Rumor or Reality? Windows 8 Pre-Release code arrives at PC makers’ doorstep!

A big hush-hush in the Windows loving community these days is the Windows 8 Pre-release code. There has been a lot  of “rumors” doing the rounds of the international OS market about the much awaited Windows 8 Operating System for PCs. Many websites (viz. theregister, winrumors, etc.) reported earlier this week that PC manufacturers and OEMs like HP are getting copies of the Windows 8 Pre-Release code.

To the rest of the world, Microsoft is promoting this program as “Windows 8 and Server vNext Pre-Release Program”. Sounds interesting? Read On!

Some of the most interesting features (as described by the leaked screenshots of Windows 8 ) are as follows:

1. System Reset

Here Microsoft has been quite innovative, Mind It! A button that restores your computer to the factory settings without actually formatting you hard disk. Hard to believe? Yes, Microsoft has done it this time. If it is successful, you can stop worrying about your data getting lost into oblivion or re-purchasing the activation key.

2. Mosh

Sounds like “Mash” or “Moss” right? But its more beautiful than either of those. Its Microsoft’s new tile-based user interface. But will it appear on your desktop? Difficult to tell at this point in time. Microsoft is planning to release this for low-end devices (like tablets) which’ll run a portable version of Windows 8. This will most probably be an alternative GUI for silencing the Windows critics and iPad freaks.

3. 3D

Yes, you read it correct. Windows 8 is supposedly full 3D and will have a fully dynamic interface. Does this mean it’ll adapt to your Windows usage habits? Well, maybe YES! Memory optimization and application usage will make your icons look different at different times. Will this be a good feature? Only testing can make it perfect!

4. Jupiter

Am I talking about the 5th and the largest planet in “Milky Way” with many moons? Absolutely NO! Its a codename by Microsoft!  Its a new application market which will allow users and developers to create Silverlight based “immersive” applications which will exist in the market as .appx packages. Rumors suggest that these applications can be written in Visual Basic, C# and C++. Way to go Microsoft, should we expect a competition to iTunes and Android market?

5. Did someone say “fast”?

Windows 8 will feature a full fledged super-fast “Hibernation” system. Now, the question is, how fast is “fast”? Well, the answer is: 3 to 6 seconds. Isn’t that fast enough you time hungry people? Windows will be expected to hibernate by saving all your work in 3 to 6 seconds flat. This calls for a celebration in the laptop user community. Lot of power saved as a result of faster hibernation!

6. History Vault

You need not go back to read your History books now! Windows 8 will feature a backup utility (similar to “Time Machine” of MAC OS X) which will backup all your files to a pre-defined time stamp. So, what happens to “System Restore”? That feature is believed to be preserved. History Vault is supposed to use Shadow Copy service of windows to backup files. Interesting!

All of this looks quite elusive! Ain’t it? But we are yet to know how much of this will actually appear in the Release Candidate of Windows 8. But the chatter about that is growing exponentially on the internet, which is a good news in itself. Will we see a Windows 8 based tablet? We, cannot rule out the possibility! The present version of Windows 7, was able to penetrate the OS market quite successfully because of the aesthetic UI and better resource management. Will Windows 8 ouster its predecessor? All we can do is wait and watch out for Microsoft.

And as for my dear readers, stay tuned with Chaaps for more updates on Windows 8!

  • Navneet K Saraf

    gr8 post!

    Just waiting to get my hands on one of these builds…

  • great article!!! eagerly waiting for windows 8…getting bored from 7!! 🙂 🙂

  • Oops! i m still in XP :p , should try Vista, then windows 7 and then windows 8! 3 to 6 seconds hibernation time! Amazing! will this beat google chrome OS?

  • Nice article ! Best post on Windows 8 yet 😉

    • Agree. I’m eagerly waiting to get my hands on it. 😉

  • I haven’t even upgraded from XP yet, Windows is way ahead of me. I was about to invest in Windows 7 since I heard some great things about it compared to Vista. Thanks for the news Shivang.

  • If, like milk or the newpaper, you could have anything of your choice delivered to your doorstep every morning, what particular item would you want it to be?

  • I do not wish to sound satirical but “Am I talking about the 5th and the largest planet in “Milky Way” with many moons?” is a bit wrong.

    Jupiter is the fifth planet of our solar system, which in turn, is part of the milky way galaxy containing billions of stars. So, your statement is basically wrong.

    • Shivang Acharya

      Which part of the statement is wrong? Can you please point that phrase out with a valid contextual reference?

      • Shivang Acharya

        I guess you mis-read the sentence. By “Moons” (in the predicate of the sentence) I meant moons (natural satellites) of Jupiter, which are 63 in number [ref. ], hence, I mentioned “Many moons”. And the first part of my sentence (which is the subject) matches with what you have mentioned. 🙂

        • I am saying that each star in Milky way has its own collection of planets around it. Some of them are large and some are small. How can you say that Jupiter is the fifth largest planet in the Milky Way when most of the “planets” are not discovered yet? Even among the discovered ones, Jupiter is certainly not the largest. Check this:-

          I am just saying that “Milky Way” in the mentioned sentence should have been “Solar System”. You should check and to clear your doubts.

          • Shivang Acharya

            “Milky way” has been personified in my post to represent the solar system! I know that did not mention solar system. But that was for a purpose, which is personification of an abstraction to a proper noun! 🙂
            We, at Chaaps, appreciate your feedback. Thanks a lot for pointing out this issue. We’ll take care in the future to properly abstract nouns. 🙂

  • This is a great news. Thanks for the information friend. Waiting for Windows 8.