.

    • Touch Pad is just another pad 😛
      Serioulsy, it’s not even worth testing. I appreciate the hard work HP guys have done, but there’s no way it can beat iPad or Galaxy Tab

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