Saif finds Kareena in Sunglasses at the Beach New Airtel Digital TV Ad


The Brand Ambassadors for Airtel’s Digital TV are Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan. The TV Commercials made my Saif and Kareena Promoting Airtel Digital TV has always been a hit…

I hpe you are aware of The Famous “Dil Titli Sa” Song which created waves in Digital TV Industry. You can read more about Dil Titli Sa TV ad featured by Kareena Kapoor and Saif ali Khan…

Watch the New Airtel Digital TV ad featured by Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor… “THE BEACH” “THE BEACH HD”


This Time a New Airtel Digital TV ad is released shot on BEACH.. The Ad Features a lady in yellow and saif gives her a compliment “You look beautiful in yellow” and then adds, ” Because.. The Blue Sea, The Blue Sky.. The Sun, The Sand..” and tries to go closer to her… Intelligent Saif Suddenly starts diverting from his speech and says “Yellow se, I have a Girl friend, she looks fat… but i now have a lovely Girlfriend.. ” Kareena listening to this comes in back and Hugs him happily!!!


Behind the Story:

How did Saif Ali Khan Sense that Kareena is coming behind him??
Here is the Secret – AIRTEL DIGITAL TV… Airtel Digital TV Offers finest of finest quality of Video(that is MP4) and offers 5 times better picture quality with Airtel Digital TV HD which makes the difference.. The same video of Saif and Kareena kapoor at beach when watched in Airtel’s Digital TV, The user can find, Kareena Walking behind him through the yellow colored Girl’s Sun Glasses (Goggles)!!

So he stops praising the yellow girl and starts appreciating her girl friend that she is lovable etc etc.. and Kareena Gifts Saif a Hug..

Ufh What a Complicated Advertisement!!!

Download The Video Saif ali khan and Kareena Kapoor in New Airtel Digital TV Ad “THE BEACH” “Sunglasses” here

Watch Airtel HDTV Ad by Kareena and Saif.. Do Comment here if you liked or didn’t like the ad…