RIP Flash – What is the future of Graphics?


RIP Computer Flash

Flash, originally made by Macromedia and now continued by Adobe Systems, is a multimedia platform that is popular for adding animation and interactivity to web pages. Flash has always been popular as it gave interactivity to boring old web pages. Day by day Flash has got better and heavier. Now it seems its too heavy. Time to discard it….

Flash was the best platform to build graphical applications. But with the day by day demand for slimmer and trimmer software has increased. This simple means that we want an all in one software. That we are getting, Operating Systems are coming inbuilt with the necessary software, other software are coming with pre-built extras. But the main problem is that these are heavy…

But this is not the case with HTML5. It may be an all in one language, but surely its not heavy.

Did you see the release of the Apple iPad ? Its selling for upto 700$ and still it does not have flash. Yet its better without flash. Apple’s sales of the iPad was just unbelievable. There were so many people wanting the iPad that Apple actually had to stop the pre-ordering of the iPad online before its official release !! Everyone was ready to buy a gadget without flash. There’s the end of flash with Apple.

How about Youtube ? Youtube is going to HTML5. Presently its only for developers but soon HTML5 will be the standard for YouTube.

Macromedia Adobe Flash

With HTML5 in the run, Lets say our last words to flash..

Oh flash, how you used to fry my processor and provide me with amazing high quality graphics which would make my computer crash. Now no more of you buddy, I’m going clever developer. I’ll attend your funeral for sure. Good Bye and Rest In Peace.

Going into the next generation, lets see what the future of graphics holds for us….

1. 3D graphics in web browsers

Chrome 3D

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Not to forget flying images in Internet Explorer 9 developer preview:
Microsoft releases IE9 Platform Preview

2. Operating Systems to support better graphics

Windows 7 was Microsoft’s most successful operating system yet. It was liked by everyone, especially people working in Gaming industry and other graphic mobility stations.

Here’s AMD’s views of Windows 7:
AMD and Windows 7

Here’s nVidia’s views of Windows 7:
Nvidia and Windows 7

Basically all graphic industries were excited about Windows 7 because it enabled multitasking with superior graphics. If this was Windows 7 then you can surely expect more in Windows 8.

Windows 8

There were quite some rumour’s that the next version of Windows i.e. Windows 8 is going to be 128 bit and this OS will give High Definition Graphics and at the same time be lightweight. If these rumours are true then you can be sure to see HD graphics in Windows 8 !!

3. Gadgets

iPad shipping pack

The trend is starting from the iPad. HTML5 is entering gadgets. No longer will your mobile phone support flash, its upgrading to developer flash. Companies such as nokia and blackberry have already started working on HTML5 to see the possibilities.

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Can you see the a racing game running in the iPad. Hope you can guess that its a flash game !! A flash game in the iPad running on just HTML5. That’s the potential of HTML5 !!

4. Advanced Languages

HTML5 Punch

HTML5 is just the beginning. After that we can expect newer versions of xHTML, Java, JavaScript, etc. With the focus on user interface, graphics is slowly being integrated into most well known programming languages.

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